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Silence is the music of wisdom.

Pentax K-30


@Annwn Willows


by: Sri Chinmoy


When I look for silence,

I find silence

Inside my soul.


When I look for my soul,

I find my soul

Inside my silence.


Silence, silence, silence.

Silence awakens the sleeping seeker in me.

Silence enlightens the aspiring seeker in me.

Silence fulfils the self-giving seeker in me.

Silence, silence, silence.


Sound and silence are two Vision-Realities of God.

Silence is the cry of Eternity.

Sound is the smile of Infinity


An ordinary man thinks either that silence cannot be achieved or that it is of no avail.

But a seeker knows that silence can be achieved on the strength of his inner cry.

He also knows that silence is of tremendous importance,

for without silence we cannot see the face of Truth or grow into the very image of Truth and Light.


Silence tells the seeker in us to love, to love himself.

It tells us it is wrong to hate ourselves because of our imperfections.

When the seeker loves himself, loves the Divine within himself,

he eventually realises the Ultimate Truth.


Totally different moods to the previous rainbow shot but I prefer this one for that reason!


It's the moment in time ....


So say you love me

or say you'll leave me

Don't let the silence

do the talking

Just say you want me

or you don't need me

Don't let the silence

do the talking

lunzer see, lower austria

i don't know why but in the mist i always hear the silence...

""Have a Nice Weekend Friends..&THANKS""Take care and thank you so much for your visit.""


Silence on Loch Ryan near Stranraer.

I wanted to join the Palouse party so bad i dug up this one from last year. I will get one chance to head out there before my upcoming travels to Iceland.


Thanks for your comments and critques. I will be back on Monday night.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Tipical house and olive trees at Benalfanges. Alentejo, Portugal

This infrared gave me the feeling of silence falling in the evening.Ahhhh......

Keep silence

don't rush to finish your poem

the Finisher of the poem

the Creator of the word

will begin to arrive...


-Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi


texture by lenabem-anna


hi there:)))

my name is Johnny and i am a flickr addict!!!!!! lol

had to post another one, had sort of taken flickr christmas vacation, lol for two days at least:))

please bare with me:)) i have way to much to do at the moment, but i just had to post one:))

this shot was taken later that same night as my previous post:) this might be the clouds i am the most happy with in all my shots, been posted in a landscape version before and a bit darker:))) the title is fitting this perfectly because it was almost completely silent this night, almost no wind and so serene:))


hope you like it? please push the L button:))


well well, hopefully THIS is my last post before christmas then?? lol


thanks alot for stopping by and for leaving comments and faves, it is highly appreciated:))


take care and have a merry christmas everyone:))


Johnny :))


“—the longer you silence a violin, the harder it is for it to find its true voice again.”

― Alexandra Bracken, Passenger

I was on my way home after my precious, much sought for photographic session at Lake Garlate (see Fire on the water).

The magic of sunrise was finished, by then, so I was driving home without any hope of getting something more to capture. It was then that I saw a castle of shining mist ahead. "It is the meandering river near Airuno!", I thought. So I parked my car and reached the river, which flows near the road. The first rays of the rising sun were heating the air and a beautiful mist was rising from the placid surface of water. As the golden light filtered through the mist I set my tripod and the first bracketing, and began shooting.

It was a magic moment. I was feverishly capturing that thin spell of light and mist, since I knew that it was just a fleeting moment, but I did not feel in a hurry - the water was still, only slighlty perturbed by the vague shape of a duck (or rather a common moorhen?) silently gliding along; the noise from the road was muffled by the mist itself, and I was feeling a deep silence inside me.

This is one of the latest shots of the series: soon after that the mist was completely gone, leaving me musing on the fleeting nature of beauty...


I have blended four HDR images derived from a 3-bracketing, -1.67 ev/0/+1.67 ev, generated and tonemapped with Luminance HDR 2.4.0 (Fattal, Reinhard05, Mantiuk06, and Pattanaik operators).


Luminance HDR 2.4.0 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Fattal

alpha: 1.79

beta: 0.88

Saturation: 0.78

Noiseredux: 0

fftsolver: 1


PreGamma: 0.73


Operator: Reinhard05

Brightness: 1.4

Chromatic adaptation: 0.08

Light adaptation: 0.07


PreGamma: 1.00


Operator: Mantiuk06

Contrast Mapping factor: 0.23

Saturation Factor: 0.80

Detail Factor: 2.2


PreGamma: 0.61


Operator: Pattanaik

Multiplier: 501.19

Cones: 0.11

Rods: 0.37


PreGamma: 1.24

this is a bit of a rarity and lasted only so briefly before the fog took on another shape and expression...

i am often mesmerized and spell bound by the possibilities....

lunzer see, lower austria

At Belém. Lisboa, Portugal

"Já não sei mais a diferença

de ti, de mim, da coisa perguntada,

do silêncio da coisa irrespondida."


Cecília Meireles

La cosa che più mi ha colpito, nel fare questa foto, è stato il silenzio della campagna fatto di tanti leggeri rumori.....peccato non potervelo far sentire con YouTube !!!!!


The thing that has excited more me, in to make this photo, has been the silence of the country full of so many light noises. .... sinned not to be able to do you him to feel with YouTube!!!!!

The starry heaven above me and the moral law within me

Immanuel Kant

Thanks for all your visits and comments!

After Christmas a wonderful silence is around people who are looking for it.

Walking through quiet landscapes is a special pleasure that is balm for soul and body.


A happy new year to all my Flickr - friends. I wish you a peaceful and calm 2010.


Au bord de la rivière me suis assise

languissante nature qui somnole


Thanks to all my friends ♥♥

Have a beautiful day ☼ and weekend !




please, press L for a best view , it 's recommended ☺ merci !

This is a tree I pass by many times going to work. Always wanted to photograph it but could never stop because of all the cars behind me. I've tried while I was driving but it always appeared to blurry and it was dangerous. Especially since the tree's view was on my passenger side. I would roll the passenger window down, point the camera out, hold the shutter button down and look ahead so I wouldn't hit the car in front of me. Today weather permitted me to just stop and get out of my car and take as many pictures as I could. So here it is. Finally.

When the noise in your life gets too loud.....

Listen to the silence within.

Misty, morning walk over the hills. Lovely and silent except for the sound of an occasional tree frog and rooster, which is music to my ears.


View On Black


What you can do:

You can criticise silence,

You can ignore silence.

What you cannot do:

You cannot sit even one fleeting minute

In silence.

Yet one day

It is you and you alone

Who will marry silence

And become inseparably one

With silence-sky.


Sri Chinmoy


Explored Sept. 20, 2011 #145

Thank you.

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