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The Baatara gorge sinkhole is a waterfall in the Tannourine, Lebanon. The waterfall drops 255 meters into the Baatara Pothole, a cave of Jurassic limestone.

4-image panorama in LR.


This is one of the sinkholes in the Arctic tundra that is easily seen and accessible from the Dempster Highway. It has been 'studied to death' by scientists and articles about their findings can be found on the internet. Predictably it has become a showcase for demonstrating the 'climate emergency' that they claim is happening in the Northern hemisphere.


My observation here:

The tundra was drenched with water, due to prolonged periods of rain the year it happened and before. There was a steady flow of water from the slope on the left and from the direction of the drainage creek coming down the mountain. The rain may have thawed out any permafrost that was preserved under the peat and still holding the soil and sediment together before it collapsed and got flushed out towards the creek on the right.

These erosion thaw-outs are nothing new. I've photographed them 40 years ago when nobody was concerned about them. If it happened in communities, people just dealt with the problem locally and would have laughed you out of town, if one had suggested a tax on a trace gas (CO2) would fix what nature does since the ice age and longer.


It's quite simple really. The ground we walk on is not stable in most places and the same can be said about climate. It never was and it never will be. Humans have dealt and adapted with these changes, some better, some worse. With the technological achievements and resources our civilization has today, we should be prepared just fine. We cannot allow the silly fear of a slightly warmer future planet let destroy that.


Dempster Highway 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Day!


I hiked with some friends to see a very large sinkhole nearby.The trail was flat, without scenic views, and did not offer much diversity in the way of plant life.


The sinkhole was about fifty feet across and a hundred and fifty feet deep.


There reportedly are passages at the bottom, only accessible by rapelling, that lead an additional 200 feet deep to two underground lakes in the aquifer.


It is also home to one of the largest colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats. They are currently in Mexico and will return in the spring to have their babies.


The day was unseasonably hot, around 80 degrees (!) One can only wonder how hot summer will be.

Umpherston sinkhole, Mt Gambier, South Australia


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Fragmented salt formations on the edge of a sinkhole on the Dead Sea shore.

It won't be long before these fragments collapse into the sinkhole as well.

Thanks for Richard Gray's suggestion for a title.


Discovered this sink hole in my exploring one weekend. Its an overflow for a reservoir and its about 30 ft wide to give you a perspective.


I tried a few wider shots but in the end the zoomed in images worked better for me so 20mm on my wide angle was used.


This was without any filters. I did one with the ten stop but it looses the feeling of being sucked in. Maybe a slightly longer exposure would be better.Quite a lot of PP work to bring out the water more using Silver Efex Pro


I have never seen one of these before but its very mesmerizing to watch.


Pretty chuffed with how this came out but will revisit one day for a slightly longer exposure

Watercolor over van Dyke

Original shot in black and white (4x5, x-ray film) Graflex with the Kodak Aero-Ektar

The rapidly drying Dead Sea leaves sinkholes in the evaporitic deposits.

I tried to give the feeling of an an extraterrestrial landscape. HDR, 5 xp. handheld

The plateau of Oprtalj is made of limestone, but the hills north of it are of flysch. So, all the surface water, flowing down from Šavrinija flysch hills, in the contact zone immediately disappears in limestone. This is the creek near the Butori village, forming also a nice waterfall.

View large !!

This is something special I want to share with you friends. Taken on a Tripod during a very windy day. I went down to see the beauty of the place, but the view is from the top. You can see the surrounding wall and some shelters for tourists to take rest. I happened to know some locals dive from the top. I have taken so many shots, but this is the one I love most.


You can judge the size of the Sinkhole while looking at those people down there. Some people swim in this place, such lovely and clean water. This place is located about One kilometer away from the Sea, a great tourist attraction.


Located in Dabab village, 113 km away from Muscat, the capital of Oman. There are various stories behind the formation of the “Hawiyat Najm” Local inhabitants have a legendary story where by a meteorite fell in this location.


As its name indicates in Arabic “Hawiyat Najm” translate into English to “The Falling Star” Yet upon scientific research conducted by experts and geologists confirms that the crater was formed as a natural consequence of the interaction of dissolving limestone located at this location, which contain calcium carbonate with water, which resulted in the collapse of the earth’s upper crust layer.


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On the edge of an old sinkhole.

Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands, CA


A limestone cave that formed by the corrosion of limestone rocks by seawater waves and the sinkhole was naturally created when the chamber’s roof collapsed.



Umpherston sinkhole was once a typical limestone cave that formed by the corrosion of limestone rocks by seawater waves and the sinkhole was naturally created when the chamber’s roof collapsed.


The sinkhole was made into a garden by James Umpherston in 1886. The sinkhole is open from dawn to dusk and, as the sun sets, the Umpherston Sinkhole comes alive with hundreds of possums as they come into this tranquil garden to feed.

Skyrim SE


The road crew had never seen a sinkhole of this size.

Ladybower Reservoir, Derbyshire

Umpherston Sinkhole in Mount Gambier, South Australia. This sinkhole was made into a garden I 1886, absolutely beautiful.

Composite of my two photos.

Location: Umm Al Shabrum, central Qatar

Iphone 5S & Nikon D5100 55-200mm

One of the many lava field sinkholes located along the big island highway. Just for reference the sinkhole in this picture is about 3 buses long by 2 buses wide.

Pathway to a sinkhole in northeastern Michigan.


Umpherston sinkhole is in Mt Gambier South Australia. A collapsed cave in limestone.

An isolated sinkhole in an otherwise undisturbed and unbroken cloud layer.

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It's Around Here Somewhere


LAFD ran into a little problem responding to yet another water main break in the San Fernando Valley this morning at around 5:30 near Hartsook and Bellingham. All firefighters reportedly made it out of the vehicle. This Valley Village kerfuffle had choppers peppering the sky in the early morning hours.


With two water main breaks within days and within a few miles of each other, people are beginning to wonder if there is a deeper problem. Pun intended.


Update: Power Pop Rules wrote about this on Facebook:


"inspiring me to write a lyric:

I'm sinking deep

in a city where it never rains

but the village in the valley

will wash away the pain?

Street closure,Alnwick

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