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Mi sono così abituato a questa follia

che ora è quasi forzata


E tu sei qui...


Io mi sento...


E tu sei qui,

Sole splendente.


(Glosoli, by Sigur Ros)





Music was invented to confirm human loneliness

Lawrence Durrell


Back to old habits.. Yay!

Missed old B? :)


I just ended summer.


Now i'm / (we're) starting autumn.


inspired by : Sæglópur | Sigur Rós

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this time i've found my flock


and i won't look back

I saw Jónsi on my birthday. It was the best birthday I ever had.


More photos and a review here:


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Oberaargletscher am Oberaarsee. Die Quelle der Aare. Aufgenommen in der Nähe des Staudammes auf knapp 2500m Höhe. Der Stausee war an diesem Tag meistens in Nebel eingehüllt und immer wieder nur für ein paar Minuten frei sichtbar.


Soundtrack: Sigur Ros - Untitled #1 (Vaka)


Wünsche euch allen ein schönes Wochenende!

Covered in feathers.. again, such an amazing show to see on my birthday!


Amazing lead singer of Sigur Rós.


More photos and a review here:


**All photos are copyrighted. Please do not use without permission**


Hendumst í hringi

Höldumst í hendur

Allur heimurinn óskýr

Nema þú stendur




United Palace, 18-September 2008


The kind of show that dreams are made of.


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i just felt in this mood when i listened at this song :)

mi sono sentita così dopo aver ascoltato questa canzone :)


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ég hallaði á, í ró,

það stóð allt í stað, og þú…

þú söngst til mín, svo hljótt..

þú söngst til mín, svo hljótt..


í túnglsljósinu, ég sé tig á grúfu.

í túnglsljósinu, þú breytist í bláa dúfu


ég þakka þér þá von sem þú gafst mér

ég þakka þér þá von…


Song by Sigur Ros

Press L for lightbox, please.


The Song


Svo Hljótt from the album Takk...


The Story


My original idea was to shoot a picture for this song during skydiving. Because I haven't been skydiving and probably won't be anytime soon, I'm going to have to compromise a bit :)


My whole life I have had these weird dreams of flying. In those dreams I never fly on the sky or any open space, rather in a room inside a building. It is actually more like weightlessness and zero gravity. Anyway, this song reminds me of those dreams and the feeling of weightlessness. When I first heard this song, the instant image on my mind was that I was floating peacefully over Iceland. I know that sounds weird! But imagine. Hands open wide, the feel of freedom and all that rugged and amazing scenery below.


But why specifically Iceland? Because their home country - glaciers, waterfalls, geysirs, moorland - can be heard in Sigur Rós's music.


The Project


Sigur Rós is an islandic post-rock and ambient band. Their music is challenging, ethereal, tranquil, experimental, explorative, insightful and very visual.


The aim of this project is to depict my favourite Sigur Rós songs with photographs. The point is to represent them the way I see and interprete them. Not necessarily through the lyrics - they sing mostly in vonlenska, a non-literal language - but more through the mental images they inspire. Some of them are real memories and some are just images in my head.


I might, and most probably will, post several pictures for the same song. The music of Sigur Rós has so many levels and dimensions that it can be visioned in so many ways.


Sigur Rós Site

Déjame ser y estar en tu vida. Prometo cuidarte sin invadirte, apoyarte sin decidir por ti, crecer cuando no llegues y menguar cuando te sientas fuerte. Déjame alegrarme de tus éxitos y compartir las decepciones. Prometo no juzgar, igual que haces tú conmigo. Déjame SER. Déjame ESTAR. Déjame fotografiar tus pensamientos, prometo no descolocarlos. Solo así, dejando que seas tú quien maneje tus alas y las abra a su antojo, podré recibir esta mirada cómplice que me regalas cada vez que descubres que soy y estoy.


... me encanta que te emociones escuchando esta canción ...


Te quiero.


(... ...)

It has never been my object to record my dreams, just to realize them...

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission.

© All rights reserved


Sigur Ros


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Wiki di Mauro_Staccioli


Fattoria di Fognano. San Giacomo in Fognano, Volterra 1985-2009,

cemento rosso e ferro, cm 125x2100x100


L’arco rovesciato posto sul limitare di un poggio pianeggiante, poco prima

del dirupo che ne segna la fine, sottolinea non solo idealmente il paesaggio

volterrano con le sue dolcezze ma anche le asprezze scaturite dalla sua

conformazione geologica. Staccioli con il suo segno dolcemente arcuato

dalle estremità aguzze e severe ci sollecita ad ammirare lo scenario con

le sue linee modellate dall’erosione del terreno argilloso, con i suoi calanchi

e il continuo variare dei colori.

Use all my images without my permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved.


Í skinninu

Yðar á

Krækir klónum í

Og klórar í.


In the skin

Your skin

It digs its claws

And lacerates.


Brennisteinn - Sigur Rós



AND thank you lexi soo much for doing the reverse part :***


I'm not truly happy with this but then I can't sit around looking at it anymore. I've come to realize that with all the good comes some bad and that this applies a lot with creative photography. I made up my mind that I was going to cut out my "crap" and just do good photos, which is easier said then done. I've now come to the understanding that "crap" is very necessary because it pushes you forward and makes you want to be better.


Hopefully this ends my semi-retirement and thanks to those who pleaded for me not to... I truly appreciate your kind words.


Lesson of the day... don't take flickr too seriously.



This Dakota of the U.S. Navy crash-landed behind the coast on the endless black volcanic sands of the Sólheimasandur in the south of Iceland in 1973. The scene of the wreck in the middle of this black wilderness is post-apocalyptic and very surreal. The wreck also makes an appearance in the documentary film Heima by the Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Best on black.


Sigur Ros - Untitled#8 (Heima)

Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, México, 23/07/2012


completing the mood:

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