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Dedicated to all the lovers of this world.


Oftentimes, when we fall in love, be it before or after marriage, we forget those people who once had significant roles in our lives, when we had no "love" in our lives. Even worse, we don't give much importance to them anymore. This leads to regrets in the long run.


Everything in life needs balance and love is no exception.

Anna and Heather bravely proclaim their quest to explore the Grenadian frontier.

.. helical thread for love/sex substance.

.. developing slowly with outward or perceptible signs.

Appreciation Week: Day 2 - Partnership


(: To all the types of relationship out there: friendship, romantic, platonic, kinship, et al - life's good when you have someone to share it with.




Day 1 - Light

For Filipina Flickrites: Significant Others.


Well, here's an old photo of the man and I, taken one night in late 2007. The top I'm wearing is the top I wore a few days ago is the top I wore our first date.


He is absolutely wonderful to me.



(Our friend, Drew, took this using a Holga. So it's SOOC, save for the crop)

Sam's desk, just now. He does important things there, I think. I steer clear because his office makes me anxious.

SGUSVM faculty and Significant Others compete at the Grenada Broadcast Network's annual King of the Grill competition.


Their team was awarded the champion title for the second straight year after winning highest marks from their judges in all five categories.


Watch a short video of their experience:

Natural lighting at golden hour, partially shining through tree leaves to create a flare.


Do not use without permission. © Azntaiji Multimedia 2012.


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Some people are very organized when it comes to messing up their lives, an old friend told me years ago. The first thing they do is make a list of the 10 best ways to ruin everything. At the top of every list, he added, is this:

Get a dog.

He was wrong, of course. If he had taken the time to peruse the scientific literature he would have found all sorts of studies showing that a dog, and maybe even a cat, really can be man's (and woman's) best friend. Studies show that pets can lower our blood ... Read more...

This is the new, final version. For now at least (a piece is never really finished, is it).


I changed the size and placement of the magnifying glass, and added a border. I also removed the brackets.

Romantic symbol of two forks connected by a love heart.

In good spirits she shows off her shoes.

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