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ⓒRebecca Bugge, All Rights Reserved

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If you are wondering about the angle - the flowers were growing on top of a wall, so I'm looking up when taking this.

Foto da série: Reflexos da Natureza Preservada

Local: Cabanha São Rafael - Balsa Nova - Paraná

A stormy sky over Ljubljana, Slovenia



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Bouton d'or


Les renoncules (genre Ranunculus) sont des plantes herbacées, annuelles ou vivaces, de la famille des Renonculacées comportant près de 1 500 espèces. Elles ont un port très différent selon les espèces et sont le plus souvent des végétaux herbacés vivaces. Aux latitudes tropicales, ce sont plutôt des plantes d'altitude.


Le nom dérive du latin rana signifiant « petite grenouille », car certaines espèces aquatiques poussent dans les marais peuplés de nombreux batraciens, ou parce que le fruit s'apparente à un têtard = petite grenouille = ranunculus.


Ses autres noms ou surnoms sont : grenouillette, fleur de l'impatience, « goblet du diable » à cause de ses propriétés toxiques. Certaines espèces sont surnommées « fleur de beurre » en allemand (Butterblume, parallèlement à scharfer Hahnenfuß) et au néerlandais (boterbloem) et « tasse de beurre » en anglais (buttercup, car lorsqu'on les place près de la peau, celles-ci produisent un reflet jaune qui évoque la couleur du beurre).


Le nom de « bouton-d'or » est couramment donné à plusieurs espèces de renoncules à fleurs jaunes

Skies like this are "nectar" to me, even when the wind is bitterly cold. I adore watching them, the ever-changing light, colour and shape, and the direct effect upon land and sea.


The past few weeks here in the North West have been dire weather-wise, and we all long for a sky like the one above.


Pink sky at night...



at the Pond, Tjörnin in Reykjavik


ⓒRebecca Bugge, All Rights Reserved

Do not use without permission.


Or at least steel-blue....

This receding storm produced a tornado a mile from where I lived. The colors and layers were amazing, and no one photo can quite convey the grandeur. Colors ranged from icy turquoise to intense golds and pinks, and everything was swirling and counter-swirling.

"The sky is the daily bread of the eyes."

Quote — Ralph Waldo Emerson


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On a stormy day in April the clouds were very impressive.

Explored 2. Juni 2016 Platz 80

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Art created from my photos | Creative Flowers, Plants and Trees | Sky and Tree #abstract #art #hypnotique #hypnotic

A rework of one of my old shot with new techniques and new ideas. The day before the hurricane the sky was like this


“I see humans but no humanity.”

~ Jason Donohue~


"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything"

~Albert Einstein~


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.......All colours and cares glaze to grey, shrivelled and stricken to dots,

Left hand grasps what the body grasps not -- le photographe est mort........

Blue skies smilin' at me

Nothin' but blue skies do I see Bluebirds singin' a song

Nothin' but blue skies from now on


...Lyrics from Willie Nelson song Blue Skies


Taken near Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario


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Copyright 2017 © Gloria Sanvicente

A flock of sandhill cranes, silhouetted against the evening sky, make their way to their roost for the night in Bosque del Apache of New Mexico.

The Tenors - Under One Sky


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The gaze is lost in the embrace between sky and sea.

We did not have rain since early morning today. Now clouds are gathering again. Tomorrow, another day and another washout

We just had a thunderstorm, the sky was beautiful afterwards


Wir hatten gerade ein Gewitter, so sah der Himmel danach aus

South Banat near Panchevo, Serbia


I looked through the photographs I haven’t put on Flickr. This one caught my eye. I like the grainy textures, the colours and the detail, especially the dandelion. HFF!

view of the Karwendel

The Karwendel is the largest mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps. The major part belongs to the Austrian federal state of Tyrol, while the adjacent area in the north is part of Bavaria, Germany.


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Pentax K-5

SMC PENTAX-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



© 2017 stefanorugolo | All rights reserved.

Beautiful morning in the Dutch province Drenthe, The Netherlands

This evening I went before the announced thunderstorm came. This is the exploding sky I was waiting for during blue hour. Strong wind and rain (from back) was part of the scene.

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Sunrise On A Stormy Day


Oranges of every hue

Burn, like fire,

Across shadowy skies,

Warning of futures

To come from within

The depths of the dawns angry eye.

One of the most insane double peak in the Alps: Lenzspitze & Nadelhorn, and their magnificent glacial casting.

The Dom on the far left.

Hohberghorn and Stecknadelhorn on the right in the backround.


Mischabel group, Saastal, Valais


SMC Pentax-M 120mm f/2.8



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The Rocky mountain

the hard valley have a wonderful water far

South Kurdistan

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