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tread softy because you tread on my dreams. ~ W.B. Yeats





Hello again! i just have to post another more decent shot ...can't have that softy chickadee one from yesterday lying around as my latest image :D Can't wait for the weekend to arrive! Have a good one as well all of you! Don't party too hard! ;)






Sunrise from Kings Park lookout in Perth, Western Australia


The Shot


3 exposure shots (+2..0..-2 EV) in RAW


Tripod :: Manfrotto 055XPROB with 322RC2 head

Camera :: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens :: Canon EF 17-40mm F/4L USM




- Tonemapped generated HDR using detail enhancer option




- Added 2 layer mask effect of 'curves' for contrast in sky & foreground

- Added 2 layer mask effect of 'level' to darken the buildings & lighten the foreground

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (reds) to tone down all lightings

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'photo filter' (magenta) to enhance the sky

- Applied slight noise reduction for the sky




Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment





Painter of light

Keeper of beauty


I tread softy on

illuminated peaks

velvety plains

tender valleys


Always spiraling closer

and closer


an enchanted universe.


by Carrie Dawn


For Friday's shop update.

[Arenzano, Italy. Decembere 2009.]


Tonemapped in Photomatix Pro.

Textures from Perfect Effects 4 (Worn Brick and Big Softy)


In Explore (6 December 2013 #125)


I know that this pic is a wee bit out of focus but I've been trying to catch his ears like this for ages! And it was a joyous occasion. Zac lost this favourite blue ball in the stream and we both thought that it was gone forever. However, I learned the true meaning of the word "dogged"! He just wouldn't give up and eventually he found it in a deep pool. I had to wade in to get it because he's still nervous about putting his head under water, but the way he came bounding towards me with it - this is the pic - made it all worth while! And yes, I'm a complete softy!


KANI HT Pro+MC Softy

Varanasi (India)

For more photos and stories check my page out:

..on my way too Reykjavík after a wonderful Christmas holiday back in Húsavík with my family :)

I took like a hundred photos of the mountains and the sky on the way.


** You can see the "smoke" or "mystic" that was lying softy on the see.. If was very beautiful**

1Bligh Street Sydney, Australia

Another internal perspective but a modern style one this time. You can see the lifts going up and down. Love the curved lines.

Used my IPad again. They would not let me use my camera. Processed in PPS with sunshine glow, adjustable gradient blue (circular) and big softy 50%.

what the hell were all the reasons

for holding on for such dear life

Here's where I let go...


for MSH - Softy

A heart in mouth climb led us to this iconic room. Thanks guys for the support and help, I am such a big softy :D Visited with Mars Lander, AndyK!, Kriegaffe9, Southside assassin and Andy :)

This was taken through a wire cage so I think it came out quite well considering. you can see the details of the mouses face. I hate to see animals killed even for food, I am such a huge softy I can't watch nature programmes, I get too upset. But I had to take this shot as it's something I will probably never see again

I'd forgotten that they grow up so very fast. Although Jake was just a little 8 week old kitteh in this snap, just over a month later, he is double the size. Just glad I took the time to get some decent snaps while he was so ickle. He's still damned cute. Still melts my heart. I'm such a softy [shakes head, sighs]

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by, I really do appreciate it.


Explored January 25th 2012 # 477

Turned out the woman silhouetted here is someone who approached me once before a little over a year ago. She is actually very effective at it. She comes off pleasantly and simply starts a conversation, inquiring about what you are doing, then follows up with a brief explanation of her difficulties and a request. Her spiel was the same as a year ago, so I'm not sure I'm believing her, but I gave her a couple of bucks both times. (I know, I'm a softy.)

Thanks for the visit, comments, awards, invitations and favorites.

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission.

© All rights reserved

This is the look on my sons faces when I say it's time to go in. And I don't blame them. Around 8:30 the heat has subdued and the cool evening sets in. The skies are lit with a peach and plum glow. There is just enough light that begs one to stay outdoors. I often let my little ones play outside until the light has completely vanished and then we reluctantly go inside. Sometimes we stay out and watch the stars turn on one by one like twinkling lights across the sky, Summer evenings are my favorite part of summer. It's a time to reflect in the refreshing coolness of the evening from the feverish craze of the day. It reminds me of catching a fever when I was kid and my Mom would come and gently touch my forehead to gauge my temperature. Her hands were cool and comforting against my hot head and I could safely drift asleep. Summer evenings are the same way, a time to reflect and let the anxieties of the day softy fade away. How do you find yourself enjoying the Summer? I hope you all are well and having a great summer so far!!:)

I heard howling in the desert last night, just one voice, metres from where I slept. It came softy at first, a whimper rising to a moan. A howl that pricked the hairs on my neck and made my heart jump. There was sadness and loss in that midnight song.


The morning revealed this old girl, warming herself in the early morning sun. Just looking for a spot of company.


For more stories of my journey Down Under, check out my page or further work at

Paddy playing with his Mum and pretending to be a big bad fierce brute of an animal .. when in reality he's a big softy scaredy cat!



Guess what textures I used here? Yes! Yes! It's Shana Rae's Florabella texture collection! It is amazing how easy it can be to give a shot another view and another feelings! I just read several tips from Shana's Texture Pack and voila! Here it is, my first creature in milky, dreamy, softy style! :D



Justin Timberlake & T.I. - "Dead and gone"

Recently adopted from dogs trust, such a softy!

This is Jack the Ripper. He has molted his skin and fangs 5 times in the past 15 years. This most recent time left him looking super shiny and darker. He is a red haired tarantula and a softy :-)

the main 4 characters togheter

* Choose Alicia(Stylin' Princess Cloe) to this picture, cuz there is more them 1 year without a picture with her

And for my final image of the three day landscape challenge, I leave you with this one from Cape Kiwanda Oregon. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. A little hard to get to, but well worth it, not only for it's beauty but for the beer put right on the water. :-)

I know the trend lately is for very sharpened, colorful landscapes, but this place was softy and misty and zen to me so that is how I made this photo. Any other way just would have been wrong.

Thank you Bob for giving me the opportunity to revisit some of the wonderful places I've visited over the years.

I am now challenging Mark, Heather and Bill. I will send them personal notes in case they want to accept.

In November 2014, I was on a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Sydney. The sun set during that trip and here it is slipping beneath the clouds.


I captured the shot on my Canon 7D - 1/200, f8 and ISO 200 - exposure -2 to capture as much detail of the sun as possible.


For post processing, I tried to lighten it in LR but that had little effect before flattening out the colour.


Further processing done in onOne PPS and apart from adding a big softy, I ended up with almost the same image I started with!

~ for Macro Monday's theme "Intentional Blur"

Wow, this was a seriously challenging challenge,

I was just about to give up for this week, never did find out how to slow my camera speed down, kind of embarrassing to say that my cameras are & have always been set on 'auto mode' since i got them, a camera buff I'm not, but i do love to take pictures & have a lot of fun in the 'editing room' :)

~ Happy Macro Monday Everyone!

A friend's dog which is big, but very friendly.

on Explore

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Quando nascesti tu, sul viso spiccarono due occhi grandi, i più belli del mondo!

Quando sei triste, son tristi anche loro...

ma sono sempre più lucenti dell'oro!

Tu porti in cuore tanta dolcezza

Sii fiera di te, resta sempre te stessa...

L'amore e l'onore vincono sempre tutto,

e capirai che il mondo non è poi così brutto...

E' l'amore di madre che mi fa parlare....

parlo ai tuoi occhi, e loro stanno ad ascoltare!

Auguri piccola mia...


♪♫♥♪John Legend - Don't You Worry Bout A Thing♥♪♫

I've been back from the sea for a week now ...

We were on the little island Amrum, a magic spot with two very different "seas", one wild, the other far away and a "softy", where lots of bird swarms pass and stay for a while ...

I'm working with and sorting out lots of material I brought home:photos, clips, and flotsam.

Being having this piece of pink net for sometime for photography but nothing I tried worked out. Finally, today, I came up with something and I think I like it :).

Merc fact 32

Mercury is one of the softest dogs I've ever known. Not soft to the touch but soft in sensibility. I am forever glad he wasn't my first dog or his life would have been miserable -- and that's not because I'm a tyrant or anything!


p.s. This is Merc asking for a treat -- I did not resist his plea.

~ Joseph Addison


The evenings are getting shorter and sunset getting earlier - great on a weekend but not so good on weekdays when you are sitting at your desk watching the light fading and in a blink of an eye its dark. On a positive note, sunrise is later so maybe its time to start trying to capture that on a weekend :)

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