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Ecuador es tán bacán, que tiene dos cielos!

The sun sets on another day at Faire.



" Ice Tea "


بالبداية بسم الله , والسلام عليكم .

ابدا ماحبيت الصورة . متوقعه نتايج افضل لكن /: الشكوى لله

هذا اللي طلعت فيه , و ثاني شي نزلتها ك تغيير لطابع الصور اللي اصورها .

مليت من فيس لاتين :$

ان شاءالله تعجبكم 'عكسي' , وشكراً ()


Project with :






Hope you like it *F*

# لا ( أحلل ) من يزيل حقوق الصورة آو يستخدم صوري دون ذكر المصدر أو دون اذن صريح مني :)

Pétalos de libertad para el Alakrana


Un espeso velo de incertidumbre sobrevuela al Alakrana, pesquero secuestrado por piratas somalies. Estos pétalos que lleguen hasta donde se hallen esos hombres que necesitan de la libertad y del amor de sus familiares.


El tiempo pasa y mi apoyo con esta imagen de esperanza a la tripulación del Alakrana y a sus familiares para que todo acabe bien.


renafto ( ) dice:


"Quizas se esperaría ver el reflejo... pero no es posible, la belleza de esa flor y de esta imagen en su conjunto no tienen espejo donde igualarse".


El río de la vida


El murmullo del río

Cuenta secretos que guarda

Sabiduría de estar en mil lugares

Y ser el mismo, según Siddartha.

Propiedad de quedarse y pasar

Ostentas, río que no vuelves

Tu marcha no detendrás

Eres el de hoy, fuiste el de ayer

Y el de mañana serás.

Porque todo es Unidad,

Seguiré buscando el misterio

Que me aclare este secreto

De ser y no ser la humanidad

Mientras, se cierra el círculo

En eslabón convertido

Como el agua que corre

Por el cauce del eterno río.





Millz o ZM es, utilizando su propia expresión, "una única, misma e idéntica persona en este Universo Infinito".


Generosa, cálida e inteligente te invita a recorrer, a través de su mirada, los parajes más hermosos de Argentina, impregnarte del aroma de sus poemas en flor, irte a dormir con un cuento o compartir diversos senderos, escribiendo la vida y acumulando experiencias, ya que los años no vienen solos...


Gracias, Millz, por este precioso regalo!


Yawn. OK - maybe one picture. Then it's nap time again.

My first visit to Holland Ponds in Shelby Twp., Michigan. This nature preserve will be amazing once we have warmer temps. The frog orchestra will be wonderful...perfect environment for them to perform.

Portrait of a Bride.


Thanks everybody for comments and feedback and thanks a ton for watching!

Cygnet (baby swan) A shot from the Nikon1 V1. I'm considering 'traveling light' and only taking the V1 when I go on vacation this month. Haven't fully decided though. Definitely going to leave the D700 at home. Debating taking the NEX-7. Would love to pick-up and take an Olympus Tough TG-1 as well, but not sure I can afford to.

Taken behind St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research’s vision is to beat blood cancers. They invest money into blood cancer research throughout the UK to ensure that all patients have their disease diagnosed early and accurately, receive personal, targeted treatments which are effective and have minimal side effects in order to beat or manage their cancer.

View On Black --- Flickriver

Port du Patis à La Haie Longue. L'oiseau semble être une "Sterne voyageuse"

(The bird seems to be a "Tern") DRI (9images/enfuse/Gimp)

Merci de votre visite - Thanx for passing by ...

Continuing my low-light experiment. Not sharp enough here, but I otherwise liked the colours and comp so decided to keep it anyways.

Extra credit side trip on the way to Dog Crack

This was the finish of the dolphin show at Seaworld, very luck to get the parrots in it too, was a very impressive show!

The dinos went scouting for a fishing spot today. Poles should be in the water in a few days. Stay tuned.


The Dinos are on a Jones Soda Label bitches!!!!!!!!!!

Proof here:


The Song That Inspired my photo: Bad words in song. (you were warned)

St. Croix River flooded over in Hudson, WI


October 8th, 2010

Shot with 60x spotting scope and cellphone from about 60' away. :-) Note the subtle vignetting around the edge of the frame...

On a desolate one way road that doubles as a biking and running trail. It follows the Grand River from Suburbia to the city.

picked up an el cheapo lens today...

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. -Samuel Johnson


Pretty much straight out of camera. Edited later in Lightroom for a little punch. Nothing too over the top, edited version is 3 photos away in the stream, called "Morning's Call"

On a Flickr photo walk this morning. Decided to challenge myself by taking my trusted 85mm of my body and replacing it with a 16-35 mm. A total failure in my eyes, this is most properly the best I could salvage.

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