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No books? No problem. The only book I really need is my notebook. Of course it must be a Moleskine!


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ITP Spring Show 2007


Broadway + Waverly, 4th Fl, NYC


To Buy List

+ Palm TX Charger

+ USB Charger

+ Video iPod Extender

++ Archos

++ Epson P5000

++ Delicious iPod

+ Brian

+ Dom Ellner / Calendar

+ Modernica


Random Thought

Moleskine is as much of a cult as the mac


Random Idea

Apply Coca-Cola Branding to Pepsi, Shell to Mobil. Use Coca-Cola identity system to do Pepsi advertising



+ R / XT

+ R / LKN

+ R/ AR


To Do

+ McKinsey Quarterly subscription renewal

+ IBM document

+ MKC animation todo

+ Taschen Bookstore (Greene St between Prince and Spring)

+ Celeste / Kid Beyond

+ Chi-Square Analysis

+ HP / RE!

+ John Varvatos (Greene+Spring) Spring 2007 Collection

+ Taschen / Helmut Newton

+ Taschen sale: June, 3rd week FRI SAT SUN


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SML Notebook


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US Mobile phones are always locked so I never really had any SIM cards to play with til I moved to Hong Kong. What I find interesting is that they all comes in the form of a credit card size with information on them. The SIM card is cased in a breakout – then the micro SIM is further broken out from its larger brother. A fairly usable design. I dig it.

Notes from IIT Strategy Symposium, 2005-10-26


Opportunites for Innovation


1. Product Innovation

+ Looking at users, not their products + their tools

+ Look at markets (space, place where business takes place)

+ Focus on end-to-end experience


2. Process Innovation

+ Iterate

+ Collaborate / talk in groups

+ Don't make decisions. Delegate to experts

+ Utilize prototyping to rive decision making. Guide it.


3. Organization Innovation

+ Train organization to work with designers

+ Find people with right skills

+ Define objectives — and how they perform


How JPMorgan Chase is driving Innovation


Clear POV

+ Articulate business value

+ Clearly defined roles — what we do / how we do it

+ Skills + resources required



+ What defines good — vocabulary

+ Educate partners + leadership



+ Create shared process

+ Input / output / response

+ Invest in customer input


Build relationships with clients

+ Partnerships

+ Build persona relationships

+ Understand roles



+ View barriers as opportunities

+ Understand reality

+ Progress vs tradeoffs


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SML Flickr: SML Notebook

SML Notebook


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#Human = Best #Algorithms available to sort through my notes


I routinely scan my Moleskine and post onto Flickr. I try to tag them and transcribe them in the past but often I don't have time so I just let them be.


People are by nature nosy so they read my notes. That's all good. Good things ought to be shared. The notes I post are either super cryptic written in a way that only I understand (its called SMLSML aka Seemingly Marked-up Language) or they are in a style which is a combination of English + Math + Logic. Most of them don't directly reference any person’s private information so they are ok to be public.


Flickr’s interestingness algorithm is a function of human viewing behavior:

SML.SML: Interestingness = f(views, faves, comments, tags, time, user, network relationships);


By using Flickr’s API to sort my notes based on interestingness I can find my most interesting notes. The most interesting notes are usually the most interesting :)


/ SML.20121206.SC.Flickr.SMLNotebook.Interesting

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3d calculations used to program an earlier animation used for


CC-BY-SA 2007 See-ming Lee (Blog / Gay Blog / Photo Blog / Wiki)

interaction design notes for Panda – a super secret project. :)

Example of SML Notebook Moleskine system in action


Someone asked me how I organize my notes in my Molekine. Here is one example. When I am busy I try to do everything I can to make things work better for me. This note was taken in 2007 while working at IconNicholson / LBi International (an interactive agency in New York) while juggling five projects at the same time.


System which works for me:

1. Date in header in ISO-8601 style: YYYY-MM-DD HH:SS GMT+

2. Project abbreviations by initials

3. Human abbreviations by first name or initials

4. Color dots by importance / task / project. This changes depending on what I am working on and what need to be categorized at the time.

5. Horizontal lines for dividing sections.

6. Super sketchy drawings for recording visuals.

7. Interaction design with SML.SML.IxD.Markup

8. I usually buy the gridded version but I noticed that Moleskine often sells old diary in extreme discount so sometimes I just buy those and then hack it to suit my needs (as seen here) :)


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Example of SML Notebook Moleskine system in action / SML.20121206.SC.Flickr.SML.Notebook.2007

Example of SML Notebook Moleskine using written tags as data entry


Sometimes when I was transcribing talks it is difficult to stay in point format so I create a separate line at the bottom to define wtf I was writing about.


Most of the presentations I go to are heavy in visuals so I usually draw a visual representation of what they are referencing. This note came from a talk at the Apple Store: Interaction design need not involve computers / Jake Barton / Local Projects. Using these notes I can then “translate” them back onto a blog post written in English:


Most of the talks given by people are interesting. As I have referenced previously, I have ADHD so I don't remember a thing if I don't write it down. I doubt that humans would be able to remember a talk which they went to five years ago either but by writing notes, scanning them, tagging them and then proceed to blog about them and then tag them further, I am able to find notes which are important to me any time in the future.


The fact that I can easily find my own content to talk about it here shows that my system is functioning as they should. This is why I am writing a program to organize everything so I no longer need to use Google just to find my own content. Writing my own system would also allow me to put up data which are private as there are a lot of things which I don't post on the public web which requires organization.


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SML Notebook


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SML Notebook


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