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NELSON MANDELA - I posted this photograph before, when the Cape Town Stadium was still under construction in 2008. It was captured from a poster in the old visitors centre in Green Point. I thought it worth posting again as the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is only 10 Days away. 11 June - 11 July 2010. We await the World. Enjoy people!!!

I have been in South Africa twice in my life, in 2011 and 2012. I was impressed by the serenity of the South Africans which are a model of inclusion and sharing. I have read a lot about how South Africans, under Mandella's leadership, have reunited the peoples of the country. Mandella is an example for the entire world. We lost a defender of minorities but we add a Great Man to the planet story. Thanks Nelson. (I took this picture somewhere in Western Cape - 200 km far away of Cape Town).


J'ai visité deux fois l'Afrique du sud. C'était en 2011 et en 2012. J'ai été impressionné par la sérénité du peuple sud africain lequel est un modèle d'inclusion et de partage. J'ai lu beaucoup sur la manière dont les sud africains ont réunifié leur pays, sous le leadership de Nelson Mandella. Il est un exemple pour le monde entier. Nous avons perdu un défenseur des minorités mais nous ajoutons un Grand Homme à l'histoire de notre planète. Merci Nelson. (J'ai pris cette photographie en quelque part au Western Cape - à environ 200 km de Cape Town).

The little people decided that in honour of Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday, the flag needed a new coat of paint.

No running water, no electricity, no ablution facilities...but proudly South African in the heart of Jozi

View from the 50th floor Observation Deck -

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tomorrow the Soccer World Cup kicks off in South Africa and the whole World will be watching. The opening match will be South Africa vs. Mexico!!

As a Namibian / South African - our history is strongly linked I will naturally support Bafana Bafana.


This image is for my dear friend John McKeen who still resides inJohannesburg and who wrote me a wonderful testimonial.

John and I have known each other for more than 20 years.

John is a brave man, as he voluntarily climbed into my little Mazda 323 and allowed me drive him around the streets of Hillbrow, Johannesburg when we both were working/studying/living there. He lived to tell the tales. The blessings of youth and joie de vivre.!!!


John has been a true and loyal friend and has endured my madness, relationships, moods, artistic liberties, cinematic compulsions and pursuit of any culinary destination, bookshop and music centre.

It's been an honor to be your friend John and I have appreciated your support even from afar.


Johns flickr link:


Thanks for the testimonial and Good Luck South Africa!!!




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I was determined to go out and find some images today which showed the 'gees' that is pervading this country. That is spirit to all of you who don't speak 'safrican'. I found this wonderful man at the corner of one of our busy intersections. He was very happy to have his photograph taken having appeared in last week's local paper. I bought two flags and Chloe has been waving them about all day and we have all been singing the national anthem together. World cup starts on Friday

Today is the 93rd birthday of one of the greatest people alive - Nelson Mandela or "Madiba" as we like to call him. Internationally, the day is officially called "Nelson Mandela Day". I decided to photograph a beaded South African flag keyring I have to commemorate this special day.


Happy Birthday Madiba - you are an inspirational human being!

You would not believe what I saw in the garden when I opened the curtains this morning, lol! Needless to say Mr Zebra was just in the lead and it was a close call for 2nd place. The chilly beasts are now back indoors and warming up.


ODC In Second Place and Seen From A (French) Window

Taken from top deck of W3 bus


It's not exactly the flag, but the colours are right, so not 100% sure what flag this is, but it must be for Nelson Mandela.

Inked after voting in South Africa's 4th democratic elections.


As seen on the BBC


Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Highway bridge decorated with the South African flag in honour of the FIFA World Cup 2010

Vuvuzelas have been blowing all night in my neighbourhood and around the country. There are parties going on everywhere, the foot ball world is here and today at 2 our time we have the opening ceremony followed by the match between Mexico and South Africa. Everyone is wearing yellow in support of Bafana Bafana. There are probably better images out there but this is mine, a flag on a car. Every car you see driving around has at least one of these and probably flag mirror covers too. Am going out now, if I get a better image I will post it. South Africans are incredibly warm hearted people and we are thrilled to host the world.


World Cup 2010 Theme Song


This was taken as we were leaving Port Alfred last time we were there on Human Rights Day. These people were going or had been to the celebrations. I loved this woman's outfit, look how splendid she looks in her South African flag colours. Also I don't know whether you can see this but she has a huge bling ring on her right hand and very beautifully manicured fingernails. Altogether a force to be reckoned with I am sure

Ralph Ridge, jumping at the 2010 Durban air-show


Trailing behind him is a huge South African flag. That was flow as a tribute to "Warrant Officer Blade Slade" that passed away while sky diving the previous day.


This is Thali, the lady who helps maintain Jay's sister's home. Jay's sister Amanda is in a wheelchair and I'm so glad that she has Thali to help her make her life more comfortable.

But she does more than that. Here she is at the school fete, which I have already mentioned and documented in my stream, supporting the local community.

She paid precious money to her have her face adorned with this very dodgy version of the South African flag.

What a wonderfu woman!

Leandri & Ryno are getting married in April and needed some engagement pics we went in the City centre ....and gosh was it an african heaven. Cape Town is so vibrant and colourful was loads of fun to photograph this engagment couple there!

World Cup 2010 South Africa. A South Africa fan waves a flag inside Soccer City stadium

Ooollh (17/6/2014)

The entrance to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, flanked by South African flags flying at half mast, in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, June 10, 2011. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the largest stock market in Africa and the 16th largest in the world. The British bank HSBC and the German bank Deutsche Bank also have offices at the stock exchange buildings. The trees at the centre of the photograph have dried up because of the winter season in the southern hemisphere and at this, the coldest time of the year in South Africa. The South African flags were flying at half mast in memory of the veteran anti-apartheid figure Albertina Sisulu, who died eight days earlier on June 2, 2011.

I love this country. I really do. It's the perfect place to live in so many ways. It's not without it's share of problems, but even the "perfect" Countries have it's own share.


This is a t-shirt.

Largest Flagpole and Flag on the African continent.12 meters by 8 meters

More symbolic than anything, thought the SA flag with Table Mountain in the background was pretty awesome.

Produce. Consume. Produce. Consume. Produce. Consume.


I took this specifically for entry into a competition. This is my interpretation of the theme "Industrial City".


I've taken this scene before (although with my cellphone), and now comparing the two, I prefer the scene at night. The lights make it.


View this large! (play "spot the South African Flag")

The crowd unravelled a massive South African flag as the winning Springbok Rugby World Cup 2007 squad entered the stadium.

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