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Established in May 8, 1949

Treptower Park

Soviet Luna 2 Moon probe

A typical Soviet TV and radio broadcast building, the Great Patriotic War memorial and the Orthdox temple make a perfect composition together and give the flavor of a generic modern Russian city.


Ploshchad Slavy, Khabarovsk, RU

"After the september Attacks and the Invasion of America by Russia. Russia sent special units to the Alaska, Equipped and trained for the cold dark temperatures of Alaska."


Thanks to Fire Star Toys fast delievery I got him finshed he looks great. This is my first Brickforge and Si-dan piece ever.


This is for a challenge against Cal high in the "Military Challenges" group.


on the top three catches for the year.DAMN

Quick test of a re-purposed tool,in the garden. Not SOOC this one,as i had to heal some of the circle of leds in a quick pp fix as i knocked them during spinning.....oh well Sh*t happens i guess !! (thought the colour scheme reminded me of the old soviet posters hence the title)

A German straggler is shot by oncoming soviet forces, he never stood a chance

Just a new scene, is will probably be one of the last scenes with the T-34 for a while, as for the build itself, I would appreciate suggestions because now as I look at it something just doesn't seem quite right with it



Brighton Beach in Brooklyn is known as Little Odessa, due to the volume of Russian immigrants. On the boardwalk, in the shops, in the restaurant and on the street, it was rare to hear a language I recognised. Sitting in chairs outside their apartment blocks or on the boardwalk were groups of pensioners, passing the time of day talking and listening to crackly Russian radio. Unsmiling and unfriendly, they exuded a terrible sense of sadness, of wishing they were elsewhere. They were like ghosts of their former selves.

Added Russian weapons, happy complainers 0_O


Portrait of a soldier, Kyiv: Ukraine.


Nikon F3, 50mm 1.8 lens (taken @ 2.8) + FujiFilm200ISO






Thoughts - comments - critiques - always welcome




Sunset in Riga, Latvia

photographer&model: me


Hat: [Lelutka] - ANZHELINA hat/warm

Jacket: [Lelutka] - CHARLIE jacket/brown

pants: [Lelutka] - MINNUTARY pants/tru

Boots: [Lelutka] - Illeid Boots - Ice/brown


Top: Maitreya - Bra Top - white

Hair: Miamai - Anna Bun - Brown - WhiteBow

Earring: [Mandala] SINRA - earring/choccolate Brown


Circa late 1950s. Holds a 200 round belt in a detachable drum. Inaccurate, fairly short ranged, and has a ponderous fire rate, but is supremely reliable and pretty hard hitting.

Hasselblad 500C/M

Kodak Aerocolor 125


It is the hammer and sickle. No white shapes.

Inspired by MosinNagantOfDeath's sickle

bad pic but yeah wow

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