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Nagarhole National Park is a tiger reserve in Coorg, Karnataka, a state in south India. We didn't see the tiger but did see the Indian bison, wild hogs, mongoose and the famous Malabar giant squirrel. Sighting or not, it's a highly recommended experience. The early morning air, the smells and sounds of the forest - it's

overwhelming being there witnessing it all!


Read more about our visit to Nagarhole at Coorg: Of coffee, wilderness and our first travel together

Light is coming through

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art by @MonikaSeelig

Off to see a play at the Hippodrome. Turned out to be a bit of a let down. Did spend a long time talking with an Indian colleague this afternoon afterwards, and enjoyed it.


Ate some Tibetan noodles from a stall in the city center for lunch, and Bibimbap from TukTuk for dinner.


Feeling pretty tired now though.

Photo taken on : 05.03.2012

Place : Havlock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India


Prasun Dutta Photgraphy | © | All Rights Reserved.

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mundos diferentes

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 30 x 24 cm

#art #Kunst by @MonikaSeelig

In south India people's day stars with awesome coffee that to filter coffee is must every one in their homes bought a pack of coffee powder and we have filter some times they go for instant coffee most people prefer filter coffee that will be like addiction of all south Indian people most

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A panoramic shot from the summit of Mullayanagiri.

The beautiful Chikmagalur is seen here. Located in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range the town is known for its coffee and tea estates.


Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka[India]

Coffee(15 Rupee)

Different ways

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art #Kunst

I am in my hometown for a small break and loving the time off. Was trying to find a background for my food photos to do a temp set up and found this small table which is just perfect.


Oranges are in season now and very cheap here, so what better way to start the day.


I also had a small walk in the wheat fields during golden hour, the wheat is at a perfect ripeness for clicking snaps...has not turned yellow yet but the fields are still green.


Only issue I am facing is choppy internet here, and uploading anything is taking hell lot of time.


#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art by @MonikaSeelig

Tuesday coffee from Urban Bean with an Indian elephant

after rain... have a great week all!


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In Heaven

#watercolor #Indian ink on laid paper 200 g 24 x 32 cm

#art by @MonikaSeelig


"Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with" -Terri Guillemets

on our trip from Durban to Cape Town we visted the beautiful Coffee Bay

THE INDIAN Coffee House, on Bankim Chatterjee Street, is better known as the Coffee House of Calcutta.The Indian Coffee Workers’ Cooperative Society Limited has been running the establishment since 1958.

The history of this prestigious building dates back to 1876 when the Albert Hall was founded. Later the coffee board, in order to wean away the tea drinkers and popularise this drink, started the Coffee House in 1942. It gradually became a meeting place of people from the world of arts and culture.The Coffee House of Calcutta has had the honour of seeing the emergence of literary figures who are household names today. It used to be the meeting place for those who tried their hands at penning prose or poetry. The promising ones got willing listeners who listened in rapt attention and commented – all over a cup of coffee. Then there were the little magazine crowd who took to printing their own works because no one else wanted to give them the breaks. These young hopefuls harboured thoughts of one day rising up to the level of the established ones. And, one just cannot ignore the ones who sought each other’s company for brief moments in between regular classes – to share their innermost feelings and profess love. The Coffee House was the gateway to freedom; it was a way of life for the collegians.


The wonderful song by Manna Dey (‘Coffee houser shei addata nei, aaj aar nei…’) really takes one back in time to those carefree days when dreams were woven and broken. The building of the Indian Coffee House in Kolkata is a tribute to the leading lights of Bengali literature, cinema, arts and politics who spent hours discussing and debating on matters that helped society.


Excerpts from my Photoblog...

"......From Chang La it was all downhill. We passed the small army camp at Tsoltak and then headed in a south-easterly direction towards Durbuk valley. The army has a major military presence at Durbuk and Tangtse as these are the last permanent human settlements till the Chinese border at Pangong Tso. Tangtse is the official gateway to the Changthang and we had to check in at the office of the Wildlife Department. We also had our breakfast here consisting of chicken sandwiches and coffee. The altitude here was a comfortable 12,000 ft so we did not face any breathing difficulties...."

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Perhaps the place I liked the most in my south India trip. Huge mansions, quiet area, excellent food, what else?

Chettinad is a region located in Tamil Nadu state, known as the land of the Chettiars or the Nagarathars; this community consists of 75 villages and Karaikudi is the capital of Chettinad; Chettiars are known for their inborn talent for trade, they took a important part in the development of business during the Chola Empire, in particular in the trade of rice, salt, ship-chandler with all the area; the wealth accumulated is found nowadays in the architecture and the arts and crafts; the luxurious Chettinad Mansions, the several temples, the famous Chettinad cuisine, the heritage of this banking and business community that suffered during the foreign settlements, is well worth a visit


© Eric Lafforgue

At the break of dawn I had my morning boost at a coffee stall in Rishikesh. A group of construction workers also stopped by to have their chai/coffee. We had a little chat, and I noticed the special warmth of one of the older workers. A portrait of him was of course inevitable.


Rishikesh, India, 2006


Copyright © Ioannis Lelakis.

All rights reserved.

Seen @ Cafe Coffee day outlet on the Shivamoga - Tumakur highway

This is by all means an abstract as i have got some really interesting,unexpected comments and interpretations on this picture...Right from a Dosa(a food item).ice-cream,an object inside the body,a gift rapping paper to a coffee has been perceived differently by flickrites and M Loving it...

Please let me know if u still have any other interpretations left?:D


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This was also published in the November issue of Better photography magazine.


Thanx fellows...

this picture of mine is also publish in popular travel magazine "Discover India" in photo of the month section for 10.11.11


this HDR picture i took from single image as a result of which i got some noise. press L to view it in black


Thanks for your visit and comments on my previous image its beacuse of your comments and favs that my picture comes to Explore.


Yercaud (Tamil: ஏற்காடு) is a hill station in Salem, Tamil Nadu district, of Tamil Nadu state in India. It located in the Shevaroys range of hills in the Eastern Ghats; the Yercaud hill area is called the Shevaroy Hills. It is situated at an altitude of 1515 metres (4970 feet) above sea level, and the highest point in Yercaud is the Servarayan temple, at 5326 feet. It is so named owing to the abundance of trees categorised as a forest near the lake, the name signifying Lake Forest.[1] As a popular tourist destination, Yercaud is also called as Jewel of the South.[2] Yarcaud is connected to city of Salem, Tamil Nadu through Highway of 8 km. The temperature never rises above 29 °C (84 °F) or goes below 13 °C (55 °F). Coffee and citrus fruits, most notably oranges, are grown in abundance apart from bananas, pears and jackfruit. Scenically, Yercaud is as enchanting and picturesque as the hill stations on the Western ghats and trekking here can be one of the most pleasurable ways to pass time.

The total extent of Yercaud Taluk is 382.67 km2, including Reserve Forest. The entire County is administered as a Township. Yercaud also has a Village council.

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Coorg is a major coffee producing region in India and a perfect place to spend time with nature. The forests of Coorg are part of the Western Ghats, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Iruppu waterfalls are in South Coorg.


Read about our Homestay experience in Coorg



Fly to this location (Requires Google Earth)


My pc broke down a week ago.. had prob with my motherboard.. Took a week to get it repaired.. Finally got it repaired..


Its raining nice here.. A gr8 time to hang out with friends .. get wet in d rain & have a refreshing coffee later.. yeah that sounds good, isn't it?.. Well few more uploads from my previous month trip.. Clicked this one from THE ARTHUR'S SEAT POINT in Mahabaleshwar.. A beautiful hill station.. This is a view of western ghats as seen from the arthur's seat point..


Its a HDR vertorama, 3 exp auto bracketing for both the parts of the vertorama..


Rain clouds were gathering, but it did not rain at that moment.. all these mountain ranges are completely under green cover once it starts raining.. Which is wonderful sight.. But this is how it looks pre-monsoon..


Will be catching up with your photostreams soon :) Have a nice day my friends :)

a lots can happen over a coffee



what if,

you are allowed

one mistake,


every day?


Sorry for the long absence here on flickr.


I'll be visiting NYC october 2nd - 10th if anyone wants to have a coffee and/or take a photo-walk.


The portrait is one from the older archives. A portrait taken before 7 am where the Ganges is still blue & green.


Rishikesh, India 2006.

Copyright © Ioannis Lelakis. All rights reserved.

We were sitting at the palace having coffee waiting for the sunset.

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of berries from the Coffea plant. The genus Coffea is native to tropical Africa, and Madagascar, the Comoros, Mauritius and Réunion in the Indian Ocean.[2] The plant was exported from Africa to countries around the world and coffee plants are now cultivated in over 70 countries, primarily in the equatorial regions of the Americas, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa. The two most commonly grown are the highly regarded arabica, and the less sophisticated but stronger and more hardy robusta. Once ripe, coffee berries are picked, processed, and dried. Dried coffee seeds (referred to as beans) are roasted to varying degrees, depending on the desired flavor. Roasted beans are ground and brewed with near boiling water to produce coffee as a beverage.


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