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Form is decided upon by light......... (For all that mentioned curtains, these are white plates stacked together.....)


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As inspired by one of me*voila's works...

Last Friday it was the perfect night for star trailing, not a single cloud in sight and no condensation but chillingly cold in the middle of the field.

Hit EXPLORE on Friday, 20th March, 2009 Highest Position At #478 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


Coming to the end of the event photo... Although the recent upload is only less than 5% of the total shot, ( I took about 4 thousand photos ) I can't upload all... I will upload it along the way...

For chinese dinner, the cold dish is usually the 1st dish to serve to the table... during that night, hundred's of 'cold dish' was prepare for the paryer... About 1800 people was having dinner together that night...

Textures by pareeerica and SkeletalMess, thank you both!


This dish I´ve found this evening when I came home. I ran up the staircases, seized my camera and shot...

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Highest position 15 november 2008 On Explore # 401.


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from sunken steamboat Arabia, mid-1800s

found this while looking for something else, turns out this is what i needed.

Strangely you can;t see them in this pic, but there's a blue 1x1 round plate between every dish and every yellow 1x1 plate.

Glass Fish Serving Disk 10" x 8".

I was putting dishes away and the little stack of bowls in my cupboard made me so happy I just had to pull them out and take a photo of them.

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Set: The Dish


art glass detail


san francisco, california

RealitySoSubtle 141 pinhole camera, f233, film Lomography Slide X-pro 200, exposure time 10 sec, selfdeveloped, crossprocessed

Apparently, ancient civilizations used to use these stone satellite dishes to detect an incoming UFO invasion. Maybe that's why most of the Native Americans seemed to disappear from northern Arizona around 800 years ago. I guess the dishes didn't work. They must have been abducted by aliens.


Anyway... This is from the trip up to Page that Jill and I took a month or so ago. These white hoodoos are kind of off the beaten path, out in the middle of nowhere, around the Utah/Arizona border.

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The apple dish was a house warming gift from my sister many years ago. I love it!

One dish firing slightly off left of the camera top down from 2 feet above head



This is another shot from the other night, drove to the other side of the country for these aha.

From what I've heard these are left on old RAF site.

This is stacked under full moon :) no real editing other than stack.

This is the Lovell Telescope, at Jodrell Bank Observatory Cheshire UK.... It is part of Manchester University

I guess I'm not the only one rather photographing than doing the dishes? :) I couldn't help but notice the nice light.... ;)


I've been spending the night clearing my hard drive and doing back-ups. Finally I have space for new pics.

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