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Ever since I was a child, cars had faces. Some look happy, some innocent, some angry or even evil or scared!

Sunrise from the Smart View Picnic Area along the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA


View from Smarts Mountain, NH

Smart Doll Automatic Version


And then there is the robotics which come with the Automatic version of Smart Doll. I've purposely chosen not to talk too much about this product right now because it will confuse people as to what is available now. We are working on the Automatic Version in parallel but on a slower pace so that we can focus on the release of the Manual Version.

But now that we have generated cash flow from sales of the Manual Version, we can start to pick up the pace.

The plan is to replace your mobile device and computer with an interactive robot that has artificial intelligence - this may not all be ready for the first version but I must make it happen before I die.


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smart over13crew 2013

smart over 13crew 2013

From an early spring walkabout in Old Montreal...I love these little Smart cars!

Street Smart this cat is called Halloween, small female cat, she lives behind a local downtown restaurant. Actually well cared for, well fed and happy she comes around front and visits occasionally, in this shot she is drinking water from the top of a commemorative plaque. Shot in North Carolina.

Those guys are wellhearted... they simply fake treasures and sometimes they also steal some - old letters and books, jewels, money, paintings, instruments, wine bottles, antiques etc...


They girl on the very left is Sachi Yoshida by Ballettgirl (GoS), she is a genious in faking paintings and jewels, but she can also handle to fake other things... the standing man behind her is Mika by Aussie (SimOasis) - he is weird from time to time but he is a gut actor, he knows how to crack codes and he knows fighting on a high level. Don't know where he learnt that... he has a girl friend in Iceland. The guy in the middle in the front is my main character and leader of this group... his covername is "Prince" (because he was originally created by vicky to be a prince) and his real name is Julian. Well, he is very self-confident and from time to time also selfish - but he is very smart as well. The thing is that he's in love with a girl who works at the police... (this girl is Emily, if anyone remembers) and he simply knows everything about everything and everybody - he fakes objects, he plays act and knows how to bluff in an excellent way - and he simply knows what he's doing ... right behind him there sits Carl Monroe by Micrasimp (Insim). He's nerd concerning technics, he's a experienced hacker and also always gets the plans of the buildings for their newest coup. He also can act very well.

And last but not least there is Milli Swan by Rubie (Insim), goodlooking, fresh, quick-witted, smart and sometimes moody. She knows how to do her job, maybe she's the best in her work. Police did never catch her. Beside that she's a great fighter. And for Julien she's like a sister.


Together they earn a lot of money.

I was inspired by watching White Collar lately. I kinda like this "undercover - everybody follows his own plans - art history" - thing.

Smart cars are so cool!! They really are the perfect size for me!

One for the Smarter group. Dedicated to daisydingletoy

Dublin, Night, Smart Phone, Available Light,

This Smart Car was spotted in Detroit's midtown, plates were from Canada. I had never seen one in person so I parked the Focus next to it for perspective.

Rear view of Smart ForTwo in Louisville KY. Taken with my iPhone.


Lotus Elise Blog

Smart Doll Guy will be based on our Culture Japan character Eiji Seiun. Still don't know what to call the doll model but some have suggested Smart Dolphin.


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My work colleague, Art from our Hollywood FL office - taken during a post-trade-show dinner & drink session at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas. Art is a fantastic, well-grounded and enlightened.


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