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"Love is space and time measured by the heart."


Marcel Proust


How do you 'measure' your love? b.mikich

Salvador Dali: Elefant im Weltraum – Space-Elephant, 1980

It's time for SL Space Invaders first official event and you're invited!


♫ pumped up kicks ♫


SL Space Invaders is proud to announce their first official event: A Night Under the Stars. On Saturday, July 25th they'll be taking over the Hazardous sim from 9 am to 10 pm SLT, and from 2pm a dj will be on hand taking requests and dedications.


What to do? Check out the sim; take pictures (be sure to share them on flickr in the SL Space Invaders group); dance; request a song dedicated to the one you love; Tp in your friends for fun times and good conversation and before you head out,


The details:


What: A Night Under the Stars

Theme: Formal

Date: 7/25

Time: 9 am to 10 pm SLT

Where: Hazardous


Es gibt Augenblicke in unserem Leben,in denen Zeit und Raum tiefer werden und das Gefühl des Daseins sich unendlich ausdehnt.


There are moments in our lives where are deep time and space and the feeling of existence expands infinitely.

Lined up behind the space bartender

is the meaning of it all, the vessels

marked with letters, numbers,

signs. Beyond the flats.......


Read the rest and grab the event and designer info on Threads & Tuneage


Love SL photography and looking for like minded artists or places to shoot? Come visit the Ippos Collective: 4 Picturesque SIMS to visit and/or settle. Come for the magic....stay for the friends. <3


we all like belly rubs...


Memory of Laika..still floating in space..



A&Y Zeo Cyber Hair (Male) - multicolor

:::SOLE::: SA - Glasses SHINKAN (Yellow)

:::SOLE::: SA - Headphone (Dirty Yellow)

:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Collar (Yellow)

:::SOLE::: SA - Armtech Mk.4 (Yellow)

A.W.A. Prosthetic L Hand (Bento)

:::SOLE::: SA - armor STC01 (Yellow)


Stories&Co. Harlie High Waist Panties - Black / Maitreya

Storybook - Diablariel - Top - Black



MINIMAL - Cyberpunk Capsule *7*


Space Ear. I've been eyeing this shot up for a while, but its never had a dramatic enough sunset behind it until tonight...

"Love is space and time measured by the heart."

~ Marcel Proust


... quite a nice saying


press L

The international Space Station being closely followed by the HTV-9 supply ship which should be docking now.

Taken with NightCap. Light Trails mode, 135.27 second exposure, 1/1s shutter speed.

✔ Space 2099 - Salt&Pepper @ Epiphany

-->> visor VIP

-->> sleeves pink

-->> gun holo RARE

-->> boots pink

-->> body pink

✔ Space 2099 - Ex Machina @ Epiphany

-->> Intersection

-->> Corridor Ending B

->> Corridor Ending A

->> teleporter VIP prize

->> Info Center - Pink

->> Power Washer - Pink

->> Crate 1 Pink

->> Crate 2 Pink

-->> Sign 2 Pink

->> Sign 1 Pink

->> SImple Sign 1 Pink

✔ Pose “Alexis 1” - SAMIA@ DUBAI Event

✔ Hair “Jamora” - RAMA


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Hong Kong Space Museum

I dream about you and me belonging together. We are made of stars, we are space warriors roaming the galaxies.



➡️ Blog:

➡️ Plastik Vylius & Vyrian Skins at

Fantasy Faire 2018 Pools of Ethui. Collaboration with Trap by Selos Dae.

➡️ 👍 my FB Page: Style It Up! Fashion, Events & Decor!


More credits


Female avatar

Catwa Catya Head.

Maitreya Mesh Body.

Truth Hair Bewkie March Gift.

Cynefin Nereid.

CerberusXing Mara’s Bind.

Spartin Parx Poses Beyond 4.


Male avatar

Lelutka Andrea Head.

Signature Geralt Body.

Entwined Brooklyn Hair.

R3volt Steampunk Armour.

David Heather Seventeen Pants.

Wrong Bento Static Male Poses 32-3.

Outfit & Gun: Salt & Pepper Space 2099 - Available @ Epiphany


FATPACK option available which is copy, no trans permission.

Gun shoots in a range of 15 meter, each gun shoots different splatters, clean yourself with the cleaning scanner !


Background & Decorations: Ex Machina by Hattie Panacek Space 2099 gacha set (thank you for the set, hattie)


Full Credits @ Pixelated Fashions


Tune: Lisa Miskovsky - Acceptable Losses


“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

― Oscar Wilde, The Critic as Artist

Travellers arrive at a space terminal somewhere in M31.


The Kinks - Supersonic Rocket Ship

Please right click the link and open in a new tab to view and listen. Thank you !


Rollingstone1's most interesting photos on Flickriver

© All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal

The space known as Twisleton...of course. Some decent light this afternoon...and then, guess what? The Lancashire cloud came to spoil the party.

Your touch so foreign, it's supernatural.


♡♡♡ concept, details & more pics ♡♡♡


I took this image about a month ago when we still had ice on the bay. Those were the days we could go for walks along the shore without worrying about meeting other people. Now if we meet someone on our stroll around the neighbourhood we step aside to give as much space as possible. BUT, we can still walk around the block if we choose a quiet time....or rainy day. Luckily, most people don't like to walk in the rain and we have several of those days in the forecast. :)

Macro Mondays 27.02.17

Theme:“The Space In Between.”


HMM! ;-)

Yo Alienssss!


This couples pose (complete with skateboard) will be available at Pose Fair March 7th!


Special thanks to Emily for taking ad photos.

 Wide Open Spaces

Space House as it was - or 1 Kemble Street - designed by George Marsh, a partner in Richard Seifert's architectural firm.


Nikon D750, Nikkor 18-35 f3.5-4.5

The Seattle, Washington Landmark, the Space Needle is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair whose theme was “The Age of Space”. The architecture of this landmark is the result of a compromise between the designs of two men, Edward E. Carlson and John Graham, Jr.

a space to explore and to connect;

a space conceived and constructed,

clearly, by human hearts and hands.



Start with a Sun and move on out

The future's in the skies above


Outfit: Wicca's Wardrobe Amity - Available @ Gacha Garden


Glasses: Wicca's Wardrobe Amity Glasses - The SOI for the gacha. Read more about how this works and to see the full gacha key here


Full credits @ pixelated fashions


Tune: Montrose - Space Station #5

The Space Needle is an observation tower in Seattle, Washington, United States

This scene is inside igloo 1. There is a front image of eyes and the eyes slowly fade to reveal this outer space scene behind. It's cool to watch.


Exhibit #1 by Neckcadaver Resident


Location: Kittycats Xmas Exhibits, Calliefornia

Folks who love kittycats made little vignettes that you can vote on from Dec 5-14, 2016. Voting is over. Thanks to everybody who came out!


January: This exhibit took 3rd place. Event is over. Location is closed.


Camera: Firestorm, 2 stills -- one in black and white. The igloos have a glow so the insides tend to be bright and lack shadows. With the b&w one, I used levels to darken it to bring up the textures, especially on the planet. Then I layered it on the colored one. The effect darkened the skies to a deeper black as well which I quite liked -- more spacey.


Credits are going to be late. Took longer to work on this one until I liked it then I thought it would. (Addendum: sorry, forgot to go back and get the credits.)

Outfit Space 2099 for The Epiphany by Salt & Pepper


(Collabor with Ex Machina)

Wind Artistry along the Outher Banks Of North Carolina. Thanks for the look. Stay Safe!

Space Oddity...Featuring Swank with Heartsdale Jewellery, ND/MD, Selene Creations, You Got The Look



My dear friend Khaos Republic posed with me in this fantasy pic, patrolling in an unknown planet!

Hope you like and enjoy, hugs and kisses! ❤️

See Khaos fantastic version here:


A seaplane flies over the Space Needle and its surrounding environs, Seattle, Washington.


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