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Nagarhole National Park is a tiger reserve in Coorg, Karnataka, a state in south India. We didn't see the tiger but did see the Indian bison, wild hogs, mongoose and the famous Malabar giant squirrel. Sighting or not, it's a highly recommended experience. The early morning air, the smells and sounds of the forest - it's

overwhelming being there witnessing it all!


Read more about our visit to Nagarhole at Coorg: Of coffee, wilderness and our first travel together

Light is coming through

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art by @MonikaSeelig

Photo taken on : 05.03.2012

Place : Havlock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India


Prasun Dutta Photgraphy | © | All Rights Reserved.

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#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art by @MonikaSeelig

© All rights reserved, don´t use this image without my permission. Contact me at

mundos diferentes

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 30 x 24 cm

#art #Kunst by @MonikaSeelig

In Heaven

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art by @MonikaSeelig


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Copyright © Anubhav Kochhar. All Rights Reserved. Please do not use this or any of my images without my consent.

Different ways

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art #Kunst

after rain... have a great week all!


Better Large On Black

Seen @ Cafe Coffee day outlet on the Shivamoga - Tumakur highway

Sovereign Sovereign

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art #Kunst by @MonikaSeelig


THE INDIAN Coffee House, on Bankim Chatterjee Street, is better known as the Coffee House of Calcutta.The Indian Coffee Workers’ Cooperative Society Limited has been running the establishment since 1958.

The history of this prestigious building dates back to 1876 when the Albert Hall was founded. Later the coffee board, in order to wean away the tea drinkers and popularise this drink, started the Coffee House in 1942. It gradually became a meeting place of people from the world of arts and culture.The Coffee House of Calcutta has had the honour of seeing the emergence of literary figures who are household names today. It used to be the meeting place for those who tried their hands at penning prose or poetry. The promising ones got willing listeners who listened in rapt attention and commented – all over a cup of coffee. Then there were the little magazine crowd who took to printing their own works because no one else wanted to give them the breaks. These young hopefuls harboured thoughts of one day rising up to the level of the established ones. And, one just cannot ignore the ones who sought each other’s company for brief moments in between regular classes – to share their innermost feelings and profess love. The Coffee House was the gateway to freedom; it was a way of life for the collegians.


The wonderful song by Manna Dey (‘Coffee houser shei addata nei, aaj aar nei…’) really takes one back in time to those carefree days when dreams were woven and broken. The building of the Indian Coffee House in Kolkata is a tribute to the leading lights of Bengali literature, cinema, arts and politics who spent hours discussing and debating on matters that helped society.


Perhaps the place I liked the most in my south India trip. Huge mansions, quiet area, excellent food, what else?

Chettinad is a region located in Tamil Nadu state, known as the land of the Chettiars or the Nagarathars; this community consists of 75 villages and Karaikudi is the capital of Chettinad; Chettiars are known for their inborn talent for trade, they took a important part in the development of business during the Chola Empire, in particular in the trade of rice, salt, ship-chandler with all the area; the wealth accumulated is found nowadays in the architecture and the arts and crafts; the luxurious Chettinad Mansions, the several temples, the famous Chettinad cuisine, the heritage of this banking and business community that suffered during the foreign settlements, is well worth a visit


© Eric Lafforgue

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A panoramic shot from the summit of Mullayanagiri.

The beautiful Chikmagalur is seen here. Located in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range the town is known for its coffee and tea estates.


"Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with" -Terri Guillemets

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Coorg is a major coffee producing region in India and a perfect place to spend time with nature. The forests of Coorg are part of the Western Ghats, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Iruppu waterfalls are in South Coorg.


Read about our Homestay experience in Coorg

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Dubare Elephant camp is a project of the forest department and Jungle Lodges and Resorts. This place is famous for letting the visitors bathe the elephants.

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Saturday April 19th, 4:15am….


My alarm goes off…I’m up and out within 5 minutes. I’ve trained all week for early morning rising, and have been waiting months for this trip…


By 4:30am I’m in the Dutch Brothers drive-thru, starting a monumental trip off the same way I do every adventure, even the minor ones…with a cup of coffee from this particular coffee establishment.


“Mornin!” chips the girl manning the beans for the morning, “You off to work?”


“No….Arizona,” I respond.


A puzzled look follows my response, I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what she expected me to say,


“oh….well… have a good drive…” Is the best she could do in response.


“I plan to.”


I grab my coffee, and set it in the holder….I’m in the van. My wife’s car….it hasn’t been through the trenches with me, like my car…but it is larger, smells like Macy’s, and I can sleep in it…which is cheaper than a hotel…plus, it has coffee holders.


It’s still dark out. I’m on Interstate-5, heading south. Destination; Meet Mike Jones at Havasu Hilltop, Arizona…about 11 hours away by my best guess…which probably isn’t any good for anything. I watch the sunrise over the Sacramento river IN Sacramento…there’s no time to stop for photographs…I’m on a mission. I’m making excellent time.


My first real stop is for fuel, in Santa Nella, California…Gas is over 4.00 a gallon…which is so awesome I can’t even put it into words…I’m not thrilled about this. I call my wife so she can sell off our kids college funds to pay to gas up the van. Trucks stops supposedly have the cheapest gas…I fear for what crazy gas prices lie ahead in the depths of California’s Interstate-5 (4.19 is the most I paid)


The drive is uneventful, for the most part…it’s just driving, in the van, listening to music. Occasionally, I’m screaming out the window to stay awake….(hey, it’s I-5...there’s not a lot of turning involved…one can get sleepy.)


Orchards along the southern portion of the state have been conveniently labeled so that passersby know what fruit, or nut is growing on those trees. Which is something I actually ALWAYS wonder. I pass apples…walnuts…pears…almonds….but never the elusive money trees I was hoping for…maybe they’re out of season.


Later, I pass Wasco, California…and let me tell you…Oroville, I owe you an apology. The sign on the way into Wasco says; “Welcome to Wasco…A nicer place to live.” My first thought was, “Nicer than what….it was yesterday? Nicer than Bakersfield? Exactly WHAT is it nicer than?” I was so hard on Oroville, I’ve decided to try and find the positive in any place, from now on…even if it’s tough…so here’s what Wasco has to offer; Roses. Not roses like you’d find in Portland, Oregon…but Roses none the less…lots and lots of them. I think they might have been pretty if they were all blooming, and not just here and there scattered blooms. Wasco has roses though, and it’s kind of close to Bakersfield…if you’re into that place.


On my drive I made notes of A few of the more impressive things I liked, (once I got past Bakersfield…again, I‘m sorry Oroville)


- I like the Mojave Desert…there looked like some interesting places to explore, plus lots of cool shaped cactus and trees. IT was strange how a certain type of cactus wouldn’t be seen until you hit a specific elevation, then it appeared in mass, almost instantly….that fascinated me.


-I loved the section of the Colorado River you cross when you get into Arizona from California…It’s an amazing green color, and begged for photographing…but I wasn’t listening. I was making slightly less than good time.


-I was intrigued by the flowers in Arizona….they never grew in the median, or on the traffic side of the fencing…just over the fence, is where they grew, where they were protected by barbed wire…I kept thinking I should photograph some, but I really didn’t want to scale a fence at this juncture in the trip…people have wagers on whether I will return safely, or even at all…I’m not going down the first day.


11 hours after I began I arrived in Kingman Arizona 2 hours behind schedule…what a town. It’s not the Arizona I was expecting in my mind. I was envisioning every town to be full of the swanky, happening, beautiful folks who crave sun, golf, and houseboats and attend one of the Arizona Universities…but it was more like where I live…kind of average. Keep in mind, I was at Wal-Mart…so that might have something to do with it. I needed a phone card to keep in touch with the wife, and some jumper cables…in case my van decided to rebel on me (it had been starting slowly) on Havasu Hilltop, 60 miles from anything.


In Wal-Mart, I asked the first counter lady I saw where I might find phone cards…she pointed immediately at the checkout counter to her left, where the prepaid cell phone cards were located.


“uhm…no, the kind of card for payphones…” I said, modifying my earlier statement.


Even this lady looked at me like I was a caveman…I’m convinced I’m one of only2 or 3 people without a cell phone on Planet Earth. Yesssss!


“Oh hun’ you need to head back to ‘lectronics…they keep ‘em there.”


I headed back to ‘lectronics,’ where I promptly asked another lady where I might find a phone card…she pointed to the cell phone cards. I modified my response, and she directed me to a section of 2 cards on a small portion of an obscure aisle…I think the sign said, “LOSER PHONE CARDS” or something like that…and in small print is said, ’even your dad, who can’t work the TV remote has a cell phone you dumbass. Get with it already’


I grabbed a 75-minute card, and proceeded to the checkout counter guy.


“Man, I tell you…” he began, “I could work with her all day….in’nt she great?” he said glancing at the old lady who had just directed me, in non-exciting fashion, to some phone cards…”She really is amazing to work with…just a pure delight…hehehe…wow, I am lucky….Thank you dear” he said, again glancing in the direction of the lady.


I’m thinking to myself, “This guy is either HIGH, insane…or he’s being totally sarcastic, but not pulling it off too convincingly.”


“uhm…oh-kay.” I say (How do you respond to that? “yeah…she seems like a peach. Points out a phone card like nobody I‘ve encountered in my life”)


‘Yeah…wow…just a treat…man. Well, that’ll be five forty five sir…”


I pay and leave. Fast.


Outside I call and leave a phone message for Mike Jones. “Mike. I’m in Kingman…on my way to the Hilltop…I’ll see you in a couple hours.”


Mike had mentioned he was leaving around 4, from the Grand Canyon to head over to the Havasu Hilltop, where we would meet, sleep in our respective vehicles, and leave early, via helicopter for the Supai Village, and the Turquoise waters of their famous waterfalls.


It’s almost 5:30.…he should be there.


The road to the hilltop is long…60 miles long. It’s in decent shape, but has no real fencing, so cattle roam wild on the streets, and for whatever reason, they love to hang out on the blacktop…with the antelope.


‘Oh give me a road…where the buffalo (don’t) roam…and the cows and the antelope play….’ I think that’s the song.


Well, that road is Indian Road 18.…and the cows… they don’t play so much, but they certainly don’t get in the antelope’s way…because those guys are downright frolicky.


The whole way down the road I was paranoid. I had read an article in Backpacker Magazine, that the hilltop was full of trash, burned out cars, and was in no way a place you’d want to spend ANY time at all.


I freak easily, (not sure if you knew that)…I was ready for a war zone when I got there.


I approached the 60th mile, and didn’t see smoke coming from any vehicles…or much trash….or a hostile party of Indians waiting to kill me…but I did see a lot of really nice cars parked ALL OVER this place. It was certainly a popular spot. I felt safer almost instantly.


I drove around looking for Mr. Jones…who, was NOT there. I thought for sure he’d beat me to the hilltop…in fact, I kind of lingered in Kingman a bit, hoping he would be the pioneer to area, and be waiting when I got there. Oh well.


I parked, and checked out the hilltop…which is located about 2000 feet up from the valley floor, a sheer drop greets you on several sides. I bet it was a nice view…but to make matters worse there were 45-50 mph winds whipping around,…so, not shocking, I didn’t spend to much time looking over the edge.


I made a pot of coffee (correctly this time) in the Jetboil, put out my lawn chair, and sat to wait for Jones.


Jones wasn’t showing…and hour passed, then 2 hours, and it was dark, AND really cold…the winds weren’t letting up. Mike had mentioned he was going to try a special route to cut straight from the Grand Canyon to the hilltop…which would take him on some dirt roads…I figured he’d probably gotten lost, or turned around at some point and wouldn’t be arriving until late, or maybe even in the morning. I hit the sack. I was tired. It took 13 hours to get there.


30 minutes into my “sleep” I notice figures with lights looming around my van….ugh. I’m going to get robbed…I know it.


I do have my spear, but I’m not grabbing it at this point. I’m laying there, silent, listening. I soon discover it’s a group of hikers, who had hiked out of the valley in the dark, and were parked next to me. Pfffew. I’m about to get out, and go chat with them, because, well, they are 2 feet from my van on 2 sides, and…I’m wide awake now….as I began to sit up I realize that their ladies, and their changing clothes 2 feet from my van.




I’m not a sleezoid…I’m not going to sit there and stare, and I certainly am not going to sit up now, and risk one of them seeing me, and think I AM a sleezoid…so I just lay still in the bottom of the van…waiting for them to go….but, a sick part of me wants reallt bad to shine the flashlight under my face, make a scary sneer, and put my face up against the window….because I think that might literally scare the poo out of somebody. It’s be funny. You know it.


I don’t…I just lay there, and wait….and wait…and wait….are they getting ready for a formal? 15 minutes pass, and finally their party loads up their vehicle and leaves. I get out of the van and notice…they’ve thrown THEIR trash on the ground. Way to go people….you’re going to a place that already has a bad reputation for being dirty, and you’re part of the problem. I think I should’ve scared the crap out of you.


You drive a Lexus can’t afford a trash bag?


A few minutes later a truck drives by…I recognize it from his description…it’s Mike Jones.


Please to enjoy this shot of Navajo Falls...the first of the big three falls you encounter in the valley.


This is by all means an abstract as i have got some really interesting,unexpected comments and interpretations on this picture...Right from a Dosa(a food item).ice-cream,an object inside the body,a gift rapping paper to a coffee has been perceived differently by flickrites and M Loving it...

Please let me know if u still have any other interpretations left?:D


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Was placed second at Pca-Textures


This was also published in the November issue of Better photography magazine.


Thanx fellows...

this picture of mine is also publish in popular travel magazine "Discover India" in photo of the month section for 10.11.11


this HDR picture i took from single image as a result of which i got some noise. press L to view it in black


Thanks for your visit and comments on my previous image its beacuse of your comments and favs that my picture comes to Explore.


Yercaud (Tamil: ஏற்காடு) is a hill station in Salem, Tamil Nadu district, of Tamil Nadu state in India. It located in the Shevaroys range of hills in the Eastern Ghats; the Yercaud hill area is called the Shevaroy Hills. It is situated at an altitude of 1515 metres (4970 feet) above sea level, and the highest point in Yercaud is the Servarayan temple, at 5326 feet. It is so named owing to the abundance of trees categorised as a forest near the lake, the name signifying Lake Forest.[1] As a popular tourist destination, Yercaud is also called as Jewel of the South.[2] Yarcaud is connected to city of Salem, Tamil Nadu through Highway of 8 km. The temperature never rises above 29 °C (84 °F) or goes below 13 °C (55 °F). Coffee and citrus fruits, most notably oranges, are grown in abundance apart from bananas, pears and jackfruit. Scenically, Yercaud is as enchanting and picturesque as the hill stations on the Western ghats and trekking here can be one of the most pleasurable ways to pass time.

The total extent of Yercaud Taluk is 382.67 km2, including Reserve Forest. The entire County is administered as a Township. Yercaud also has a Village council.



Fly to this location (Requires Google Earth)


My pc broke down a week ago.. had prob with my motherboard.. Took a week to get it repaired.. Finally got it repaired..


Its raining nice here.. A gr8 time to hang out with friends .. get wet in d rain & have a refreshing coffee later.. yeah that sounds good, isn't it?.. Well few more uploads from my previous month trip.. Clicked this one from THE ARTHUR'S SEAT POINT in Mahabaleshwar.. A beautiful hill station.. This is a view of western ghats as seen from the arthur's seat point..


Its a HDR vertorama, 3 exp auto bracketing for both the parts of the vertorama..


Rain clouds were gathering, but it did not rain at that moment.. all these mountain ranges are completely under green cover once it starts raining.. Which is wonderful sight.. But this is how it looks pre-monsoon..


Will be catching up with your photostreams soon :) Have a nice day my friends :)

Used Impresso and Pixlr apps.


Little girl in the picture is my daughter :)

A cup of coffee, the sunday morning newspaper and sun streaming in through the window... The perfect recipe for a good sunday morning laze...



what if,

you are allowed

one mistake,


every day?


Sorry for the long absence here on flickr.


I'll be visiting NYC october 2nd - 10th if anyone wants to have a coffee and/or take a photo-walk.


The portrait is one from the older archives. A portrait taken before 7 am where the Ganges is still blue & green.


Rishikesh, India 2006.

Copyright © Ioannis Lelakis. All rights reserved.

We were sitting at the palace having coffee waiting for the sunset.

Indian Ladder Farms is this Great Place in Vooheesville NY where you can go and pick your apples, watch them press cider, pet the farm animals, shop for gifts or have coffee and a pastry. This past Saturday I went on an excursion to photograph fall foliage in the Helderberg Escarpment. On the way home I stopped at the Indian Ladder Farms for some pears. While wandering the property, I came across this little tool shed and loved the colors.

Its been quite a while since I last played with liquids.. high speed photography to be precise.. So thought of going for something more challenging and interesting .. and trust me guys had loads of fun testing my patience, perseverance.. As always, was low on resources, but this kind of photography is so lucrative that I had to do it ;) :D Wouldn't have been possible without 2 sweet ladies.. my mom for dropping the sugar cubes & Uma for patiently angling in the light.. wanted to achieve 3 things prominently.. splash created by first cube, followed by second cube just hitting the surface and, the splash & second the cube to be in focus.. not to mention, lighting was pretty challenging too.. Angled in a 1000 watt diffused light from 45° to the right of subject.. a white board to fill in the shadows, home made reflector to reflect the diffused light from the pop-up flash adding a bit of luminance to the splash.. After several mistimed shots, got this one..


Hope u all like it ;)

Have a lovely weekend !

My wife wondered how birds sleep, i have no answer

Two nights ago, at 3 am, I peeped out for star/Moon gazing. There was cloud cover.

I noticed a bird perching precariously in the balcony railing, head and limbs pulled inside. I woke up my wife and showed it.


A 6 am, we noticed it is still there , not moved. We felt something wrong, it must be sick, Offered grains and cooked rice , offer of food and water not taken.


So we sent our show case chirping bird to find out. It tried mouth to mouth feeding and failed, reported back that the dove had a late night party at Rain Tree Hotel and had an extra large peg made the matter worse so got booozzed and hence dozzzzzed.


We took the bird inside home, put it in a warm corner for some time .


After a cup of hot coffee we gave the bird a fond fare well and we find that it is perching in the balcony and living happily there ever after.


It is a true story, well nearly true.


please see all six pictures.

My entry to the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day on April 24th, 2016. This is the river Nemunas I live nearby.


Taken with cylindrical can of Indian instant coffee on 14x9 cm Kodak Polymax RC paper strip. The camera has 6 pinholes (F=25 mm) that cover 360 degree view. Exposure about 20 min. It was an overcast evening before sunset.

Easter is now well behind us and I've been back in NYC for a couple weeks at this point...


I've managed to unpack my suitcases and get more-or-less caught up with the stuff that accumulated in my absence ... but it was only about a week ago that I was able to get back outside with my camera, to resume the "streets of New York" and "peeps in the 'hood" street-photography projects that I carried out during much of 2013 and 2014.


Because I have a strong desire to let the photos sit untouched for a month before I start editing them (which involves far less discipline than the late Gary Winogrand, who apparently waited a full year before he got any of his film processed!), I won't be able to inspect any of these street-photography shots until early May.


(For another perspective on waiting a long time before uploading photos, see Eric Kim's March 23, 2015 blog titled, "What I Learned Processing 164 Rolls of Film After Waiting a Year," which you can find on the Internet at )


And that means I'll have to spread out my remaining Florida sunrise shots, and probably upload only one or two new ones each day ... unless some other photo project comes along in the next couple of weeks...


Meanwhile, I will continue uploading the old photos from my early childhood in separate batches. I'll be finishing off a batch from the late 1940s tomorrow, and will then have another large bunch from various places I lived as an infant in the mid-1940s... before uploading some photos taken by my grandparents in the 1920s and 1930s, out in the American West.


If you have any alternative suggestions, please let me know.




I spent the winter months of 2014-2015 in a warm spot on the beach in Indialantic, FL in order to escape what turned out to be a really brutal winter in the Center of the Universe, as well as most of New England. I'm now back in NYC, but I still have a backlog of Florida shots to edit and upload.


On most of the mornings I was there, I manage to get up about an hour before sunrise every morning, and be out on the beach for a morning walk just as the sun peeked up above the horizon.


On the very first morning, and every morning thereafter, I noticed that I was not the only person on the beach. There werejoggers and walkers out getting their exercise, and *lots* of fishermen casting their lines out into the surf. But down by the 5th Avenue boardwalk -- where you can park your car and get a cup of coffee/latte/whatever from the local Starbucks -- there were lots and lots of people who clearly came down here just to watch the sunrise. This was particularly true after the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, for we then "sprang forward" and celebrated the arrival of dawn about 7:30 AM, instead of 6:30-ish.


These are some of the morning scenes that I saw -- the birds, the people, the long empty beaches, and the glorious sunrise...

who's there?


orange who?

orange you sad the weekend has gone by :(

A great afternoon at Barista, Patiala... With Mocha Frappe pitcher.

Loved the colours. Check out my Facebook Page

A photograph clicked for the Oasis exhibition this year as a part of the panel - FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY

Note: I chose this as my "photo of the day" for Feb 25, 2015.




I'm spending the winter months of 2014-2015 in a warm spot on the beach in Indialantic, FL (if I have Internet access, it doesn't matter too much where I'm physically located).


I'm trying to get up about an hour before sunrise every morning, and be out on the beach for a morning walk just as the sun peeks up above the horizon.


On the very first morning, and every morning thereafter, I've immediately noticed that I was not the only person on the beach. There are joggers and walkers out getting their exercise, and *lots* of fishermen casting their lines out into the surf. But down by the 5th Avenue boardwalk -- where you can park your car and get a cup of coffee/latte/whatever from the local Starbucks -- there are lots and lots of people who clearly come down here just to watch the sunrise


These are some of the people, and some of the birds...


As a little girl I used to love waking up to the aroma of freshly brewing kaapi (coffee). Back then I used to fake having headaches just to have a sip of coffee, it went on till I was old enough to have my own cup of coffee.

In Tamil Nadu, South India, kaapi/coffee is served in stainless steel cups called "tumblers" and a matchig saucer which looks like a bowl called "tabara". The frothy coffee forms a dome on the top and looks as if it is going to overflow any second. We are trained from young to skillfully pick up the tumbler by the rim (notice there are no handles) using just the thumb and the pointing finger and to drink piping hot coffee from the non heat resistant steel tumblers, without spilling a drop or burning our lips.


Macro Monday theme: Coffee

One of these days I'm going to steal these posters. I like them so much. This is from Café PeterDonuts in Aundh, Pune. Happens to be one of my favourite place around.


I went there last Saturday with a friend and every-time I visit I find so many things to photograph.

For starters, the light is always perfect.


Here is one of the 3 posters as you enter on the wall (To view all three click HERE / opens in a new window.)

Always fun to be here. Friendly staff and great coffee. What else do you need?


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of a larger mug :)


Good Morning all - enjoy the cuppa sunshine!


Better Brewed Large On Black for Coffee and Sunshine Lovers. For those who dont like - know thy enemy anyway :P

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