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.... there are smart phones, smart homes, smart cars, smart speakers, smart TVs ... and then there's you."


Sheesh, finally have a day where I feel good and they waste no time to dive bomb me with the insults.

Home theater concept render by Cinema Design Group, International.


Originally designed for Frank Depew of Chesapeake Smart Homes


All theaters designed, manufactured and installed by Cinema Design Group, Int'l (CDGi) of Boca Raton, FL


3D interior renderings by Andrew Trask. See rendering details and tutorials at


Salt Lake City, UT

Vivint Smart Home Arena is the home of the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association. It is an indoor arena and has been the home of sports teams from other leagues as well as various concerts and other non-sporting events.

Photography without poses

✨Finding the observer, comes awareness!✨

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YouTube The purpose of creating and assigning 5G networks

Previous generation mobile communication networks had the following purposes and functionality:

1G: Analog Voice Service

2G: Voice over digital network services, low speed data services (GPRS, EDGE)

3G: High-speed data services (HSPA), with the ability to transmit voice over IP, mobile Internet access MBB (Mobile Broadband).

4G: LTE, LTE-A Mobile Broadband MBB, Voice over Voice (VoLTE)

5G networks greatly expand the limited functionality of previous generation mobile networks. The main functional features of 5G networks are as follows:

EMBB Advanced Mobile Broadband (enhanced MBB)

Ultra-Low Latency Reliable Communication (ULLRC) Massive IoT / IIoT, mMTC (massive Machine Type Communication)

Based on these three generalized types of functionality, the whole variety of services and capabilities of IMT2020 (5G) networks is built, the most characteristic of which are shown in the figure below:

The variety of functional capabilities of IMT2020 / 5G networks. Source: Emerging Trends in 5G / IMT2020, 2016, ITU

Gigabytes per second. 5G networks can significantly increase the speed of data transmission through various radio access technologies (RAT), and by using the new 5G NR radio frequency spectra (New Radio). The user gets almost unlimited bandwidth, both for home use of various services, and for the purposes of enterprises (Immersive Telepresence, Industrial IoT, etc.)

Smart House. A wide range of different Internet of Things (IoT) services will be available for the Smart Home and Smart Building solutions: video surveillance, control and automation of household appliances, security systems management, content storage, climate control, etc.

Smart city. The Smart City solution is a horizontal and vertical scaling of the functionality and range of Smart Home services. Main services of Smart City: Safe City, e-Government e-Government, e-Health e-Health, e-Education e-Education, e-Banking e-banking, Smart Meters utilities electronic collection, Smart Grid smart grids, etc. .

New 4K / 8K video services: Volumetric video, ultra-high definition (UHD) screen, presence effect option.

Work in the cloud. The service makes it possible not only to store data in a cloud storage and retrieve it from there, but also to use application programs that work directly from the cloud. Moreover, with the possibility of them but also use applications that work directly from the cloud. Moreover, with the possibility of them

use on any device and from any location. In addition, it is possible to use APIs through which cloud service providers can provide their services to subscribers of a 5G network operator.

Augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR). The virtual reality service VR (Virtual Reality) immerses a person in another world, influencing his senses, especially his vision (VR glasses). Augmented Reality AR (Augmented Reality) service combines a real environment for a user with virtual objects. These services are suitable not only for entertainment, games, virtual communication in the "telepresence" mode, but can also significantly improve the learning process, when students using VR glasses can, for example, visually see the internal structure of a person at a lecture on anatomy, a master in the workshop can study the assembly order of a complex unit, etc.

Industrial Automation. The 5G network, coupled with the technology of the Internet of things IoT, with the help of industrial sensors IIoT (Industrial Internet of things), as well as with the help of artificial intelligence, AI (AI, Artificial Intelligence) can significantly increase the degree of automation of production. At the same time, it becomes possible in real time to analyze large volumes of heterogeneous data (Big Data) both based on the findings (insights) and using machine and deep learning (Machine learning, Deep learning).

Business Critical Applications These applications may include, for example, electronic medicine (e-Health), emergency communications (Mission Critical Communication), tactile Internet (Tactile Internet) and others.

Unmanned vehicles (Driverless Vehicles). Unmanned transport can act as part of the Smart City service, however, it can be provided on its own platform. It includes not only unmanned vehicles (driverless cars), but also unmanned tractors for “smart agriculture” (Smart Agriculture), unmanned trains for the metro and suburban railways, drones and other types of public and special transport. In addition, on the 5G platform, the implementation of ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) driver assistance systems is possible.

It should be emphasized that the figure above shows only some of the services and solutions of the 5G platform. Unlike the networks of previous generations, the range of services of which was strictly limited and somewhat expanded in 4G, the services of the 5G platform are synergistic and scalable, and are not limited to once defined functionality. In fact, 5G plays the role of a platform for the development of new services and DevOps applications, when new functions are created by developers (Development) in close coordination with the teams who are responsible for their implementation and operation (Operation).

In general, we can say that the 5G network incorporates not only mobile, but also fixed communication services, as well as high-speed Internet access with low latency and, in addition, specialized and corporate networks for vertical industries.

5G / IMT2020 platform versatility

Due to the fifth generation networks, it will also be possible to improve the quality of the use of existing services where large volumes of traffic are involved.


Theodore Sizer, vice president of wireless technology at Bell Labs, noted that there will be a wide variety of devices running on 5G networks. Smartphones and tablets will not go anywhere, but besides them, a whole “zoo” of various devices will appear on the network, including CCTV cameras, weather sensors, sensors of “smart” electric networks, “smart” houses and cars.

Ericsson said that 5G will usher in the long-term development of the Networked Society:

South Korean operator SK Telecom, one of the first companies to demonstrate 5G technology in action, at the initial stage of deployment of new generation networks focuses on ordinary users as the main consumers of services, company representatives told TAdviser in February 2016. Thanks to 5G, users can watch 3D-TV without glasses, download in seconds or watch UltraHD video online at high speed.

It will also be possible to use virtual and augmented reality applications at a new level, according to SK Telecom. For example, include elements of augmented reality in the educational process, creating virtual museums and models of the universe in the classrooms.

In the projects of “smart cities” 5G will allow real-time transmission of information from a much larger number of sensors at various objects. Qualcomm's senior director of product management for mobile technology, Sanjeev Athalye, notes that it will be possible to deploy a thousand sensors instead of a hundred, for servicing which there will be a sufficiently smaller number of base stations than with existing networks. These can be, for example, sensors for monitoring the state of housing and communal services objects, sensors for “smart lighting” or sound sensors installed for safety and order in the city. In the latter case, the sensors can detect suspicious or too loud sounds, and this information will be automatically transmitted to law enforcement.

New services using 5G can also be implemented in medicine. For example, to organize remote monitoring of patients. The doctor will be able to quickly receive information from special sensors and monitor the condition of patients around the clock.

Thanks to its very low latency, 5G will also open up more possibilities for remote operations using the robot. Such a service is especially relevant for small settlements where there are no surgeons in the field: controlling the manipulations of the robot, the operation can be performed by a specialist located in a completely different place. Due to 5G, such a service can be deployed in wireless networks.

The low data latency that next-generation networks can provide is also important for the deployment of smart power networks. Using sensors will allow you to instantly detect damage on the power line and block the spread of the consequences of damage further along the line. Thus, damage will affect fewer consumers of electricity.

In large manufacturing companies, in retail, logistics, 5G will make it possible to use more industrial robots that perform various functions instead of people and drones. The latter are already used in some industries, but are most often managed using Wi-Fi networks. 5G will allow you to cover a greater distance than Wi-Fi networks, and due to the low latency - increase the stability of such systems. For example, Amazon has a project to deploy a system for delivering goods using drones.


An example of services for which 5G will have an advantage is urban surveillance systems. 5G will help simplify their deployment and use. Now traffic from thousands of cameras in cities is mainly transmitted via fixed networks. To deploy such an infrastructure is not an easy task, since it is necessary to lay many wires. With 5G, you can receive terabytes of high-quality video

permissions without the use of wires.

Another example is a vehicle monitoring service in companies. Qualcomm’s Sanjeev Atali believes that with the advent of a new generation of networks, operators who provide such a service will be able to reduce its cost. This will be possible due to the fact that the cost of one 5G base station will be lower than the cost of stations for existing networks, and also due to the fact that one base station can simultaneously serve more devices, respectively, less base stations will be required for the service.

Volkswagen unveils a new concept car called "budd-e" alongside "e-golf touch" at CES 2015. Chelsea theater, Comsmopolitan hotel, Las Vegas.



Jan 5, 2016


New Concept showcases new MEB electric platform and offers a glimpse of next-generation connectivity and infotainment concepts


First VW based on the new Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB)

Features 101 kWh battery that enables up to 373** miles of pure electric range

New interfaces signal next-generation display and ergonomic concepts

BUDD-e becomes integral part in the Internet of Things and links Smart Home and Smart Car technology

Gesture control 2.0 enables intuitive operation of interior and exterior features

Bold design captures brand’s heritage while providing a hint at future design direction

✅ Marco Verch is a Professional Photographer and Speaker from Cologne. 👆 This image can be used under Creative Commons 2.0. Please link to the original photo and the license.



Wolves under attack:


“The holiday season is supposed to be about peace, joy, and compassion for all living beings, but before leaving the capital for the holidays on Friday, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced legislation to remove federal protections for gray wolves across the continental United States.”


“A nationwide delisting for wolves would reverse the incredible progress that the Endangered Species Act has achieved for this species over the past few decades and once again put the gray wolf at risk.”


“If this legislation passes, more gray wolves will die at the hands of trophy hunters.”




“Through Snow and Rain, Tree Sitters Continue to Fight a Gas Pipeline”


“The protests, intended to slow down the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia, are now in their second year.”




“From the Tongass to the Amazon, we thought a lot about our precious forests this year. We must preserve them to protect our climate and the wildlife that lives between the trees.”


“Amazon deforestation accelerating towards unrecoverable 'tipping point'”




Lisa Murkowski needs to be charged with Environmental War Crimes:

“Forest Service moves to open "America’s Amazon" to loggers”


“Loggers want to raze trees more than 1,000 years old.”




“Amazon Facing Criticism over Data Breach with Ring Home Security System”


“Amazon is facing criticism over its home security camera and “smart home” product called Ring, after a data leak exposed the personal information of over 3,000 users. The data breach follows criticism over Ring’s cooperation with more than 400 police departments.”




“Don’t Mention the War”




“There will be children going hungry this holiday season thanks to Trump cutting food stamps for 700k. We will be paying the bill for his extended stay at Mar-a-Lago and his kids Secret Service protection while they take ski vacations in Aspen.”




“San Antonio Finds the Key to Flood Control in Its Gardens”




“Men Save Reindeer Trapped In Thick Mud From Almost Certain Death”




“No one owns the water. No one owns the lands. No one owns the oceans. No one owns the sands. These are given by our mother. The planet provides for free. Only by hands of the greedy. Does the Earth require a fee.”




“Trump Actually Asks Why House Is 'Allowed' To Impeach The President”




“Community-Led Efforts to Ban Glyphosate in Public Spaces Pick up Speed”


“Buoyed by scientific and public concern, hundreds of communities around the country are banning the use of glyphosate and working toward organic lawn management. Non Toxic Communities”




“The naked lie that Republicans are the party of ‘fiscally responsibility’ has been completely demolished"




Hon. Paul V. Malloy:


“Wisconsin threw hundreds of thousands off the voter rolls, endangering democracy”


Madison and Milwaukee were targeted.




“White-Collar Populism”


“On the politics of professional-class anxiety.”




“Toxic Avenger: Did EPA Appointee Do Industry Employer’s Bidding?”


“The federal ethics system is supposed to prevent political appointees like David Dunlap from serving the interests of former employers—who helped quash a government study into a toxic chemical making big money for Koch Industries.”


“We explained this past May why this system is not unfortunately not working. #POGOLooksBack”




“Here Are the Corporate Elites Hosting Biden’s Manhattan Fundraisers”






“'Trump is winding up tensions again with Pyongyang for two reasons. It gives Washington greater leverage to extort money from South Korea for US troop presence and tensions can be used as cover for increasing regional forces aimed at China.” ... #NorthKorea




“Biblical Basis for War”


'WHERE DO REPUBLICANS FIND THESE BIGOTED JERKS?! According to the Times, the legislator distributed a document called the “Biblical Basis for War” in which he says that everyone who supports women's choice rights and same sex marriage must “surrender.” “If they do not yield,” he wrote, “kill all males.”. Similar to a recent judicial appointment in WI


“A GOP legislator in Washington called for a 51st state led by a military Christian government”




“Coffee, Avocados, Chocolate and Other Foods Climate Change Could Take Off The Menu”


“'If we don't change how we farm and eat, the climate crisis will.”




“Paris Agreement targets need to be 5 times stronger to actually work”


“The worse news is that many of the world’s biggest emitters aren’t even on track to meet their Paris accord pledges.”




“Fast Fashion May Be Cheap, But It Comes at a Cost”


“Poverty wages and toxic chemicals undergird low prices.”




There is profit to be had in chaos, destruction, and war. For politicians the riches of war profiteering come in the form of political contributions and votes from the defense industry and their workers:


“America is making the world more unstable”


'"The country is now a known unknown, increasing the risk of crises from the Middle East to East Asia to Central America, a new survey suggests."




“The Impact of Climate Change on Cities”


“Some of the world’s biggest cities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis.”




“While nobody was looking Corporations stole more from their workers than thieves stole period.”




“Please sign the petition to Ban Neonicotinoids insecticides in Australia.”




“Here’s how China became the world’s No. 2 economy and how it plans on being No. 1”




After Trump America will never achieve global domination of technological innovation:


“China nears completion of its GPS competitor, increasing the potential for internet Balkanization”




“More Climate Lawsuits Could Spur Federal Legislation and a Just Transition”




“Oil Companies Were Not Held Accountable for 10.8 Million Gallons of Oil Spilled in Gulf of Mexico”




“Regenerative stormwater conveyance (RSC) system.”




“Trump’s EPA Backs Bayer’s Appeal in Roundup Verdict Appeal”




“Mormon Church stockpiled $100 billion intended charities and mislead LDS members, Whistleblower says”




“Immense amounts of invisible methane leaks are escaping from oil & gas sites nationwide, worsening global warming, while the Trump admin weakens restrictions on offenders.”


“The clock is ticking. We need to #CutMethane.”


“It’s a vast, invisible climate menace. We made it visible.”




“Can Arizona move past its crippling inaction on groundwater? Yes. Here's how”




“Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts Will Be Devastating to Trump Country”




“What are we to take from the news that not only has the theoretical "president" of the nation has told well over 15,000 documentable public lies since his inauguration, but told more lies during this past year than the previous two years combined?”


“If there are no penalties for misleading the public, the public will always be misled”




“True Religious Faith demands an unwavering rebuke of Trumpism”




Jr. traveled with Pence to Russia, where he had a special meeting of unknown content with at least one high ranking Russian official. So, Jr's laundering Russian campaign contributions for Republicans. T/F? Also, yes epitomizes Hitler but both Trump and the Rev. James “Cool aid” Jones refer to themselves and are referred to by others as God like.


“In Spirit Of Christian Charity, Falwell Jr Predicts Dems Will Be Nuked In 2020”


“Peace on earth, goodwill toward all men, as long as they're white, middle-aged conservatives who bow to god Trump.”




“Russian Youth Climate Activist Arshak Makichyan Freed from Jail”



“Going 100% Green will pay for itself in seven years, study finds”




“'Just About Cruelty': Sanders and Tlaib Rip Trump 'Holiday Menu' of Gifts for the Rich and Nutrition Cuts for the Poor”


"Two years after passing a $1.5 trillion tax giveaway to the wealthiest Americans and large corporations, the Trump administration plans to strip 3.7 million people of their nutrition benefits."”





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✅ Marco Verch is a Professional Photographer and Speaker from Cologne. 👆 This image can be used under Creative Commons 2.0. Please link to the original photo and the license.

Volkswagen unveils a new concept car called "budd-e" alongside "e-golf touch" at CES 2015. Chelsea theater, Comsmopolitan hotel, Las Vegas.



Jan 5, 2016


New Concept showcases new MEB electric platform and offers a glimpse of next-generation connectivity and infotainment concepts


First VW based on the new Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB)

Features 101 kWh battery that enables up to 373** miles of pure electric range

New interfaces signal next-generation display and ergonomic concepts

BUDD-e becomes integral part in the Internet of Things and links Smart Home and Smart Car technology

Gesture control 2.0 enables intuitive operation of interior and exterior features

Bold design captures brand’s heritage while providing a hint at future design direction

Alternating bands of light and shadow on the steps of the arena in Salt Lake City.

Essa maquininha eu pedi pra Alice (Blythes in Wonderland) mandar pra mim lá do Rio pq eu não estava encontrando em nenhum lugar.


meninaaaa..valeu a espera, muito obrigada mesmo :D

Volkswagen unveils a new concept car called "budd-e" alongside "e-golf touch" at CES 2015. Chelsea theater, Comsmopolitan hotel, Las Vegas.



Jan 5, 2016


New Concept showcases new MEB electric platform and offers a glimpse of next-generation connectivity and infotainment concepts


First VW based on the new Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB)

Features 101 kWh battery that enables up to 373** miles of pure electric range

New interfaces signal next-generation display and ergonomic concepts

BUDD-e becomes integral part in the Internet of Things and links Smart Home and Smart Car technology

Gesture control 2.0 enables intuitive operation of interior and exterior features

Bold design captures brand’s heritage while providing a hint at future design direction


The last few years have seen a revolution in design and architecture—from smart home technology and the rise of “tiny houses” to green urban planning and the use of recycled materials. As our living and workspaces have changed, the field of architecture photography—established by legendary artists like Lucien Hervé and Julius Schulman in the 19th century—has evolved as well.


These days, architecture photographers are pushing the boundaries in creative and unexpected ways. Whether they’re capturing urban density by drone or honing in on the abstract, formal details of well-known buildings, they reveal to us the nuances of our cities and towns—their rich histories and their unfathomable futures.


Here’s everything you need to know about entering this dynamic genre.


What is architectural photography?


Architectural photography focuses on existing buildings and structures. This can include structures like bridges and fountains, or even entire cityscapes.


Look for elements of design in the man-made structures around you. Once you understand how to look, you’ll begin to see different compositional elements everywhere, such as leading lines, symmetry, texture, and repetition. In your architecture photography, you’ll capture these existing elements in creative ways to show them in a new and interesting light.


What gear will I need?


As with any genre of photography, you can get reasonably good results with a run-of-the-mill camera and your own creativity. For extraordinary shots, however, you may need to go a little further. In addition to your camera, you may consider purchasing the following:


–A hot-shoe bubble level

This will help ensure that your camera is completely level in the field, cutting down on your post-processing time.

–A tripod and remote shutter release

Particularly when shooting at night, you’ll need to keep your camera completely still for long periods of time.

–A graduated neutral density (ND) filter

This will help control interiors with a lot of bright window light.

–A tilt-shift lens

More on this in a moment.


1. Finding the right camera for architectural photography

You’ll also need the right camera, of course. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry much about speed in architecture photography, but rather the ability to customize your field of view with a variety of lenses. So, look first and foremost for a DSLR, or mirrorless, that will give you the ability to use interchangeable lenses.


If you’re shooting with a smartphone, you aren’t necessarily doomed to mediocre results; you just may have to work harder in post-processing and pay special attention to the extra options in your phone camera. You may also be at a disadvantage because people tend to take a big camera more seriously and show more consideration. If it looks like you’re taking a selfie, people have no problem walking in front of you.


2. Choosing architectural photography lenses

The best lens depends on the situation. If you are shooting from an odd angle, a tilt-shift lens can help you manage the perspective in your image without physically relocating the camera. A prime lens will help with sharpness, but you’ll need to zoom with your feet. A zoom lens will give you flexibility, which is helpful in public locations where you can’t guarantee a vantage point ahead of time, but you may have to sacrifice some sharpness. It’s up to you to determine the lens features that are the highest priority.


Six steps to capturing stunning architecture shots


There are several contributing factors to a great architectural shot: timing, place, and the different elements around the structure you’re planning to photograph. The next six steps are a checklist you can follow as you plan your first architectural photoshoot.


1. Find your location

The most important element of architecture photography is getting a vantage point that will do your subject justice. You’ll need to take accessibility into account when you’re scouting. For an exceptionally tall building, look for distance. For a popular location that’s likely to be crowded, brainstorm how you’ll get above the crowd.


2. Learn about the structure you choose

Looks aren’t everything, even in photography. Some of the structures you will want to shoot may have a special history or significance. If you’re shooting a landmark that may carry a meaning you aren’t aware of (for example, a statue or monument), research it. You may be able to incorporate that bit of personality into your image.


3. Use a tripod to maintain sharpness

With architecture photography, you may not have the ability to use artificial lighting to the same extent you normally would. This means you may use a lot of long shutter speeds in your shooting, so you need your camera to stay as still as possible. A tripod will also help keep your camera in the same spot in case you need to take multiple exposures to composite in post-processing later on.


4. Mix up your timing

Different times of the day will give you a different view, even if you’re shooting from the exact same spot. Buildings with a lot of windows may have glare at a particular time of day, or a historical monument may be too crowded to photograph properly during peak hours. Experiment with your timing to see what works and what doesn’t.


In terms of light, The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a great planning tool that offers baseline knowledge of how light may behave at your location, even if your first time there is the day of your shoot.


5. Find different angles

Don’t get caught up trying to fit the entire structure into your frame. A perfectly-centered photograph is compositionally predictable, anyway. If you prefer a centered subject, however, look for man-made or natural structures and items to frame your shot. Archways, branches, and window housings are all interesting candidates for a frame-within-a-frame.


You can get even more interesting angles with a drone if you have access to one. An entire world of bird’s-eye photography will suddenly open up, or you may simply be able to get your camera into a place you might otherwise not have been able to reach.


6. Include bystanders

People are useful in architecture photos for demonstrating scale. A giant skyscraper looks ten times larger when you see a grown man looking minuscule next to it. You can also use people to clarify the purpose of the architecture, highlight details, or convey a mood through body language. Children climbing on the structure, or people sitting in odd places around the building can add an air of whimsy, as well.


Unique challenges in architecture photography


Although you sidestep the challenges of high-speed shooting in this particular genre, there are a few factors to plan around, like distortion and low lighting. Here are a few go-to solutions:


1. Manage tricky lighting with HDR

You probably won’t be able to light most exteriors yourself, so you’ll be relying heavily on available light. An HDR helps you stack your exposures to get the best version of your highlights, mid-tones, and shadows in the same shot. You simply take a series of identical frames, slightly increasing or decreasing one element of exposure each time. Then you combine the images in post-processing to get a balanced image.


2. Defeat distortion with lens profiles

Architecture photos are particularly prone to distortion, but that’s a quick and easy fix thanks to digital photography. Most lenses have known tendencies, which will register in Photoshop or Lightroom through the image metadata. You can easily go into the lens correction options in your software of choice and accommodate those tendencies.


If you’re using a third-party lens that isn’t supported, or a software that doesn’t recognize it, you can still probably use the transform settings to skew, warp, or distort the image manually.


3. Remove unnecessary people from your photo

Although there are many reasons to include people in your architecture photography, there are an equal number of reasons you may not want them. You can choose not to include them in the first place by waiting until the shot is clear or using a long exposure so that they don’t show in the final image.


If you prefer to deal with the problem in post-processing, take multiple shots at the same angle, layer them in Photoshop, and composite them using layer masks. Alternatively, you can create a new, empty layer and set your cloning tool to sample all layers, then clone (or heal) the person out of your photo.


4. Know when it’s okay to use Photoshop

Know what level of post-processing is acceptable. If you’re working for a client, get their input on what elements can stay and what can go. For real estate photography, accuracy is important. For a stock photo, you can use a little creative license to get a better composition. Again, this is important if your structure has cultural or sentimental significance. You could risk offending a lot of people by trying to “pretty up” a structure that they care deeply about just as it is.


5. Use post-processing to perfect your light balancing

We already explored how you may have less control over your lighting with architectural photography. You can offset this with some quick light-balancing adjustments in your editing software. Brighten your shadows, but darken your blacks to increase detail without adding muddy dark areas. Then, darken your highlights and brighten your whites ever so slightly to do the same with your brightness.


Taking your Architecture Photography a Step Further


Do you enjoy architectural photography enough to pursue a career in it?


Look for online classes you can start taking now (Skillshare and CreativeLive are both great, reliable resources). This is the only way to truly learn the things you may not even know that you don’t know. It’s also a good way to begin building your portfolio. Clients will want to see examples of your work, so it’s a good idea to start doing practice shoots and putting your best shots in a portfolio.


Don’t neglect the business side of your education. You’ll need to learn about contracts, the right time to use a property (or model) release, and how to track your finances as an entrepreneur.


Now you’re ready to go out and tackle your first architecture photography shoot. The only thing left to do is gather the right equipment, find your location, and start building a portfolio that will impress future clients (or your friends on social media). Either way, you’re well on your way to mastering a new technique and becoming an even stronger photographer.


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✅ Marco Verch is a Professional Photographer and Speaker from Cologne. 👆 This image can be used under Creative Commons 2.0. Please link to the original photo and the license.

Wednesday,July,2018 : Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Soul2Soul Tour at Vivint Smart Home Arena. Jeff Swinger/SwingmanPhoto

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Cragside is a country house near the town of Rothbury in Northumberland, England. It was the first house in the world to be lit using hydroelectric power. Built into a rocky hillside above a forest garden of just under 1,000 acres, it was the country home of armaments manufacturer, Lord Armstrong, and has been in the care of the National Trust since 1977. The property was opened to the public in 1979.


Cragside, named after Cragend Hill above the house, was built in 1863 as a modest two-storey country lodge, but was subsequently extended to designs by Richard Norman Shaw, transforming it into an elaborate mansion in the Free Tudor style. At one point, the building included an astronomical observatory and a scientific laboratory. The Grade I listed house is surrounded by one of Europe's largest rock gardens, a large number of rhododendrons and a large collection of mostly coniferous trees. One variety of rhododendron is named after Lady Armstrong.


Lord Armstrong spent much of his time as a child in Rothbury to get away from industrial Newcastle to alleviate his ill health. He returned to Rothbury after not having a holiday for many years and decided to build a modest house on the side of a moorland crag. The original house was completed in 1863 by an unknown architect but was transformed by architect Richard Norman Shaw between 1869 and 1884 into an imposing mansion. Cragside is an example of his English Gothic style. The interiors are of national importance for its collection of furnishings, furniture (much designed especially for Cragside), and fine and decorative arts, including work by many other outstanding designers of the age, such as John Hancock and Albany Hancock and William Morris.


In 2007, Cragside reopened after undergoing "total refurbishment."


In 1868, a hydraulic engine was installed, with water being used to power labour-saving machines such as laundry equipment, a rotisserie and a hydraulic lift. Armstrong was inspired by a watermill on the Dee in Dentdale, and in 1870, water from one of the estate's lakes was used to drive a Siemens dynamo in what was the world's first hydroelectric power station. The resultant electricity was used to power an arc lamp installed in the Gallery in 1878. The arc lamp was replaced in 1880 by Joseph Swan's incandescent lamps in what Swan considered 'the first proper installation' of electric lighting.


The generators, which also provided power for the farm buildings on the estate, were constantly extended and improved to match the increasing electrical demand in the house. The 2006 regeneration project included extensive rewiring.


A new screw turbine was installed in 2014; it can provide 12 kW, supplying around 10% of the property's electricity consumption. The new system uses an Archimedes' screw 17 metres (56 ft) long.


The use of electricity in many of the houses gadgets and internal systems has also led it to be described by some as a smart home as it was the first private residence to use incandescent lighting, a dish washer, a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine. One of Armstrong's stated aims of both using and funding these new automation technologies was to "emancipate the world from household drudgery", as shown on a plaque at Bamburgh Castle, his other residence.


The forthcoming Benedict Cumberbatch film “The Current War” was filmed partly at Cragside - the film tells the story of electricity pioneers Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.

Do you know where your cables go?


Fully wired homes: could the high-tech home of the future be closer than we think?


Smart technology can be incorporated into new homes as they are being constructed (only "parking" the HDMI Smart Cables inside the wall makes cables disappear) and makes a "wired and minimalist" lifestyle available. You can literally hang HDTVs on the wall like pictures. This kind of - present use and future proof - homes includes the last minute technology and modern furniture and simple decorations complete this clean look.


Controlling all your devices - Blu-ray disc player / HDD recorder digital multimedia receiver / HDD recorder with digital TV tuner / Internet@TV - that are OUT OF SIGHT.


All equipment in an enclosed MULTI MEDIA CONTROL CENTRE with dOt sliding doors (designed by Dutch architect Huib van Wijk) but to operate with ONE REMOTE CONTROL:


- Philips 9000 series 3D LED TV. All sound and vision systems are available by using the infotainment on 46" flat screens.


- Samsung BD-C8500 - HDD Combo. It combines two of the hottest home entertainment technologies – Freeview HD and Blu-ray – in a single stylish unit, without compromising on picture quality in either department. We’re also big fans of the feature list, which includes modern must-haves like DLNA networking and Internet access, plus the operating system is top-notch.


- Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station Wifi Router. As with most Apple products - it looks great and it just works. Great range and highly configurable (even allows you to plug in a USB hard drive).


In other words, far from being toys for the boys, smart-home technology makes all our lives more beautiful.

I was invited to spend two days at Europe’s most comprehensive IoT Event. This leading forum focused on case studies that show today’s Industry and Enterprises leveraging IoT technologies to transform their business through creating value and efficiencies.


The Internet of things (stylised Internet of Things or IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.


"Things," in the IoT sense, can refer to a wide variety of devices such as heart monitoring implants, biochip transponders on farm animals, electric clams in coastal waters,[16] automobiles with built-in sensors, DNA analysis devices for environmental/food/pathogen monitoring or field operation devices that assist firefighters in search and rescue operations.[18] Legal scholars suggest to look at "Things" as an "inextricable mixture of hardware, software, data and service". These devices collect useful data with the help of various existing technologies and then autonomously flow the data between other devices. Current market examples include home automation (also known as smart home devices) such as the control and automation of lighting, heating (like smart thermostat), ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and appliances such as washer/dryers, robotic vacuums, air purifiers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers that use Wi-Fi for remote monitoring.

From Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The trees were flocked with snow as I walked past the arena the other day. I've always liked this effect in photographs. When I looked at the John Stockton and Karl Malone statuary on the plaza nearby I realized it was a shot that may almost certainly be worth an attempt. Please take a closer look at this one if you get a chance. The finer details are really where this photo shows its best and true character...


Happy New Year!!!

Electric has literally connected the community.



Received from the fabulous Fabi aka Teka e Fabi!! :D Isn't it just adorable? You wind it up and it makes like it is sewing hehe.

This photograph is copyrighted and may not be used anywhere, including blogs, without my express permission.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA with color ultron 1,8 50mm

The Loop:

Clothes rental website where owners can list their own clothes and get paid for rental. Consumers can find rentals from multiple stores and private owners at once. We help generate a passive income for those registering with the loop. We will also reduce the environmental footprints of clothing manufacturers.


Southside Brewery:

Craft brewery located in South Texas producing craft IPA's using organic and local ingredients. We offer beer flights in our in house bar paired with food prepared by our Chef.



Smart home consulting services. We assess your living situation, automation goals, current technology, and home environment and provide a list of product recommendations to meet your needs. We then help with product installation and setup to make sure your whole environment is integrated and working for you. Our specialty is home automation for increased independence on people with disabilities.



Condiment brand bringing unique homemade sauces to home kitchens. We specialize in versatile condiments that can be used in a variety of ways to elevate home cooking.

A nice long exposure showcasing the LED smart strip I added to the television

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In Chicago at the opening of the new prefab(ulous) house by Michelle Kaufmann Designs, the MK Solaire. It's the latest from the "Henry Ford of green design". Very impressive display of style and substance.

"Don't you paint with food, Curd!", Grandma said.

But the Home Secretary, monitoring the scene through smart home technology said: "Shut the fuck up, Granny, it's my time to bunny hop!"

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August 11, 2016 Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas concert at Vivint Smart Home Arena

The concept of smart homes is not new but now a days technology has become so cheap that you can make you home a smart home in less then $500. which can include turning on and off your lights, AC and other appliances using your smart phone or internet anywhere in the world. can also include remote video monitoring, motion sensors and what not.

now you can have an idea that what projects i am working on now a days. but guess what i still have not found a smart sensor which can alert me about sunset like this one. any ideas are welcome :)


my photos are available at


NOTE: All images are Copyrighted by Asad Gilani. No rights to use are given or implied to the viewer. All rights of ownership and use remain with the copyright own.

My first commission for the Smart Home display at Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry.

"Don't you paint with food, Curd!", Grandma said.

But the Home Secretary, monitoring the scene through smart home technology said: "Shut the fuck up, Granny, it's my time to burp!"

The Smart Home is a real, three-story modular and sustainable “green” home designed by Michelle Kaufman and installed on Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry's campus as a temporary exhibit. From the Museum's website: "Celebrating exciting new directions in sustainable living and spectacular, environmentally-friendly technology, Smart Home offers guests guided tours of the 2,500 square-foot home and grounds, located in a park on the east side of the Museum. Bring your family to discover the latest innovations in reusable resources; smart energy consumption; sustainable gardens and green roofs; and clean, healthy-living environments in a contemporary setting." ...landscaping installation by Christy Webber Landscapes!

This breathtaking Gentleman's Farm is privately situated on 115 picturesque acres only minutes from downtown Farmville, 45mins from Lynchburg and 1hr from both Richmond and Charlottesville. The grounds offer endless outdoor activities, and the newly-constructed Smart Home features 7,000sf with 5+ bedrooms, 5.5 baths and a spacious eat-in kitchen.


Auction by Concierge Auctions & Sheeran Sotheby's International Realty


For more details:



Looking for a complete smart home devices guide step by step? Want to collect the ideas and information through smart home devices but doesn’t find any useful website? Don’t worry you are in the right place where you can learn everything and can it will surely help you with new ideas.




A smart device is an auto electronic device, mostly affiliated to more devices or networks along various wireless concords such as NFC, 3G, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, LiFi, etc., this can perform to some range indicatively and freely. Several important; types of smart devices are smart phones, intelligent speakers, smart cars, smart key chains, smart locks, smart watches, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, smart refrigerators and tablets, smart watches, smart bands, and others.


The idiom can also mention a device such viewing; some equity of universal computing, including even though not inevitably artificial understand.


These smart devices can be created to help a diversity of form aspect, a range of fortune about global computing and to be used in three central system environments: the human-centered, physical world, distributed computing atmosphere, and climate.




Still, it is hard to affix a closed lay of properties that construe all pervasive computing devices as of the sheer range and variation of ubiquitous figure out applications and research. Preferably than to suggest a single definition for pervasive computing, a glossary of properties for the all-over measure has been proposed, from that different kinds or flavors of ever-present systems and appliance can be calm and define.




It’s intact to claim that house computerization has finally appeared. Following years of lucid dreaming about it, in view is now an extensive variety of device that can command everything from room temperature and lights to window shades and door locks with the push of a button, faucet on a screen, or sound command.


Alongside from design a smart home, those devices make excellent gifts this vacation season. So after more ado, review out our grated list of a few of the terrific, smart home device that you may buy on Indorama current.


Whether you’re expecting to set up an entity as necessary as a smart speaker in your living area or make a network of linked devices, that smart house brand can comfort you to begin. But as equipment transmission is key to outstanding home computerization, it’s reasonable only to pick the smart gadget that is agreeable with one addition.




To bring an excelling idea of how smart switches work and either or not you get one, let’s review at the features and benefits that those switches support. Note that more smart devices like smart bulbs still give similar facility, but smart switches likely to be the most effective -cost quick fix if you’re earlier happy with your bulbs.




Smart switches frequently come with their owned app smart device, based on the quality. You may download this app and avail it to command the connected light from any mobile device.


That means you off limits technically have to use the switch at all, much as it’s still nearby to have. For instance, if you’re on holiday, you keep turn on your light at the house so that peeps believe; someone’s home.




Dimming does count on the bulbs you are managing, while not all bulbs support dimming, exclusively CFL bulbs. Anyhow, if your lights are suitable, most smart switches support dimming alternative to control brilliance until you find the plain you want.


You do not want to have a dimmer set up on the real switch on the divider. Leading versions can update alteration brightness settings automatically all over the day, so you achieve lighter as it evolves darker alien.




You can command both smart switches and smart bulbs incidentally, but you can also link them composed in an interesting method. Schedule a smart switch turn on to bright bulbs over your home, and it will control these bulbs as well lights.




Top smart switch apps more allow you to make schedules for your illumination. It is a more and more common way of preserving energy and given some extra availability around the house:


You can plan lights to get up as you are heading home from work, for the situation, or set a holiday program that exclusive keeps a duo lights on at night for security.




Neither all smart switches get sensors, but profuse do. The two most average is the action sensor, which can catch movement and turn on lights axiomatically (common in business buildings for power savings), and the touch sensor what’s usage as a recent action of turning the light on and manage the dimmer.


Still, if your house has specifically old switches, or if it should be modernized with switches that do not involve noncommittal wires; you cannot be capable of using smart switches. In this case, it’s excelling at sticking with smart bulbs alternatively, that only need the first socket to screw into.




Nowadays in its second production, the Amazon Echo residue at the topmost of every archive of the perfect house devices. For those who get never heard of it, it’s mostly a Bluetooth speaker this can also understand to voice directive via Amazon’s famous voice aide, Alexa.




The Echo may connect to free other home smart devices via Alexa precisely (containing its shorter versions like the Echo Dot), creating it an extreme starter production for all who desire to form an automatic home. Either you can stick along it for a while and adore how it can questions answer, set alarms as you, make calls, remember and modernize your grocery list, or easily fill your space with degree 360 audio after leaving your couch.




Far-Range Voice Command Technology Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity Erected -In Amazon Voice Alexa Service (1/8”) 3.5mm Audio Output/Input One 3″ Woofer, Connector One 1.32″ Tweeter Band –Dual Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity Agreeable with Android, Fire OS, & IOS via Alexa.




The Amazon Cam Cloud is an inexpensive safety camera that catching live feeds video at 1080p full HD resolution. It can freely be connected in any place of the home to bring original -time motion information and offers freebie incessant clip storage that makes it an attractive than smarter house security devices and video cameras.




If you already become a subscriber to Amazon Cloud, that small Cloud Cam can ensue set to oversee definitive motion zones and collect person alerts. It flat comes in white, and among its stand, so you may wisely place it in betwixt bookshelves and alternative parts of the home. A trustworthy and very easy to use device suchlike as that would undoubtedly create an excellent giveaway for a beloved one this year.




Full HD 1080p Video at 120° 30fps Angled Field of Vision One Eight IR LEDs & RGB & Built-In Speaker Ambient & Microphone & Light Sensor BTLE & Wi-Fi


Connectedness Micro USB Storage for Power with Adaptable Android via Cloud CamApp and iOS




An additional, cooling smart house equipment to have is a smart Ecobee4 thermostat, and the thermostat is currently the most excellent in that type. Aside from its design sleek and clam of use, this current version of the Ecobee4 typical multiple seniors that help discover and decrease cold or hot or area in rooms.




The Ecobee4 is enabled -Alexa, so it also functions as an Amazon speaker one can play your favorite music and command other devices on its own. We also approve placing assorted of it about your home if you need optimal degrees measurements and command via voice control.




IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Definitive (320×480) 3.5″ Color-Full LCD Display Senses Touch Screen Humidity/Temperature/Occupancy/Proximity Field -Far- Voice Identification Built-in Alexa Technology Voice Benefit Built-In Speaker & Microphones WEP Security & WPA/WPA2




An average step such as taken below buying a smart speaker is to acquire smart lights for the home, and the Philips Hue environment is your outstanding best. It works aimlessly with IFTTT, Alexa, and even Siri (via the Philips Hue Bridge), that you can directive (by sound or app) to control not even the energy of lights in any part of the house but the color as well.




Apart from actuality the most flexible option amidst other smart bulbs out in view, it may be set to achieve off a convinced color or shine level ahead along your alarm or coincides with your music. The attendant is even different apps with convinced features like particular themes or “arena.” The Disco and Christmas themes are absolutely a must-attempt this period!




Involve Two Hue A19 & Hue Bridge Single Bulbs 600 (9.5W) Lumens illumination Comprehensive up to 50 Bulbs Philips (Per Bridge) Entireties with Alexa, HomeKit Ecosystems & Google Assistant & Compatible with Android Mobile Devices &iOS.




How about a better dishonest home that amenity you get advantageous? Qardio’s 2nd generation of the Qardio base is a smart extent and body analyst that’s tremendous for observing your water, BMI, fat, bone composition, muscle mass, as well as fertilization. The information also achieves sent to an application on your smartphone being easy to approach.




The recent ideal features entirety that the native Qardiobase was well- collected for, containing a expansive base to fit peeps with larger feet, an embellish sensor system for speedy and more precise readings, a dazzling and crisper displays that screen the digits, also an entrenched changeable battery such can about up to 12 months with each charge.




Weight Measures, BMI, and Body Fat Measures Muscle/ Bone/Water architecture Automatically Discover Different Buyer Name Shows & Conclusion on Built-In LED Spectacle Pacemaker & Pregnancy Works Modes with Qardio App for Tracking Evolution Compatible with more Fitness Apps




The Google Home edge of devices is broadly deliberate to be an honest competitor of the Amazon Echo brands, with a great main smart speaker and different smaller ones such you can use to make a network of sound control devices over the house.




Google Home is a trademark of smart speakers originates by Google. The initial device was released in 2016 May and announced in the US in 2016 November, with ensuing releases universally 2017 all over and 2018. Google House speakers authorize users to talk voice control to interact with aid through Google’s private assistant software




A great figure of assistance, both in-home and third-party, is joined, allowing the consumer to listen to control, music playback of videos or picture, or collect news updates entirely by voice. Google House devices too have combined support for home computerization, letting users command smart home device with their sound.




Multiple Google Home devices may be fixed in separate place in a home for coordinate playback of music. A renew in 2017April deliver multi-user assist, grant the device for analyzing between up to 6 people by sound. In 2017 May, Google declared multiple amend to Google Home’s performance, along with free phone -free hands- calling in the Canada and United States; excited updates ahead of expected events; visual feedback on mobile gadget or Chrome cast- authorize Bluetooth televisions; audio streaming; and the capability to add calendar appointments and reminders.


The authentic Google Home has a tubular shape with colored LEDs status on the top for a visual description of its condition. The wrapping over its base is standard, with different color alternative available over the Google Store for coordinating with home




In 2017 October, Google released two adding to the product alignment, the mini puck- carve Google Home Mini and the bigger Google Home Max. In 2018 October, the band released the Google, a smart speaker with a touchscreen video spectacle, Home Hub.




Google Home is almost identical to Amazon Echo in conditions of serviceable, so it boils down to your economic and your desire between Google Assistant and Alexa.


Although if you’re considering for a device that will honestly act your justice music, we recommended the immense, oblong-shaped Google Home Max for his sound power and lightly broader voice reach.




Two 4.5″ High- Woofers Excursion, Two 0.7″ Tweeters Field -Far Sound Recognition Electronics Wi-Fi Dual-Band & Bluetooth 4.2 Connectedness Built-In cast Chrome Ambient Light & Coordination Sensors (1/8″) 3.5mm Analog Sound Input Assist Android Operating Systems &iOS Works with Google Supporter.




If your intention to be more genuine about your house computerization plans, a center could be that you’re considering for. The Samsung Smart Stuff Hub is now the best smart house hub this you may get your hold on not alike when distinguished with its also affordable contestant. Presently that is a lot the Smart Stuff Hub can do for you, containing connecting standard smart house Wi-Fi obligation or dialects like Zigbee and Z-Wave to accomplish an also pliable wireless conversation setup that’s excellent for home computerization.




You are being authorized because the Things Smart Hub to combine many Décors Smart dimmers and switches at a time via Z-Wave. Favorably, this recommended product earlier includes one of any; also you may merely buy more switches and dimmers as you desire without ever owning to buying another core.




IP, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Other Protocols Wireless Link via Internet Broadband & Router Two USB (Female) wharf RJ45 Ethernet 50-100 ft. Connector. Communication Range (15-30 m) 1 DZ6HD Decora Dimmer Smart 1 DZ15S Decora Switch Smart.




The Nest Cam IQ is one more addition of a rear smart camera that is expressly designed for house security and use. It offers HD 1080p views also even quality a sensor 4K with HDR and ingenious imaging for that they call the vision of Super sight. It has a microphone and speaker system, and yet so invisible cardinal LEDs to evenly brighten the entire room for clear views same in low-light position.




We immensely endorse that you select the IQ Nest Cam (if neither the Cloud Cam Amazon) as, if you query us, house safety devices build the best, utmost worthy buying for every house owner.




Camera 8MP with 4K Color Sensor (1920×1080) 1080p Video at 12x Digital Zoom 30fps & Close-Up View Tracking View Erect -In Infrared LEDs for Night view 130° Diagonal Field of vision unified Speaker & Three Microphone Bunch Connects to Android Devices and iOS via Nest App Bluetooth & Wi-Fi (BLE) Connectivity Rated -IP66 for Use Outdoor




The smart gadget is mostly created for our safety and convenience, and the Honeywell Trim Sky Bell proposal just like that. The smart doorbell holds a built-in camera 1080p that provides the comfort you conclude who’s ringing that doorbell outside having to checkup through the peephole or window. Even improved, it merges a speaker & microphone so you may speak to that person.




The Skybell Trim may also catch motion, is dust- and resistant -water, and link to your smartphone along Wi-Fi and the devoted Skybell app. There are more smart doorbells on the market this offer considerable; much the identical features, still the Skybell ranks high in exhaustive lists.




(1920 x 1080) 1080p Video at 15fps combined Speaker &Mic 180° View of Field Motion Sensor Up to Video 500MB Storage Rated -IP54 for Outside Use Agreeable with Honeywell Total Works Connect 2.0 with Free Sky Bell App for Live iOS View & App via Alerts




Connections wireless aside, hither a smart router such uses netting networking electronics to bolster your Wi-Fi connection in bigger houses and rooms. It more uses Assistant Google Network to assure a fast wireless network, likewise as the Google Wi-Fi app to control other feature of the network.




Related Google Home, its plan to be condensed and essential so thaw can conceal; away wisely on shelves, desks and everywhere near a function source. It’s super easy to apply and set up, a lot inexpensive than more mesh Wi-Fi novelty, and is presently unbeatable in that smart Wi-Fi system category.




Wireless 802.11 n/g/b/a/ac Network Standard Band -Dual 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Frequentness AC1200 2×2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi TX Bluetooth &Beamforming Smart Ready WPA2-PSK Enabled Encryption Automatic Safety Updates 2 Gigabit Ports Ethernet 710 MHz core-Quad ARM CPU 512MB DDR3L RAM / 4GB Flash Compatible Storage with iOS& Android




A house with a brain, essential only by your fascination. In single touch, the movie of your elite starts, the shades near, enclose sound thrill in at the perfect quantity. You can plan a hot bath to start on the way home from the chore. Can’t get if you port the stove on or the workplace door open? Just check up on your cell phone. Smart houses are no lasting only to describe in films or limited to the equity of Bill Gates billionaire.


It’s flattering more prevailing for householder in all states- Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia to “smartest” their homes, develop in more customized options greater comfort, increased adaptability, and quick, seamless technical reaction to human communication. Here are just a few detail quality of a smart house, even however the potential is truly boundless.




An essential defining aspect of a smart home is a entirely networked home. Everything that can be calm with buttons or one click is good of infiltrating anywhere in the house and even composed remotely. Visualize every device in your home intertwine with illustrating settings. The lights out automatically close at 7:30 p.m. although lights darkish to the excellent setting; you can begin your day or ending your day with a drive of a single button.




Much like related personal enumerate, which authorize devices and devices to infiltrate and controlled, home computerization processes merge all those devices so they can be intermediary handled in one place. Along so many electronics formats HD, 3d, Blu-ray, Bluetooth, MP3, and anything the following best item is technology may acquire more littered and less arranged.


Smart home control avows the user to link all appliances, devices, lighting order, entertainment comfort, and even safety systems to merge and liaise with us. Observing and managing vitality consumption for best controlling, efficiency, specific natural environment, and delivering modernize and relevant facts to us are due to some attribute of home computerization.




Much like the modish home villa of Bill Gates, linked entertainment systems are a powerful aspect In smart house electronics. The user is adept at personalizing TV shows, movies, music, resolutions, and educational systems using one concentrate remote or utilizing voice directive. The automation may also be usually based, or grant to intimate taste over time. Access an inclusive athenaeum of music, movies, and shows from any electronic gadget or TV screen. Music organizes automatically to advance on throughout half-time creates for the ultimate man cave. A perfect -home audio programmer with in-wall speakers own for the opportunity of multiple -zone complexes, that allow dissimilar members of your family relatives to listen to different audio or choose an entertained mode of their preferred.




Telecommunication will be definite to cell phone usage. In a smart house, assume being capable of transferring calls all over the house. Throughout someone calls you, hardly the nearest phone to your rings. If you’ve brought a videophone, the closest LCD show is activated. There are more friendly features containing mute, hold, intercom, and conference calling choice presented as visual messages.




Intensify levels of security can be easily handled and infiltrate through surveillance cameras and intercom systems accessible on any television or touchscreen in the home. You are more able to set the automated phone or email alerts during the garage is port open, that range is left on for lengthened times, or a door or window unusually opens. Your smart home entirely acts like a defended, intelligent controlling system.




All the auto electronics in our houses have a powerful impact on vitality expenditure; such eco-friendly smart device promises substantial cost decrease in power use. What’s extra valuable is what they get smart-grid set, and also own the capability to function during while of little electricity use or disruption.




Climate commands that fix placed on your owned schedule, lifestyle and custom come approved with that high-tech manager. With the onset of cloud measure, data can exist stocked so that the whole climate order can be adapted and scheduled incidentally. In some instance, users can save on standard per month 100$ by position back necessarily the temperature just as people endure asleep or beyond from house.


You may also download an application for iPhone OS and Android gadget to conclude when you stay out of the home, so such system notice when you’re en route back home to alter temperatures in expectation of your influx.




From the field up, a smart house can be created primarily for interconnecting, higher power efficiency, and composed use all over the home. Limited sliding obstruction and operating rooms that can use alteration settings automatically bestow to an event or different capacity are the great approaches that want to be grasping in the hereafter.


Solar board electronics on awning, heat impressionable floors and electrical charging terminus for smart cars are more aspect of this “smart architectonics.”




Are you still unsure about the usage and benefits of smart home products? Want to know what smart home products provide brilliant facilities for you? Here you will know about those benefits concerning every aspect.


As we all are living in a modern age where everything is advanced, and day by day more discoveries in technology development have made this era a golden era concerning the past. We don’t need to rely upon those objects or things of the past couple of decades. Everything such as computers and mobile phones is present in a refine and useful form that proves helpful for you to perform specific communication functions




From the 2000s to 2010 its all about the development era of mobile phones but now then it is always going to be discoveries and amenities towards smart home products. Smart home technology elaborates that any system, appliance or device which is primarily controlled by a remote and can quickly work independently such as TVs, audio speakers, lights, security camera or any other related thing. These kinds of devices or appliances can be controlled easily through your touch screen device and smartphone because they all are connected to a conventional system panel.


It has made life enjoyable and easy because there are a lot of facilities and more possibilities for this automation. This technology has proved very beneficial and luxurious, and its high tech functionality is super fast and efficient as related to the past decades. As it has become a favorite and significant aspect of modern-day technology, there will arise a competition among different companies to launch better quality and functionality of smart home products.




There are a lot of sensational and phenomenal types of smart home products benefits as it doesn’t mean to show off something, but it’s a convenient way to live your life comfortably


So here we’ll have a brief review of the benefits of smart home products




Why are most of the people trying to make their homes; smart homes through various automated technology products?


The answer to that controversial question is that it is the first and foremost benefit that smart home products provide easiness and comfort to your life. Every person in this entire world would like to have support in his life. It is a useful and convenient method to control your home single-handedly through mobile devices or any other touch screen devices. Most of the smart home products have a standard working task accessed by remote which enables functionality to that particular device.




It’s the significant and convenient factor that enable you to manage the home products from a single place as it makes you capable that you can improvise any connection and this technology in your home will show your rational approach towards technology and management of the house.


You need to get info about a single app on your mobile device through which you can access a lot of functions easily through any other home product throughout your house. It makes everyone to keep their own choices that how the functionality you want as it works so quickly and efficiently.




When it comes to other technology products such as new smart home devices or appliances accommodation the smart home products will be beautiful and flexible as throughout, and it reveals how easiness and comfortable technology has made us. There is a steady course of discoveries in technology and science so you don’t need to worry about the state of the art as there should be an effective and newer type of models in the future time.


So after these kinds of related aspects of flexibility with smart home devices you can also replace or add any suitable methods that enable you to discover the technology with several ways to accompany your spaces indoors and outdoors. It will surely make your job as a homeowner very easy, and you will become capable of inspecting the latest technology, modern lifestyles and up gradation of smart home products.




When you improvise your smart home products such as surveillance or security features your home network security will become super awesome as there are a lot of options explored and tons of them are yet to be looking after. Smart home products constituted of automated door locks, motion detectors, security cameras or any security measure that you can activate from your single smartphone as it enables you to maintain the best safety throughout your home.


You can get security alerts on your touch screen devices depending upon the alert time or dependence on time, and you can choose where to get signal on your mobile phones or any other smart devices, and you can quickly examine every happening in your home even if you are not in your home.




Nowadays it is a far better and convenient method to control all of your smart home products from a distance, and the power of control by remote will surely be never be into consideration. As it works according to the latest technology.


It always provides you to bring more easiness to your life such as you can send the alert earlier to do a particular type of work before you arrived home and when you go back, you’ll see all set according to your taste. You don’t need to worry if any media device is left turned on you can approach them through remote and can quickly turn off all the things efficiently.




Its all about your ability that how your home operates as there is something to look for such as your management insights. It also reveals your monitoring over a specific type of things such as your daily routine works. These type of jobs had a substantial effect on your skills that what you need to bring a chance that will prove beneficial for you. Inspecting these insights, you will be able to alter your lifestyle and habits according to your desire and your energy consumption.




Smart home products can work more efficiently and reasonably with the influence of this technology. A smart product of home such as TV can locate your favorite programming and can search for best channels and apps. Sure in foods the smart home products can help you in cooking and provide guidelines for you.


Similarly, for music or movie collection you can manage through audio systems and designed home theaters that would make you effortless, and you can get relax without hassling here and there. All smart home products connected with automation technology that will make your life enjoyable and more comfortable and can enhance or improve the overall effectiveness.




It is essential to make your home energy efficient with the association of smart home products. It will also depend upon your way of usage of technology for the smart home. You should be more precise and accurate overheating and cooling of your smart home products with programmable temperature and schedule preferences. Smart home products also guide and suggest the possible settings throughout the day and improvements required to do onward. The control from remote can access a program to switch lights in evening modes and switch off or on when you left or get an entry in your apartment. So it is the best and useful benefit that you can increase energy efficiency as you should not worry about energy waste.




It will be a more significant advantage and will have useful selling points to that person who sells his smart home having latest technology products. If you are selling your smart home products along with your home, you can easily elaborate everything to the buyer about the working and its efficiency that it has brought comfort and makes life more comfortable and enjoyable. The market value of your smart home with associated products will be ever increasing and in coming time inevitably attract some possible buyers.


Automated home technology has the potential and access to your entire home, and it will sell more than the comparable homes with not so advanced type of technology or lack of smart home products. So a good resale is always a second and valuable option in an emergency.




As we have discussed in detail, we came to the point that in this modern era the discoveries related to technologies are phenomenal. It has provided every possible aspect of calm and relaxation for us. It is a steady course of discoveries which should lead to many more no one can know, but we need to consider every positive aspect.


If you’re a youngster, it will be a great source of knowledge for you as smart home devices, products their features and benefits are the modern inventions. In daily life working automation technology has a significant role in the interests of humanity.

HGTV Smart Home 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina

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