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Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest


I spent most of the afternoon hiking to the lower Caney Falls in the Sipsey Wildnerness yesterday, not really intending to take many photo's (only 150 :)). This is definitely my favorite spot in Alabama.


Explore, 4/13/2009

I love the rock at the bottom of the falls. It's been worn down over the years and has little channels like small canyons carved through it's top. In some ways, it's a microcosm of the Sipsey itself.


This is the first waterfall you come to from the upper parking lot at the Sipsey Recreation area. It's about 200-300 yards on the right.

Most of you won't believe me when I say this, but it was very, very foggy all over Bankhead when Justin and I met up this past weekend.


What's unbelievable is that I didn't stop to take a single shot of the fog on my way there. Yes, it took unbelievable self control to keep on schedule and meet Justin at 6:30 (ish) like I promised.


So the closest I got was the little bit of fog left hovering above Parker Falls. :-)

One more shot of Mize Mill Falls. In this shot you can sort of get a sense of the size of the's taller than it looks from most shots.


#15 on Explore - May 15, 2009.

Upper Caney Creek Falls, Alabama


Explore, 8/25/2009

Another shot from this terrific waterfall. The Sipsey Wilderness never disappoints.


#17 on Explore - June 9, 2009. Thanks everyone.

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Looking out from behind Turkey Foot Falls in the Sipsey Wilderness.


#10 on Explore for June 14, 2009. Thanks everyone.

This is a tremendous place to visit. It requires a pretty decent hike to get to it....and someone who knows where they're going. There is no established trail, with only some pink ribbons tied to various trees as a guide when you first start out. But when you get down into the canyon, there is no trail, only a creekbed to follow.


Luckily, we had Tony (The Jolly Swagman) for a guide. I've seen Eagle Creek Falls in Charlie Seifred's book Alabama Canyons and have wanted to visit this beautiful place for years. It was worth the wait.

This doesn't look like much, but this is really a lot of water for this waterfall.


This is the first waterfall you come to from the lower parking lot at the Sipsey Recreation Area. This is also directly above the place in the last shot I posted.

Good ole Turkey Foot Falls.....dumb name, beautiful place.

I FINALLY made it to Mize Mill Falls. I have to thank Tony (a.k.a. The Jolly Swagman) for guiding me and my nephew Aaron in the back way to Mize. It was as beautiful as all of my fellow NAPGers have made it out to be.


After Mize we hiked on down to Turkey Foot....which was really flowing. I still love that waterfall. Then we drove a few more miles up the road and hiked down to Eagle Creek Falls. That's one of those "You better eat your Wheaties" hikes. Aaron was not enjoying himself as much on the way out.


It was an awesome day. Thanks, Tony.

This old log in the water really caught my eye. I always love to shoot water moving around rocks and logs.


Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks for all the comments, faves and fun this year. I hope you all have a great 2008. :-)

Small waterfall with ice downstream from Kinlock Falls.

Bankhead National Forest.


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Most shots of Mize Mill Falls don't really show how tall it is. It's not that it's a huge waterfall, but it struck me when I was there that it's actually taller than it looks in all of the shots I've seen of it.


Another awesome waterfall in the Sipsey Wilderness.

Today, my daughter and I met up with Terri (tjs1963), her husband and Tony (Jolly Swagman) at Parker Falls. It was great to meet the three of you in person and I enjoyed shooting and hiking with you guys.


The water was flowing nicely today which makes Parker just a little more special.


Also, I was proud of my daughter, who's 9-years old. This was her first hike in the Sipsey and the hike to Parker, while not the toughest one in the forest, is still a decent walk and she handled it well. [wiping tears of pride from my eyes] :-)


This shot won the WAFF - Channel 48 "Photo Friday Contest" this week. [wiping even more tears from my eyes.] ;-)

A small, soft waterfall in the Sipsey Wilderness.

I love the whole setting around this little waterfall.....especially when it's really flowing like this.

I think this wider view gives you a much better sense of what it's like to be there.

From an awesome day in the Sipsey.

From my trip to the Sipsey the other week. I got to get back over there that place is awesome!! Please say a prayer, I have a job interview Friday morning and its a job I have been hoping for since I had a phone interview a few weeks ago. Its in the medical field which is what I have been hoping for!!!

I could sit & listen to one of these for hours.....& often have!

Explore: #3 on Wednesday, January 1, 2014


On the last day of the year I thought I would dress up and go out.

Parker's Fall in the Sipsey WIlderness Area of Bankhead Forest was where I ended up.

I went Stag.


Happy New Year to all my Flickr Friends!

One of the things I liked best about Mize was all the rocks in the pool. It makes compositions like this a must. Having a wide angle lens doesn't hurt either.


#6 on Explore on May 13, 2008.

Back to regularly scheduled programming.....for now. :-)

Top of Mize Mill Falls located in the Sipsey wilderness, Bankhead National Forest.



Good ole Turkey Foot Falls in the Sipsey Wilderness.

Turkey Foot Falls was abundant with water on this dreary, overcast, beautiful Saturday in December.

Another view of this delicate waterfall in the Sipsey Wilderness.

By now, many of you have seen the fantastic shots uploaded by Lee, Justin and Nate from our trip on Saturday to Parker Falls in Bankhead National Forest. It was a great trip and I enjoyed getting to know everyone better.


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Another shot from our waterfall expedition on Saturday.

I have been wanting to take a trip to NW Ala. to photograph the waterfalls on Caney Creek. Well I knew the water flow would probably be low but what the heck I had some time off and went any way. A front on view was out of the question just not enough flow however the side profile looked like it would work! Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th!

A small, but beautiful (and triangular) slice of the Sipsey Wilderness.

This is one of my favorite spots in the Sipsey Wilderness area. It is at the beginning of the trail you take from the lower parking area.


This place is filled with waterfalls, moss covered rocks and beautiful trees.

This is in the Sipsey Wilderness, which is located in Bankhead National Forest in Northwest Alabama. If you come to Alabama, do yourself a favor and visit this place.

Behind the veil at Turkey Foot Falls. Located in Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest.


Explore 1/10/2009 Highest position: 11


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One of the things you can count on is that when a big storm blows through the Bankhead/Sipsey area, that trees will be down. Unfortunately, they sometimes fall down across trails and in front of waterfalls.


Well, this one is new. I was at Parker twice last year and it wasn't there. It does actually work in this shot, but it won't take long before I despise it being there....just like the one at Caney Creek.

It was a pleasant late Autumn day that we headed toward the Sipsey Wilderness hunting for late Fall colors with waterfalls. Although colors from trees have past their peak, fallen leaves were everywhere in the ground and creeks. Therefore it provided us with a good opportunity to photography the waterfalls with golden leaves.


We intentionally waited until late afternoon so we could reduce our shutter speed sufficiently long enough to produce the golden swirls in front waterfalls. CPL and 4-stop gradual neutral density were also used to help reach the goal. This is a waterfall staked from multiple exposures.

Sunny and cold, we headed to the Sipsey Wilderness to scout several waterfalls and creek there during last January. The trip involved in a lot of hiking and creek/bush wadding. It was so nice to experience the solitude in the deepness of those valleys. The waterfalls are as beautiful as they could be in the winder time due to the plentiful rainfalls during the previous weeks.

When we arrived at this waterfall, it was late winter afternoon. We were surprised to realize that the sun was right on top of the waterfalls, making the scene a warm tone in such a could winter day. We did managed to frame the sun into the scene in our several different compositions in the limited amount of time allowed. This is one of several compositions.

I agree with those words from John Muir 100%. I live to visit places like this.


This morning I made my first visit to Parker Falls in the Sipsey Wilderness in the Bankhead National Forest in North Alabama. It was cold & there were snow flurries off & on while I was there. I loved every second of it.


Go Wild

Another shot of this amazing place.

White Creek Falls, Sipsey Wilderness Area, Alabama

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