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Proposed landscape and pool for Mediterranean style residence.

the one on the left is armed.

Wieuca Baptist Church: Sketchup model using Google Earth surface image. Model representing collaboration between church and developer for a new parking deck, church addition, and two new mixed-use high rises. A video animation of model was created as well to present the design to the church.


Athens FPC: This model represents a work from three different people. I was charged with completing the model and creating presentation renderings of the model.


Free Chapel: This model is a study model and part of a master planning effort for a phase 2 design for this large evangelical church.

The result of tiding up and finishing and older project.

Initial 3d render for the yacht building... dusk time like i usually like to do. hopefully, the pitch for the client will go OK and I'll get a chance to elaborate this further. Modeled with SketchUP and rendered with VRay 1.5 sp3a. VRay RT was a saver on this one to cut production time.

Another sketchup modelling attempt. Came out better than my last render but still needs work. Getting better though.


Modelled in Sketchup, rendered in Kerkythea

3d model in sketchup


I took some liberties with the design of the standard battleship used by the imperial navy. The result is this.


SketchUp users can download this model here.

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Many people make architectual models or design drawings with SketchUp.


I do something different.


All great designs invovle a sketch somewhere. I used Google SketchUp instead of a napkin to get a general idea for the amount of material, size, jointery, and weight the cargo frame would entail. I sized it to work with every wheel size between 20" and 29" with fat mountain bike tires.


The bottom decks were not included to keep the drawing from looking cluttered.

Added some material to the scene.

Here is my mechanical heron. I finished coloring it.

Practicing some skills in Sketchup. Designing a starship floor plan from scratch, nothing concrete on purpose yet. Might make it a freighter at this stage. Created 6 Dec 2011.

Trabalho Sketch Up - 2008

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DR0001-X8-001-020 MASTER 01b main.skp - SketchUp

I thought this was cool - I just pasted one image over another in photoshop and gradient erased one and it made a cool little transitional image.

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