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Logged into #flickr from my hiptop, with a reflection of my S500. (Plus a plug for Demoniaco's website.)


Some days I don't hate my hiptop.

This will be my Web 3.0 seminar piece

was browsing through the book on the counter then realised it was the

gal behind the espresso machine!


city hall

he was blowing a bubble in the photo but part of it was obscured by actual gum.


nice use of gum as picture frame.


Source of 7th layer photo here. Ericson (on phone)

A photo of my iMac's flat-screen monitor while the Macintosh group is displayed in my flickr organizr.

we have the same cameras so we took photos of each other like this. nerds.

Me taking a photo of Caterina taking a photo of a photo held by Mena that Ben took of Mena and Caterina.

All on an apple too. Do you want to eat an apple now too?

I felt I could have taken it, so the fact that someone else had already taken it seemed like a technicality.

Nikon, model unknown.Possibly film or a prosumer single lens model.

I don't know if I can explain this adequetely.

At the Guggenheim, Eye of the Storm.

Nice enough to pose and to jump. Hard to tell which is better (this one is better exposed). Nikon, model unknown

It's hard to capture how right the colors look in natural light. But that myspace trick! I love it!

For the Calling Card group. Made with Polaroid-o-nizer.


I actually made a revised version with new account info and changed the icon to match the current.


I don't know what to do with the old one now. I suppose (once I actually print and laminate the new one), I'll just retire it. Maybe sell it on ebay. ; )

Same as #1, just taken after #1 was uploaded.

This was a live demo of "SoMetaItHurts" during a Cerveny rumination on 'play'

Not sent from a computer.

't spijt me, Keees; konnutnielate ...

we both had green tea ice cream mochi, possibly the best green tea ice cream mochi EVER. i will miss rikyu but matsu is a good addition to the neighborhood.

My Ocean arrived yesterday. It rocks. In the photo above, I'm browsing Earthling via the browser. Now I'm considering one more step of meta....

i've told him his flickr star has gone supernova but he'd rather be outside checking the pmail.

You learn something new every day.

Hey guys!


What's goin on??


Can I play too?

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