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wish you all the best!

Busy, I will come back asap:)

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30.oct.2010 - 644 / 78 / 356


original macro - no crop!



- or a scary Halloweennight :-)


Centaurea jacea / Wildflockenblume/ Wiesenflockenblume


Many thanks for your friendship, comments, invites and good wishes. Also thank you to those who have made me their contact.


song - Soft - Washed Out

Texture is one of my originals - Fire and Mist 19.


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Douceur matinale

This is part of my "Heart collection" leading up to Valentine's Day. This rose image was taken on a reflective surface and if you look close you will see some "extra" stem leaves. Please view large and original if you have the time.

One of my favourite places in winter and summer time. Its close to Berlin.


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Explore. September 3 2009. #483.


None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Cabo de Trafalgar (Cádiz - Andalucía)


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm + Cokin filters : 2 X121S


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An American Avocet comes in for a soft landing on a still pond.


Thanks for your views, faves and comments – they are greatly appreciated!


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Sorry it's another Gladiolus image, I promise this is the last from this bunch. lol!!


Have a lovely week ahead everyone & thank you for your visits, comments & invites. Very much appreciated :)

Thanks for all those kind comments and visits! Thank you so much!

Soft Glow, Monochrome, Long Exposure, Small waterfall cascading over the huge boulders and creating a gentle soft glow and silky smooth water after incorporating the use of ND Filters in the Exposure! Taf fechan, Talybont forest,Brecon Beacons National Park, Mid Wales, United Kingdom!

I used NinianLif's great Texture # 7 again. You'll find it


thank you very much!!!


Hain Bänderschnecke***(banded)grove snail***Cepaea nemoralis


ist weit verbreitet in lichten Wäldern, Parks, Gärten oder im Gebüsch. Die Färbung des Gehäuses kann sehr unterschiedlich ausfallen.


It is widely used in sparse forests, parks, gardens or in the bushes. The coloring of the housing may be very different


Gewöhnlicher Löwenzahn***dandelion*** Taraxacum officinale


Auf fast jeder Wiese steht er, und nur wenige wissen, daß er eine vorzügliche Heil- und Küchenpflanze ist.


He is in almost every field, and only a few know that he is an excellent medicinal and food plant

Macrolepiota spec - parasolzwam


Found this species on beechleaves in an open spot in a mixed forest.


If anyone has a name for it... shout out! :)


~ Bolsa Chica Wetlands / Taken 4-16-15

Soft light (my love doth cherish)


- Jeffrey Robin


Working on a gift for the VIP groupmembers at "It all starts a smile" be sure to come visit and join the group to help us keep the sim open!

Not too sure about this comp ... but the soft lighting on the rocks and their neat shapes was pretty at this time of the evening.

Hyams Beach | Jervis Bay | NSW | Australia


I just came back from a fantastic weekend in Jervis Bay together with a few friends. We were pretty lucky with the great weather and conditions!


Hyams beach is listed in the Guinness book of records for having the whites sand in the world.

The sand is so fine and soft it squeaks underneath your feet. Together with the calm, turquoise waters it must be one of my favourite beaches in the world.


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Canon EOS Rebel T41 18-55mm with screw on Vivitar Macro.

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