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Ruins of the medieval town Soko-grad (meaning Falcon-town) in eastern Serbia, near Sokobanja town.

Sokos Tower Hotel is a brand new landmark of Tampere. Build in October 2014 this contemporary monument was constructed on the old locomotive sheds which are changed to bars, restaurants and congress halls.

The Cikavac (JNA designation pending) is the first helicopter domestically designed by Yugoslavia, albeit with quite a bit of foreign assistance chiefly coming from Italy's AgustaWestland operational office. Very much in line with the A129 Mangusta, the Cikavac is a light attack helicopter with observational functions as well. Although the bird is fitted with a 30mm chin-mounted cannon and four hardpoints for other external munitions (not counting the two additional brackets for winglet-mounted missiles), its primary asset lies moreso with its electronics. Able to track at least a dozen independent targets at any given moment, the Cikavac's true reason for being is to provide real-time data of a given battlefield whilst maneuvering under combative pressures. This combination of bite and vigilance has earned the trust of many grunts within the JNA.


Indeed this observational role is what granted SOKO's premier domestic attack helicopter its namesake. According to legend, the Cikavac is a bird- or imp-like creature that does its master's bidding without question (e.g. direct fire support) and allows its owner to understand the animal language (e.g. tracking the movements of a bestial foe). Although the Cikavac is perhaps not as maneuverable as its Western or Eastern counterparts given SOKO's lack of experience in producing top-tier aircraft engines en masse, it nevertheless fulfills an incredibly vital function and fulfills it well enough to keep the Greek threat at bay.


Various bits and bobs have been inspired by or outright stolen from the works of Aleksander Stein, Corvin Stichert, and joop atkld. So, much love for those dudes.


Nikon D3100 IR 665nm,

converted by Spencer's Camera



At the terrace of Tornihotelli in Tampere


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Soko zove Orla, O

rao javi se

It's official. I could die happy in a stationery store.


Playing with geometrical distortions a little bit - for adding some psychedelic wave effect ...

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Musem and Organisation for tourism and sport is located at the beggining of walking area. Lots of informations you can find at site of Sokobanja.



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