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Logged into #flickr from my hiptop, with a reflection of my S500. (Plus a plug for Demoniaco's website.)


Some days I don't hate my hiptop.

I don't know why but I have the impression to use too much tagging in my life. --> I now moved to pinboard -

me flickring Calvo flickring NYX flckring Bunchofpants flickring Rakka....

This is what happens when you upload over 2GB of photos in one month to

Flickr. *udpdated pro account have no upload limit (i think)

All on an apple too. Do you want to eat an apple now too?

Me jumping into a meme that started with niffer then spread to bosquetango to emdot

to groc to Rakka

to lure to akitherese to wonderbean.


This is not my "real" phone book--this is the work one. The real one would be Durham, which is an infinitely better place than Raleigh. I should jump into the meme again later from home.

He was very populor to photograph. Remember kids, next pillowfight, if you want to be Internet Famous, wear some colorful PJs.

Jerry Yang on stage, Caterina in the room and on IRC with Stewart, and the web celebrating.



Sent from my Treo

On the 7a Tram to Jaskan Grilli Initiation Ceremony with Younghee, Aditya and Raphael.

Gödel, Escher, Bach -- owning this book correlated 100% with being a hacker up till about 1990. Still a favorite of formalizers, strong-AI enthusiasts, Bach groupies, recursiongasmic savants, and all those who groove on form and structure.

was browsing through the book on the counter then realised it was the

gal behind the espresso machine!


city hall

My favorite, People Taking Pictures.

You can make your own magazine cover out of your favorite Flickr image. Apologies to Tom....but, dude, that hat. Original here.

Flickr as real-time facebook... or back-of-the-head-book.

he was blowing a bubble in the photo but part of it was obscured by actual gum.


nice use of gum as picture frame.


Okay, it didn't really hurt. The KID caught me in full flickr mode whilst hanging at Casa de Slogrl.

For the Calling Card group. Made with Polaroid-o-nizer.


I actually made a revised version with new account info and changed the icon to match the current.


I don't know what to do with the old one now. I suppose (once I actually print and laminate the new one), I'll just retire it. Maybe sell it on ebay. ; )

A photo of my iMac's flat-screen monitor while the Macintosh group is displayed in my flickr organizr.


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This is a self-referential post about my self-referential photo. It refers to itself at least twice. Or is it three times?

It's hard to capture how right the colors look in natural light. But that myspace trick! I love it!

In the Harris Teeter parking lot.

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