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Skycar City is planned for an occupancy of 5 million people. Skypaths are seen radiating from the major programmatic nodes (business centers, schools, stadia, residential clusters, and recreation) located at various heights within the city. This model represents the entire city, 3.5 km x 2.5 km x 800 m.

Adjacent skypaths are aggregated taking advantage of vaying intensities and forming hierarchical networks.

-rendering by Nick Popoutsis

A collaborative studio exploring possibilities for extreme urban density and the integration of infrastructure and architecture as a result of fully three-dimensional transportation.

All work on this project was done in conjunction with other students.

critics: Winy Maas, Grace La

The reverse scenario, cities sprawl spreads to a geographic scale as a result of faster travel speeds. Here Tianjin, China supports a suburban population 250 km in radius.

-rendering by Andy Walsh and Tarah Raaum

Parking decks are integrated directly to the architecture allowing unmediated access and a direct connection with infrastructure.


-rendering by Nick Popoutsis

In this scenario programmatic mass completely envelops the skypaths, pressing for direct access. Garden terraces dominate the 'outside' face.


-rendering by Ryan O'Connor


A portion of one such city excised from the mass. The white tubular forms represent skypaths, the allowed drivable air.


-rendering by Ryan O'Connor and Nick Popoutsis

A section/timeline drawn through the city of the future evolving toward maximized density and three-dimensionality

12" x 84" (view large)