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Seaside chapel after sunset, Sifnos Island, Greece, a great quiet place to unwind after the long trip from California.


First of all I would like to apologize for my total absence from flickr for the past 5 weeks, the recent trip was very productive, the weather cooperative, and the wifi connections..... well let's focus on the positive. Since I have no travel plans until late September, there will be plenty of time to catch up, but there's no way I can go through 33 pages of recent activity or 110 recent contact notifications, so I apologize once again.

Kamares, Sifnos island, Greece

# 036 / 2010


In Explore March 4, 2010 # 191

There are 13 settlements and villages inhabited all year long in Sifnos and most of the buildings follow the tradition. Some of the characteristics are the flat roofs because in almost every house we collect rain water in cisterns underground, the ceramic ending of the chimney called "flaros", the stone - covered yards and stone - covered footpaths with white lines around stones, the whitewashed buildings and of course the dry stone walls everywhere on the island. These walls which are so old that we don’t know when they where built, used to keep the little rain and the little soil we have, they separated properties and they show that the whole island used to be cultivated in the past.

Besides the quiet, my first thought of Sifnos was how many churches there were. I read that there were 365 of them on that tiny island. Most had blue domes, but some had white ones. There also were quite a few blue domed windmills too. It was so special there. This island did not disappoint!

I was hoping to get my top favorite shots of our vacation posted before the New Year, but along came our little grandbaby and Christmas. So after we left Skopelos, we went to the island of Sifnos. It is not as popular as Santorini of Skopelos, but we loved it there, not much to see or do, but it was just what we needed after all the traveling we had done. We left there very relaxed.

The dove-cotes are found in some of the other Cycladic islands, but the most impressive ones are located on the island of sifnos. The local people breed pigeons mainly for their tasty meat and their dropping, which constitutes a first quality fertilizer.

The dovecotes are built in the countryside at well-chosen locations near cultivated areas and water, on the slopes of mountains and ravine. They are a strikingly beautiful ornament of landscape. They are massive, stone-built edifices, the lower floors of which are used as storerooms for agricultural and live-stock products and tools while the upper floors are for pigeons.

The dove-cote builders used the local material, slate, with great skill in order to form unusual decorations on one or more facades of the building (rhomboids, triangles, suns and cypress trees. These ornaments form an astounding and harmonic picture.

They are truly “built embroideries”. Each one individually and all of them as a whole, constitute architectural monuments and are expressions of popular artistic creation, unique in the world. Only when architecture springs from the same emotional urge as decoration, do such results occur.

Though pigeons have been present on the island for many centuries, it appears that the Venetians introduced their systematic breeding.



the land of wild rocks

of the deep blue see

of snowy whith houses

and the land of dry stone walls

of blue church domes

of countlees walking paths

and beatyfull beaches and much moore

i will schow you in the next weeks

the beauty of this place


a 2-3 hour walk from apollonia

Ag. Sostis", a monastery a few meters above the sea on the north-eastern coast of Sifnos, where the ancient gold mines used to be.

You'll see the beautiful marble footpath leading down to the church as well as what is left of the mines

One of my Flickr contacts posted a shot today that had me take a double look. It was a blue door just like this much so that I had to open up my shot and see if it was the same door.

It is a little different, but was pretty crazy to see a door shot so close to this. I took it in Sifnos Greece. I had not planned on posting it so soon, since I am posting shots in the order of when I took them, but I wanted her to see it.

i been here 4-5 times i lost counting

i love sifnos there is no other island like sifnos

its my kind of place

mi tierra


the land of wild rocks

and the dep blue sea

of snowy white houses

and trad. earthen chimney pots

the land of dry stone walls

of blue church domes

of countless paths

and beautiful beaches

Chrysopigì Monastery

My apetite for vacation is obvious isn't it ????

Artemonas, Sifnos


The village of Artemonas in Sifnos


The picturesque village of Artemonas


It is situated at the north of Apollonia in a distance of one and a half kilometer from it. It is a real jewel of Sifnos. High at the top of the hill only two of the old series of wind mills are preserved in a good condition. From here, the view of Sifnos is panoramic. The visitor can look far away at the surrounding islands, at Kastro, at the central settlements, even at Kamares. It is said that at the site where Panagia of Kochi is built today, according to the tradition, there used to be during the ancient times a worship center of "Ekvatiria" Artemis, who was the goddess who used to protect people during their disembarkation from the ships and who also used to safeguard the happy issue of all the cases.


The walk around the paved narrow streets of the village is a unique experience, as the visitor can see some of the most beautiful mansions of Sifnos, in the railed in verdant gardens. The promenade in all the neighborhoods keeps continuous surprises and the image of this marvelous residential complex when it is bathed in the faint light of the afternoon shall certainly touch your soul. The village, with the particular residential development, attracts the visitors in a magic way.

Panagia Chrysopigi, just before sunrise. Mountains on the horizon are Paros island. Bronica ETRsi, 250mm.


Most interesting pics (via darkR)


the port as we approached it.

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