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Featuring Simon Wistow (SixApart) as Confident Matt. James Governor (Redmonk) plays Nervous Matt.


Following the chain

The big rock thing to mark the top of the hill. It's what we could see as a little dot from the bottom. It's a lot bigger close up.

In Cantaloupe, Simon and Tom watch a YouTube video of people they know doing Krav Maga


Note that the colours are right, even if they look weird. That's light from the laptop reflecting off thier faces a-la Hackers

We set off up the hill on new year's day. This is the field covered in snow.

The seventh dwarf (me) is taking the photo.

Simon was leaving for SF a few days later. He said that no-one could take good pictures of him. Maybe that's still true, but I quite like this one, and it captures how I usuallyremember him pretty well. Best viewed on black, really.


(Strobist: SB-24 fired wirelessly, resting on the table and bouncing off pub wall to the right at 45º; about 1/4 power).

So Simon's been doing Krav Maga, and one of the exercises is shaking your hands for five minutes.....and it seemed like a good idea to try it in the pub

So we drove to Kirkwood, got 5 miles away and were faced with a closed road. Which didn't open all day.


Since we were already there, we figured we should wait. For 4 hours.


One way of passing the time? Diving into the snow.


Paul got video.

Second night in cooking - it's good to cook again. Tonight was simple, just bangers'n'mash.


Simon wanted to try a new technique for the mash - bake the potatoes, then skin them and use the flesh for the mash. Worked out well, although I'm not sure that the hassle is always worth it.


Simon's final genius idea: fry the resulting skins in the run-off fat from the sausages. Mmm. Porky potatoes.

He's my evil twin. We actually take turns in being the evil one, but he currently has the goatee, so is "it" by default.


He's also not allowed to look so coy in photos from now on, lest the female population of San Francisco spontaneously combusts in a maelstrom of "I love British guys"-type lust when he moves here.


Note the blatant chest-borne advertising. Evil twins are corporate whores.

Sitting down after a game of Boule in my back garden. CL beat me.

Simon Wistow and Celia Romaniuk wait for a tram in Manchester

Simon's birthday; a brief stop at 111 Minna (which is full of wankers, for future reference).


I wasn't actually drunk, but the N73 is a bit random, overenthusiastic and, well, crap in low light.


I need to start packing a proper camera again for people shots. Wouldn't even have uploaded this, but I'm tired, spent 5 hours in meetings today, and this is the best I can do for "Day by Day". Nevermind.

Making the Simon Wistow face.

And this is only half the people that turned up for Simon's leaving drinks. The other half are behind me at this point.

...does it take to fit a hardtop to a jeep?

Simon takes control of Artur's kitchen.

He always gets upset when people take his photo, although thankfully that's not showing too much here.

Simon Wistow outside the Lowry Centre at Salford Quays, 2001

Simon Wistow. Top gun sunglasses, no doubt.

In the dark, apparently.

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