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Created for Down Under Challenge No. 835, starting with Frank Bernard's challenge image, which can be seen in the first comment below. I created that hideous grin using mainly the warp filter in PSE 11. Someone once said I should use it as my buddy icon, but 'tain't gonna happen.


Also for Slider's Sunday

Này là lúc 1h mấy :D

HPBD Su :x sn vui vẻ nha bà.Chúc bà ngày càng xinh đẹp,học giỏi nè :p và luôn hạnh phúc nha bà :*

she's reporting... that i'm trying exposure 4...

At the hotel when she was doing business and off to the training we had a lot of time to Skype with our friend at home. We liked it a lot to see him, because we missed him a bit, and now we stayed in touch.


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More debrisssss. I'm a bit scared by the VOLUME of his voice!

Skype is now available in the App Store. Free.

lighting: 580exii in 28" Apollo Softbox on a boom camera right. Triggered with PWs.

In the meantime, my Photoshop died.

For you Christina. If only I could blues skadoo into it...

Tui hiện ko biết đc cái nào thật cái nào ảo nữa ba =]]

thèm cut lại kiểu tóc ngắn này quá :">

Better viewed Large On Black

Erica Scott doing Skype on a friends bed.... for now ;-)

I certainly have a unique assortment of acquaintances I talk to on Skype.

Акция №8(134) Иллюстрация Родиона Китаева в материал о покупке компанией Microsoft компании Skype

San Diego, CA, July, 2012

Is it me or does talking on Skype feel like your on Star Trek?

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