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The Brushy Mountain tunnel is located in Paulding Co and is 800 ft long, built in 1912.

Shadows of Bridge on Silver Comet Trail

Wooden rail trestle located on Silver Comet Trail near Powder Springs, Georgia.

Silver Comet Trail -Mile 29

View from west side of trestle. Built in 1901, the Pumpkinvine Trestle is over 750 feet long, and rises 126 feet over Pumpkinvine Creek. The trestle was restored in 1999, and opened for Silver Comet use in 2000.

Walked over to the horse trail for a closer/better view but noticed "No Trespassing" sign.

Silver Comet Trail -Mile 29

Could not find a name for this bridge but looking at its construction it's easy to see that it needed a replacement.

Warm and dry enough for a bike ride on the Silver Comet Trail today. Noticed this barn that normally would not have been seen for foliage. Then came back with the a77/70-400G.

silver comet trail

(hiram trailhead - hiram, ga)



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This is my routine Silver Comet Trail destination point.


I ride to Coot's Lake from the Tara Drummond Trail Head, have an energy bar and some water before heading back.

Bukit Tarek FR, Selangor, Malaysia.


This specimen, perhaps a subsp. and var. has ornamented silver leaves and called Silver comet in the horticultural market. Close-up of fruits of Globba pendula Roxb. Zingiberaceae. CN: [Malay - Halia burung, Meroyan tinggal, Meroyan air, Halia hutan, Puar birah], Pendulous globba, Woodland ginger. Native to Indo-China, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malesia ecozone (Malaysia, Sumatera, Java, Borneo). Non-aromatic member of the ginger family. Herb growing up to 100 cm; leaf acuminate-caudex apex with stiff and hairs on above lateral veins; leaves arranged in two rows. Inflorescence elongated, nodding with rather long cincinni; flowers orange and subsessile; staminode longer than lateral petal lobes, anther with two appendages. Concoction used by natives for post-natal bath.



Globba panicoides Miq.

Globba wallichii Baker

Globba aphylla Miq.

Globba calophylla Ridl.

Globba ciliata Jack

Globba debilis Ridl.

Globba expansa Wall. ex Horan

Globba fasciata Ridl.

Globba hura (J.F.Gmel.) Roxb. [Illegitimate]

Globba kingii Baker

and many more; see


Ref and suggested reading:

FRIM Flora Database

In 2010, I couldn't walk upstairs to our bonus room without breaking a sweat. The wife and I decided to make a change. And that is just what we did. I ran my first 5K in March and just kept going. Cannot wait to see what 2012 holds.

Mother's Day


Focal Zoom with SMC P-DA 50-200mm f4.0-5.6 ED - The trestles supporting the Silver Comet

Taking a break at my short ride turn around point


From the archive:

The SIlver Comet Trail in Georgia becomes an active railline again in Rockmart. The Silver Comet Trail is part of a plan to link Atlanta fo Birmingham using mostly old railroad beds.

The Silver Comet

brushy mountain tunnel

silver comet trail

(braswell, ga)



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