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Sooji ka halwa (a sweet semolina dish with almonds, pistachios, sultana raisins, cardamom, and topped with silver leaf). Part of my Eid breakfast this morning...


Grub courtesy of Mom.



Sooji ka nasht is a South Indian breakfast dish of semolina. Here's a link to someone's picture ( I can't quite figure out the bottom line....

Hawa puri? John says there's a hawla puri, a pudding eaten with bread. Here's a picture of the halwa with the puris in the background (


A lovely sweet confection, redolent of cardamom and saffron. A delicious bite.. Recipe in my blog

From my mom's kitchen to my bellay, clockwise from top:


* Aloo ki bhujia (spiced potatoes)

* Sooji ke halwa (sweetened semolina with cardammom, almonds, sultanas, and silver leaf)

* Sheer khurma (vermicelli noodles in sweetened milk cooked with dates, almonds, cardammom and pistachios)

* Puri (fry bread) and

* Cholay (spiced garbanzo)


I would have posted this right after eating it yesterday, but I finally woke up from the nap it induced.


Good stuff.

A lovely sweet confection, redolent of cardamom and saffron. Very easy to make .. Recipe in my blog

A lovely sweet confection, redolent of cardamom and saffron. Very easy to make .. Recipe in my blog

Oh, the halwa of 14 Sha'ban.



Heat three tablespoons ghee or butter. Add 250g semolina. Cook till light brown. Add 1/2 cup sultanas, handful pistachio nuts. Add 1 pint milk. Cook till thick, add 1/4 cup sugar and two teaspoons freshly ground cardamom. Cook until thick (few minutes) put on tray, cut when cool.


I needed (wanted) a snack and was too hot to go and buy something from the shop. What made me think it was 'cooler' to cook over a hot stove . . . such twisted logic!


Sheera is always the favourite desert in Indian Meal. A little twist by adding coconut can make it more tasty.

(Anti clock)Tava Roti, white rice + daal, besebelle bath, fried stuff, sooji halwa, paneer pasanda, curd

While making guava jelly yesterday, I felt hungry so I made this. As a variation, I added crystallised ginger. Superb!

The welcome snacks and drinks for us wedding guests: a fried local bread with a beautiful imprint, another deep fried snack in a symmetric pattern, sooji ka halwa and a cup of tea.

Rava kesari is made up of sooji/semolina, Rava Halwa is the best Indian sweet recipe, This video shows the process to make Rava kesavi sweet in simple and easy way.