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Sleeping Ladybird, in a pruned grape vine in our garden

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secure my youth

secure my health

secure my wealth

secure my lover

secure my future

secure my soul


Yes, i know, none of which can be secured..

Yes, i know, only uncertainty is certain.


So please, just for this moment...

comfort my heart.

Bianca makes the cutest little snorting sounds when she's sleeping. :O)


Oh my Gosh .. Saib .. Saib... :-)


I wish a good week ahead for all of you my friends.


MODEL: Spirit Llewellyn



Sleeping beauty in enchanted slumber, deep in morpheus haze.

How I wish your eyes would open and in my face you would gaze.

You were placed in a dreamlike state by a woman filled with hate.

One prick on a spinning wheel cast you to your fate.

You lay in sweet slumber, waiting for a day when a prince will come to call.

With him he brings a kiss of true release with love and freedom for all.


See the Fairy Tales:




Now I want a sleeping head.

Explore #174 11th August 09 ..... Thank you so much everyone:-)))


I watched this bee for ages as he was busy collecting pollen, then he settled on a bloom close to me .... he didn't move for about half an hour. Guess he was having 40 winks!!:-)


H. P. P. T. everyone:-)

Lion Cub Sleeping off a heavy lunch

I first took a very similar shot to this one last January when the castle still had snow on it. I attempted the shot again without the snow, but unfortunately a group decided to have a photoshoot in front of the castle for 20-30 minutes. There's always next time for a third attempt...

Lisboa, Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa


April 2015

Newest Girl :)

She is SO cute. I am so confused as to what to do though. I want an SD....but can't afford one without selling another doll....and she is the newest arrival. What to do!?!

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FR: Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant à Disneyland Paris

EN: Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris



- HDR Pic from 3XP / Photo HDR àpd 3 expositions

Boar - Wildsau - Wilhelma Stuttgart


FlickrExplore November 23, 2009 #174

I haven't got much to say about this shot. Except that it should be viewed on black, so please press 'L'.





Gato, sleeping on the tiger blanket, I gave this blanket to her last 2 months, seemed she has tiger instinct:))


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Thank you to take care yourself and your environment:)


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"Sleeping Bear Perseids", Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan


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He was sleeping while standing up ! (Its head was resting on a bracket.)

I suppose he spent many hours on the "exercise wheel"?


- February 2, 2009

shh.. don't wake her up :P


Her name is Berry now (:

Thank you Andreja <3

I swear I did not arrange this shot. That's how she sleeps. :)

Sleeping in

Is for those people

Whose realities

Do not match up

With their dreams

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