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What goes up must come down, over Los Andes Mountains. I never get tired of seen this guys defy gravity with all kind of amazing tricks and landing with style. I was just under the ramp to capture this moment, luckily no one landed over me:grinning:


Skier:snowboarder:: @martinoliger

I have uploaded this pov before in bw but I found it kind of special with all the different colors too so here it is in a new edit.


15 sec at f 9 and iso 100. 70 mm. Adjusted some shadow and sharpened in Lightroom.


Holmenkollen National Arena (Norwegian: Holmenkollen nasjonalanlegg) is a Nordic skiing and biathlon venue located at Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway. It consists of the large ski jumping hill Holmenkollbakken, the normal hill Midtstubakken and a stadium for cross-country skiing and a shooting range for biathlon. Since 1892, it has hosted the annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival, which is part of the world cup tournaments in ski jumping, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, as well as annual Biathlon World Cup races. It has previously hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics, and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1930, 1966, 1982 and 2011.

Green green grass of home....


Shot yesterday on a small walk with my family. The title is appropriate since this definately

is home for me. These woods right next to my parents home is were i spent almost every day in my

childhood. I cant even count the times i`ve explored this forest. During the winter me and my friends would

skijump right where this is shot. A friend of mine jumped 25 meters on cross country skis and landed right beneath these

ferns. One of his legs broke like a matchstick....oh the memories...


Check the map to see where i grew up and where this is shot...


Sharpen your knives cause i`m definately not sure about this...I find shooting in the woods to be quite difficult. My mind is always set on simple compositions, a rock, a stream...a solid foreground against the background. This is quite simple when shooting seascapes or mountainscapes, but in the woods there are so much going on. I feel its so easy to fill the frame with lots of unnecessary stuff, so i often feel my abilities aren`t good enough.


This one is basically a result of me previsualizing the endresult and working from that angle. The original foreground raw is chaotic and has too much stuff going on. The ferns stand out because of the sunlight hitting them, but i knew i had to tone down the surrounding grass. A slight levelsadjustment with a layermask was all i needed to get a result just as i had visualized...


Not only is this quite unusual for me because of the lack of water, but also because there are people in 7 year old son, Benjamin, is somewhere in that grass. He started school today, so im a proud father now :-)


Polarizer & ND8. Manual blend...


As always...i`m grateful to those leaving comments, favs and notes!


Have a great day!



Salpausselän hyppyrimäet ilta-auringossa (27.12.2014)

Double-crested Cormorant ~ FL Wetlands

the clouds look more impressive in the large size!

Ski jump at Cortina d'Ampezzo dating in this form from 1955, but an older jump was erected in this very spot in 1923. It is unused for internation al competitions since 1990.

Sunset at the Skiing Stadium.

Highest position in Explore: 26 on Friday, January 9, 2015


Holmenkollen ski jump hill, Oslo, Norway.


First I shot from a tripod, but it was first when I shot from hand I could get exectly the angle I were loooking for. Tse-24. Shifted, but not tilted.


Explore 5th June, 2013.


Link to suckers who stole this work:

Holmenkollen Ski Jump Hill, Oslo, Norway.


Check out this head cam video of a ski jumper in this hill:


Canon TSE 24mm. And as I always say: Shifted, not tilted ;-)

2017 Harris Hill ski jump

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I took this photograph from Nose Hill Park, Calgary. It is a thrilling scene . The ski jumps at Calgary Olympic Park hold no fear viewing them from this distance. They appear to be so small set against the Rockies.

This is a close-up from the metal constructed windshield at Holmenkollen skijump, Oslo, Norway. It is alledgedly the world's most modern skijump. It's made out of steel and concrete. The skijump is lit at night.

Salpausselän hyppyrimäet.


FIS's Continental Cup Ladies will be jumped in Lahti next weekend as the first international women's competition.


Old wooden ski-jump near Braunlage / Germany

Olypmic sky-jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

This shot might be a bit overworked for some, and maybe for me too, but nevertheless I thought I'd give it a run out for the novelty value.


DBS Shed 66162 is seen dropping down the bank into Shotton High Level station with brakes on as it approaches Hawarden Bridge over the River Dee with the 10.29 Margam - Dee Marsh (6M86) steel train.


There's a whole network of well-used cycle paths around here, including one just to the left of the bridge girders so you can bounce across the river along with the train if so inclined. Just behind me is Dee Marsh Junction and the entrance to the Tata steelworks, the destination of this train. I'm stood on Hawarden Bridge station taking this - a place you're only likely to call at if you're a rail enthusiast or a Tata employee. In fact, seeing as the station is surrounded by private land, it would seem to be only accessible to non-employees if you approach using one of the footpaths, or by train of course.


The Black Backed Gull (I think) was a courtesy bonus and reward for the walk.


8th June 2016

The other point of view...


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Order prints of my images online, shipping worldwide via



For my full portfolio and licensing requests, please refer to:


Christoph Oberschneider Photography on Facebook


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A most unusual Munch inspired sunset colors the sky above Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo red as blood.


The famous Norwegian painter Munch drew his inspiration for the sky in the painting The Scream from volcanic twilights. The colorful skies was caused by a great eruption at the island of Krakatoa half a world away from Oslo, and not from Munchs own imagination.

Colorful, red sunsets are sadly enough probably influenced by pollution in these modern times, and not from volcanic activity on the other side of the earth.


looking down onto Freibergsee from Heini-Klopfer ski jump near Oberstdorf

The guys and girls spend time using the jumps at the Perisher Ski Resort in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales to hone their aerial skills, and have a load of fun as well.


It's also fun to watch them getting some air and bringing it all back down again, some with greater success than others...

I see now that the lights are not on at the olympic rings as they were for the shot below:-( Grrr...

One of the snow boarders at Perisher, New South Wales spending a little quality time in the air...

Snowstock 2012, Kongsberg skicenter. The Big Jump Bad ass of the year contest.

50 meter ski jump built for the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games.

Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump and Ski Museum at Holmenkollen Oslo Norway

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