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Seaside chapel after sunset, Sifnos Island, Greece, a great quiet place to unwind after the long trip from California.


First of all I would like to apologize for my total absence from flickr for the past 5 weeks, the recent trip was very productive, the weather cooperative, and the wifi connections..... well let's focus on the positive. Since I have no travel plans until late September, there will be plenty of time to catch up, but there's no way I can go through 33 pages of recent activity or 110 recent contact notifications, so I apologize once again.

Kamares, Sifnos island, Greece

one of the best walks on sifnos

from apollonia to kastro and one to pulati and up the stepps to artomenas

where its time for a bier before heding down the mant 1000 stepps down back to apollonia

The dove-cotes are found in some of the other Cycladic islands, but the most impressive ones are located on the island of sifnos. The local people breed pigeons mainly for their tasty meat and their dropping, which constitutes a first quality fertilizer.

The dovecotes are built in the countryside at well-chosen locations near cultivated areas and water, on the slopes of mountains and ravine. They are a strikingly beautiful ornament of landscape. They are massive, stone-built edifices, the lower floors of which are used as storerooms for agricultural and live-stock products and tools while the upper floors are for pigeons.

The dove-cote builders used the local material, slate, with great skill in order to form unusual decorations on one or more facades of the building (rhomboids, triangles, suns and cypress trees. These ornaments form an astounding and harmonic picture.

They are truly “built embroideries”. Each one individually and all of them as a whole, constitute architectural monuments and are expressions of popular artistic creation, unique in the world. Only when architecture springs from the same emotional urge as decoration, do such results occur.

Though pigeons have been present on the island for many centuries, it appears that the Venetians introduced their systematic breeding.


I took this photo from the plane, when we were going back from our vacation on Crete island. Taking this shot I didn't know what part of land it is, but now I know (Marga, thanks again!), that it is Sifnos island, in the Cyclades island group in Greece.


One of my Flickr contacts posted a shot today that had me take a double look. It was a blue door just like this much so that I had to open up my shot and see if it was the same door.

It is a little different, but was pretty crazy to see a door shot so close to this. I took it in Sifnos Greece. I had not planned on posting it so soon, since I am posting shots in the order of when I took them, but I wanted her to see it.



(I will be busy, and inconstant.................thanks for your support........)


The church called Panagia Poulati was built in 1871 and every year's celebration day takes place at the 15th of August. Visitors usually admire the imposing steeples which are an example of the wonderful old cycladic architecture. You will also admire the beautiful fence, paved with flagstones, leading to the halls, the tombs and the cells.

Besides the quiet, my first thought of Sifnos was how many churches there were. I read that there were 365 of them on that tiny island. Most had blue domes, but some had white ones. There also were quite a few blue domed windmills too. It was so special there. This island did not disappoint!

a 2-3 hour walk from apollonia

Ag. Sostis", a monastery a few meters above the sea on the north-eastern coast of Sifnos, where the ancient gold mines used to be.

You'll see the beautiful marble footpath leading down to the church as well as what is left of the mines

Κάστρο στη Σίφνο

will be in sifnos sept 24 to okt 5

view my pics on the site sifnos trails

there are many tausend stepps between apollonia Main Square/platia and artomonas

the most pretty of all the greek island for us photographers

take some water with you and take it easy its up hill all the way to artomonas

there you will found some nice tavernas with tables outside for a rest

then please go on to the very end of the village up and up steps again

till you come to the last house and some moore meters and you will se the windmill

needless to say all the way starting from apollonia you have many dif views of the sea and the hills

and you will get ecstatic and drunken of all this i call this sifnosis

you fall in love with the coulers and the light and the shapes


MY FRIENDS, I wish you a most serene SUMMERWEEK.



words and pictures

by sirhenryb


the brightness of dawn

crosses the rooms


the silence of thoughts

the burning candle reflects itself

multiplied in the window


of a passed lifetime

reaches my ear

slowly darkness creeps

through the rooms


as if it would let the eyes

leave time to adjust/ get used

to the changement of scenery

in search of words

i get lost in a jungle

of thoughts never to be thought out

on a journey/ trip through the aisles

of the brain

i lost the flowers

which flourished

through my kisses

in the desert of the occident

i pull myself togehter

and wade

- faning with my hands the shroud of mist-

the swamp

of thoughts devouring themselves

on the other side

the sun is shining

the words are obvious

and shape themselves

to sentences

the circumstances define/shape/form the human

human defines/shapes/forms circumstances

human creates circumstances

circumstances creates human

human flees them

and gets into circumstances

is capable

is incapable of evading the circumstances

human needs the circumstances

alone i couldn't write

i need circumstances/ conditions

pic and words


My apetite for vacation is obvious isn't it ????

This shot was taken while I was on vacation in Sifnos. The sunset gave to this photo great saturated colours.


This is one of my first attempts to dSLR photography before years!

Yellow gate and gerania pots. Artemonas. Sifnos island; Cyclades, Greece

the port as we approached it.

St George Heronisos Sifnos

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