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Για την Ελευθερία και την Εύη. Σας ευχαριστώ :-)

When sickness strikes it's blows

so, so mellow-cum-dramatic

on unsuspecting inner souls

we are laid bare by such depose


whence it came thou shall lay

for the love in sunlit frost sparkles

still, until, ice forms the winter dub

in harmony for negativity to fade away


into misty plumes and protracted freshness

of air, of space, and freedom flowing in fact

a new world prospers in the ice garden

if only we could see through our own abstractedness


our psyche has in itself absolutely

no limitations whatsoever, from sample to example

be they talismanic or unreservedly retiring

each possesses instincts learned so acutely


tonight study your other self as you wish to face it

light up within and illuminate all that is without

bless your principles with the cleansing of winter air

shadow and reflect on the nature you wish to transmit


by anglia24

17h00: 19/12/2007

© 2007anglia24

My friends and I came here, wore a slight altitude sickness

I am here looking at the beautiful Milky Way hovered, really good dream, good untrue, but it is true!

Alpine really high visibility!

We can see with your eyes the magnificent Milky Way!


Well, guys, my sickness is done!


That was an unpleasant 4 days but let's hope it means I won't be sick again for a while!


So...this shot was taken Tuesday evening on a lovely late evening nature walk with Beefy and my Dad at Carburn Park, which has recovered nicely after getting severely damaged in the historic floodings of summer 2013!


Hope you all enjoy the image, and wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!

Old-timers description of sailors life ; referring to surroundings and loneliness during long voyages.

Strobist/Lampista: one light setup. National through a reflective umbrella pointed at the model (full power). Flash triggered with Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger Set V4


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sickness after frozen winter

Yes, I have caught the bug and have copycatted some of my favourite Flickr photogs. I have seen a few people doing a motion blur effect lately, so, being totally UNoriginal, I decided to hop on the bandwagon. I did two layers in Photoshop, motion blurred one, and slightly masked the foreground to bring some of the original back. It was a low opacity mask, so tree streaks are still visible where they shouldn't be. It's all about compromise.

I need to give a thousand thank yous to my twin sister for being my human tripod <3 <3


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Part of the Self destruction series.

See no, hear no, speak no, feel no.


This is what happened after I'd been locked for 5 days at home, with the flu... and with my camera!




Song ♡!



My little bun's special way to wish me a "Good morning" ♥


Location: Monaise Private Home, Serenditipy Lake

Pose: Clique - Pregnancy Pose 001


Credits: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body 4.1, Lelutka Mesh Head - Stella, Doux - Any hairstyle, White Widow - Legend Henna, Addams - Cecilia Lace Nightgown N.2 RARE

it takes strength


and bravery

to stay alive

to survive

to protect the weak

and fight

yes fight


the polluted winds

that storm

so so so many in the

hundreds of millions ....................


God Bless Mother INDYA

To My dearest Friends--just posting to give you the updates on My husband John and Brother Rick.

I first want to say I was so pleased to receive all the wonderful emails that were sent to me…Bless all of you, your caring thoughts and prayers are what give me the courage to go on.

John is healing and doing much better but faces another operation but not until he heals from this last one.


Rick is declining fast, his breathing is deteriorating and he is on some heavy morphine every hour..


I will never be able to say Thank you To all of you enough….I hope to get to all your wonderful photos tonight if am not to tired….Hugs --Carole

One of the few shot taken during my trip to this vintage point. The building in front is the luxury rent apartment Troika.


Canon 5dMK2 /

Canon 16-35F2.8 L

F13 / ISO 100

9 Exposure


Tonemap Photomatix / Digital Blending / Photoshop

Canon AE-1 | Canon FD 50mm f1.4 | Kodak Gold 200


I will never get sick of shooting this window!


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Open up your hate, and let it flow into me...

Wicklow's Great Sugarloaf covered in snow. Taken from the top of Killiney Hill, Dublin.


"With the sugar sickness

You spy the kidnap kid

Who kids you to oblivion

It's the perfect hassle

For the perfumed kiss

He makes you miss him more than home"


Billy Corgan, Daphne Descends, 1998

I know you're sick of dunes.


Sorry 'bout it.

*وَإِذَا مَرِضْتُ فَهُوَ يَشْفِينِ

- أعوذ بعزة اللـه وقدرته من شر ما أجـد وأحـاذر

- اللـهم رب النـاس ، اذهـب الباس اشـفني انـت الشـافي ، لا شـفاء إلا شـفاؤك ، شـفاء لا يغـادر سقمـا


- Hardo © All rights reserved



WAHOOOPDEEDOO me and sammy had a blast at the cabin over the weekend. We swam explored ate lots chatted and were amazed.


She made me lie down in the cold. ouch


Sammy's da bomb

Ah, the story of how I dragged my 50-pound pack almost to the summit of this 13,800 peak and set up camp only to find myself coming down with severe altitude sickness at age 20...


I'll leave most of the gory details to your imagination, but let's just say that one night of acclimation for a near-fourteener campsite ain't enough. For those of you who recognize this peak and have done its class 2 route up the west slope, the chute used was filled with steep snow, and without an ice axe, I had to take a totally different class 3 route to the summit ridge. I’d already climbed 4500 feet that day with my heavy pack and I was about to fall over dead every 10 steps. Feeling the severe lightheadedness coming on and beginning to have lots of trouble breathing around 12,500 feet, I’d stuff my face with salty snacks and power through a large bottle of water every 10 minutes.


Stupid as I was, I pushed on. I knew there was a great little bivy site another thousand feet above, about 200 feet below the summit – that site had been my goal for years and I wasn’t about to give it up. I had visions of waking up to awe-inspiring sunrise alpenglow the next morning, and my body wasn’t about to stop me.


After five hours of stop-and-go hiking and class 3 climbing, feeling like I couldn’t take another step if my life depended on it, I had reached the summit ridge and my jaw fell at this view on the other side. The evening light was beginning to strike the peaks, and while it was clear I’d have to wait for sunrise to have the best alpenglow, I knew I’d get something at sunset. I sat down for half an hour to recover, somehow finding mustering up enough energy to fumble around with my tent and sleeping bag to set everything up in my bivy spot, 200 feet below the summit.


The sunset light grew quite nice – in fact, it was gorgeous. I wasn’t expecting such a brilliant show. Frankly, I was too shitfaced to appreciate it, but I took hundreds of pictures, as I began to wonder if it would be the last thing I ever did. Memories of some of the happy moments of my life began to play back in my head. I wasn’t hungry for dinner, but I cooked some food and forced myself to eat it. I nearly threw it right back up. Now dark outside, I lay in my sleeping bag for five minutes, ten minutes, an hour…and I only felt worse. If you haven’t experienced this, a good analogy is to take a tiny coffee stirring straw and try to breathe through it…and imagine sustaining that indefinitely. Around 10PM, I reluctantly accepted that if I stayed where I was, I was not going to make it through the night alive. I had no choice but to attempt to find my way down the mountain in total darkness.


Thanks to a near-photographic memory, I managed to follow my route down in the dead of the night, arriving back at the trail at 12,000 feet just after 1AM, feeling a little better but still trashed. I pondered heading back to my car and driving back down the hill, but I realized that I wouldn’t be back till sunrise anyway, so I headed down to 11,300 feet on the other side of the pass and set up camp at 2AM. Having been 200 feet from the summit, I never quite reached it. And I never saw my sunrise. Needless to say, though, that was the very last thing I cared about right then. I was alive. That’s what mattered.


I felt a bit better the next morning, enough to leave my pack at my campsite and hike around for 10 miles…by the third day, I was mostly fine. The snowstorm that came in on the third day is a story of its own.


Man, I love the backcountry life. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.


Let me know what you think!


- Jeff





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Ciudad de México, 22 de mayo del 2014

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