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La alegria de vivir….Una mano infantil jugando con transparentes y coloristas pompas de jabon…


The joy of life .... A child hand playing with transparent and colorful soap bubbles ...

This is a soap bubble-- freezing. Kinda epic, right?


A friend really likes blowing bubbles, and she wanted to take some pictures of bubbles freezing. How could I say no? It was really fun actually, and a great thing to do with kids.


I have a video of a soap bubble freezing on my Facebook page. It's pretty epic.

soap bubble starting to freeze , sitting on tissue

Mingun village, Myanmar.

All By Ǖм_ĶêšҺä~


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a new addition to the port sunlight river park in the rain with the lever brothers soap factory in the background, port sunlight england uk.


backlght inspired by Rob Pitt.

A beautiful day for a drive. Trees on either side of the road, sun shiny day, with very little traffic.

The icing on the cake was this beautiful sky and clouds that look like soap suds....

A few weeks ago I read an article about how surface patterns on soap bubbles are analogous to weather systems. Specifically, spirals on soap bubbles look a little like the vortices of hurricanes and tornadoes.


I'm a long way off capturing really clear and high def vortices on bubbles yet. But it's encouraging to see this spiral existing without me having to work hard to create it.


I'd love to photograph a vortex very clearly and beautifully. Hopefully I'll manage it one day. So far, I'm just one step closer.....


P.S. The image quality is not great here. Only a few pixels to play with.


And if you haven't spotted the spiral, it is..... just above the centre of the bubble. I only spotted it myself because I have been carefully looking out for these vortices. I bet I've photographed them in the past without noticing.

When the woman who helped me to make bubbles saw this photo she said some of the nicest comments I ever gotten, she said: "you are real good photographer, you took an amazing photo of a fucking soap bubble". That made me look at her as a real friend.

Spain; Cap de Creus Natural Park, Catalonia 7/5/14. Big thanks to Francisco I. Loma-Osorio López for identification. Presumably a garden escape.

It is beautiful like Soap Bubbles to have a dream...


*それぞれ ノ あかり 写真展


渋谷 Gallery LE DECO 6F

11:00~19:30 (最終日~17:00)

hand made


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Challenge - Spring Clean - You wouldn't get far with your spring clean without some of these along with an abundance of elbow grease!!

Today I had a good time with my family! :)

JPG file generated from RAW.

Feeling like a playing with soapbubbles. If you look closely you can see my reflection in the bubble.

More to come...

~ Soap Opera ~

— feeling nostalgic with Terrica Smith at Meghindo's.

Soap bubbles are physical illustrations of the complex mathematical problem of minimal surface. ((-;

Soap film. Shot at 1:1 with 100mm macro lens.

I love how you can see the reflections in soap bubbles..


Please press "L" for the lightbox, it´s a better view!

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#3 Ribbons and Bows, ANSH 60

#10 Something Smelly, 52 in 2015 Challenge


A new round of the ANSH starts today and here's my first image. Can you smell the smell of soap wafting over the www :)


All New Scavenger Hunt, Round 55: #11 Soap bubbles


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Jugando en la arena con burbújas de jabón

Settings :

Shutter speed : 1/4000


ISO 3200


Typically the kind of things/pictures that make our childhood memories awakening. This candid time when everything was a pretext for playing... // Typiquement le genre de choses/images qui fait ressortir nos souvenirs d'enfance. Cette période innocente où tout était prétexte au jeu...


Something to do on a boring day: put soap in a glass, place a pretty object in the bottom, use the light of the window, hand hold because of the awkward position, then take a lot of shots to get one sharp.


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By the way, Lightning in my previous photo was adopted, I'm happy to say.

Soap Creek, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona

Soap Macro + Close up lens x4

Coyote Hills RP, Fremont, CA

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