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An example of the fantastic artwork of Steven Roberts, which I had the privilege of colouring for the Megazine. This was the first time I'd coloured anyone else's work.

A friend wanted to write a 'Choose your own adventure' story for his entry on the 2000AD adventure calender thread. So he asked a bundle of artists if they could help illustrate it.


This is me illustrating what happens when you bump into some suspicious assassins on your way to a Christmas party you stole the ticket for.,31127.0.html

Press shot commissioned by for The Realist


Shot by


The Realist is here to tell it like it is. They are the political party that doesn't want your vote. They are the religion that doesn't want you kneeling at their altar. They are the uncomfortable truth that you don't want to hear.


Taking no prisoners in their war of attrition against the superficiality and moral hypocrisy of polite society and popular culture, The Realist stay true to their name.

Part hip-hop crew, part rock group, The Realist is producer, The Triplet of Bellville (TO, and rappers Kid Clever and Sinister Dexter.


Wearing their anger and disgust like a badge of honour, The Realist defy genres with their bone-crushing fusion of glitch-hop and electronica. With the power of an apocalyptic opera, their sound is characterised by heavy electronic bass lines underpinning orchestral soundscapes layered with powerful lyrics and tortured death metal vocals.


TOB (Triplet of Bellville)_

With influences ranging from Chopin, Grieg and Rachmaninov to Richard Devine, Amon Tobin and Autechre, TOB is the musical force behind The Realist. Always striving to push boundaries, TOB gives life, depth and emotion to his music by incorporating live instrumentation and vocalists.


TOB always seeks to evoke extreme emotions with his music. His background as a sound engineer ensures that The Realist's sound is as technically pure as it is emotionally charged.


Sinister Dexter_

Sinister Dexter's name is derived from the Latin words meaning 'left' and 'right' respectively. The classical roots of these words also imply 'evil' and 'good'.


The theologian of the crew, Sinister Dexter seeks to explore the religious morality and blinkered conformity he experienced growing up in the Cape hinterland.


Labeled the dirty white rap machine gun, Sinister Dexter is the byproduct of modern society, a reflection of what the world has become. Unafraid to tackle taboos or speak his mind, you may wish to bury your head in the sand or look the other way, but Sinister Dexter will always be right there to remind you that life isn't all blues skies and pretty flowers.


Kid Clever_

Originally hailing from Kimberley, Kid Clever, the self-proclaimed, 'short sh*t with the biggest mouth in the business', is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.


Always willing to put his life on the line to make a point, Kid Clever applies his razor-sharp street smarts to social ills of all kinds.


The vicious attack dog of the crew, Kid will battle anything that moves. With his 'never say die' attitude, even if you could outwit this Clever Kid, you'd never manage to silence him.


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