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"Eclipse parcial de Sol en la Cd. de Querétaro, desde mi Casa"


Images and Textures of my own.


"Thank you all my kind Flickrs Friends. Your comments and invitations are much motivating and appreciated".

Querétaro - México.

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This was my favorite shot of the eclipse, and probably my most unique!

This was my first time trying to photograph a solar eclipse. Too bad I didn't have any solar filter, so I just used 4 layers of sunglasses instead of a solar filter for my camera :-)

Location: Sumatra - Indonesia

#solareclipse #gerhanamatahari

Taken in Mt. Juliet TN, today. What an amazing thing to see, only God could make the moon fit perfectly over the sun!! The pink areas on the sun are called prominences!

Shot from Teradyne West, parking lot in San Jose, CA.

I drove down to Cornelia Fort here in East Nashville where my plan was to get some photos this event. I could not find a parking spot due to the crowds. I rode my Trek Mountain bike down there. One of the best thing I saw was the horizon glow in all directions. Different from a sunset in the glow was in every direction along the horizon. Another cool thing was the party atmosphere down there. People play "Here comes the sunshine by the Grateful Dead and Dark Side of the Moon album just as it to the darkest point. There was a strange glow. It was really a cosmic event. Literally, Figuratively, metaphorically and most importantly, spiritually!!!

A gap in the clouds. Sun and moon.


( Taken in the region of Trier, Germany )

Sonnnenfinsternis am 20. März 2015 über Berlin

We met some friends at Furman University, just north of Greenville, South Carolina in order to share a magical experience. Upon totality, it took my breath away -- really. I don't expect see another one of these in my lifetime, but I will surely remember this one for the rest of my life.

Cool first day of school! Future scientists?

Total Solar Eclipse,

Dallas, Oregon


When planning to come to a wedding on the 26th, my brother encouraged us to come 5 days early for the eclipse. What a treat!

I wish I was a little more prepared to take photos of the Eclipse. I didn't have a solar filter but I lucked out when these clouds rolled in.

Bad planning, stacked three ND filters. Looks more like a lunar eclipse. We only had a 65% eclipse. Oh well, 7 years until we have one again, lots of time to learn and prepare.

A plane flew past just as the Sun was very partially eclipsed

A slightly different take on the eclipse, as I was running for a train with luggage I had no big zoom lens or tripod so I focused on the trees in the foreground.

I didn't plan for this Eclipse, with special filters or anything, but we still had a good time. We made pinhole cameras which projected the eclipse sharply onto white cardboard, and followed it that way.

But I did, at one point at about 85% totality, quickly point my camera at the sun and shoot. This is what I got.


The star effect must be from the eclipse itself... the moon plus atmosphere plus lens must have created that illusion.


But what baffled us was the perfect tiny little image of the eclipse which appeared down below the image of the sun itself.... you can zoom in on it, and there it is... the eclipse!


In the comments I have a photo of the cool phenomenon of the spaces between the leaves on the trees creating pinhole cameras of their own.... and projecting the image of the eclipse onto the driveway, over and over again. I wish I had thought to sweep the leaves away, but I didn't.

You have probably all seen photos like these already... maybe hundreds of times... but here is my little contribution!


I have learned, from Steven Hromnak, in a comment below, that the star effect is achieved by using a wide angle lens, and stopping way down (25mm is pretty wide angle, but not hugely... and f25 is stopped down pretty far!).

T-Lea Farm, Tellico Plains, Tennessee Astrophotography Total Solar Eclipse 2017, August 21. Canon 40D, EF200mm f/2.8L II USM

6th grader peeking at the eclipse.

Canon EOS 6D

MTO MC 10/1000

1/200 ISO 100

Bader Solar-Folie

It happened...August 21, 2017...the great solar eclipse. I knew we would be in Maine. I did research on how to photograph it and read all kinds of warnings about sensor damage if you did not use a solar filter...there was no time for me to buy a filter and practice. Then I read Apple said it was okay to use your Apple products to photograph the eclipse. I was still took a very fast photo with the camera in selfie mode...didn't really look at the screen...hit the my man....kissed by the eclipse :-) How special is that? LOL

No doubt there will be lots of similar shots on here today but this is my take.


Canon 7d - with 200mm lens plus 2X extender. I used a ten stop filter plus 3 stop ND to give me a 1/320th sec exposure at F16.


Cropped and minimal processing


Taken this morning in Edinburgh.


On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America was treated to an eclipse of the sun.


Partial Solar Eclipse seen from Chicago, IL

Taken Handheld


Night vs Day. The Eternal Battle.

Here is my version of partial Solar Eclipses in the Bay Area.


It is a composte of a series of Solar images taken during the full course of Solar Eclipse in August 21, 2017 at my Pleasanton home backyard, plus a image of Lick Observatory taken at the same day with the same lens length (280mm) for the solar images (1/1000 sec, F11, ISO 31, with 1 10-stopper and 1 3-stopper ND attached)


I also have a timelapse of 600 shots takend during the eclipse


Happy Shooting!

Today's partial solar eclipse over Somerville MA. This is not a composite! I did do a bit of quick editing - adjusting levels and removed some dust spots. But the airplane really was there - what luck! You could say it was pure luck, but one of my favorite photography sayings* is "luck favors the well-prepared" - if I hadn't already been out there taking a bajillion eclipse shots through the clouds, I wouldn't have gotten this one with the airplane. I also lucked out with the amount of cloud cover - just enough that I could aim my camera at the sun without a filter, but that the eclipse was still visible.


Shot with Sony a6000 and 55-210mm lens.


Tough decision how much to crop - I want people to notice the airplane, but I like the overall context of the clouds. Cropped it just a little.


*Is that actually a saying? It seems to be based on Pasteur's "fortune favors the prepared mind", which is close but not referring to photography. Same idea, though.

It was very cloudy but I managed to take 3 photos from the solar eclipse in Dublin.

The cloud-cover afforded a photo of the eclipse a short while ago. The clouds didn't clear enough here in Watertown to show the maze of crescents scattered under the many trees on our property. It was still a breathtaking sight.



shooter 3.1



Close look at 90% solar eclipse in UK

At sunrise before totality which was clouded over. Milingimbi, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

I realize there are a number of "eclipse photo's" being shared on Flickr right now. I am posting just two for my friends and followers that were not in the US or those in the US but not able to travel to an area where the eclipse could be viewed in totality (100% coverage).


This shot was taken by hand on board a boat at Lake Hartwell, GA using my 105mm lens. For those of you who have a limited lens budget as I do, it is amazing what you can capture with what you already own! Don't let anyone tell you that you need to limit your photography or your creativity simply because you have not spent $$$$'s on specialized gear. Photo was cropped in LightRoom to increase the size and adjust contrast.


Comments and constructive feedback are always appreciated!

Solar eclipse sequence over the "Idaho" side of the Grand Teton Range —as seen from Driggs, Idaho.


During totality, is almost like night —the birds stop singing, the crickets start chirping and the wind changes. The temperature dropped 22º F and dew actually reformed on the barley field in front of me!

Eclipse on 20.03.2015

around 80% covered Sun at 2.35 pm EST approx

A few clouds dance across the partial solar eclipse as seen from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


I used a 400mm/f2.8 lens with a 2x tele extender on a Nikon 7100 DX crop body for a 1200mm effective focal length. I had to keep readjusting as the sun would quickly move out of my frame with that much "power".


I am sure there are lots of solar eclipse photos being shared so I thought I join in. I'm looking forward to seeing totality in 2024 in Erie, Pa.

My attempt at a composite of the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

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