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Slowly the buds and blooms, then the bees arrive, and almost within a day, the flowers are done, petals fall and the leaves have come. The tree is strong, it waits, it grows, and in time, a new cycle is begun. Will I always be a tree, or will you show me how, to be, all I can be.


From "The Book That Dreams"


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Neurobasis chinensis Linnaeus / แมลงปอเข็มน้ำตกใหญ่จีน (male)




Another one from Bushy Park,


Thank-you to pareerica for the texture.


Often the wildflowers are multi-stemmed. Alone, they're quite insignificant but together they make beauty.

Explore Jan 5/08 Red-winged Blackbird Interested in what I was doing IMG_5483

Two mallard drakes show off their flying skills to a duck during a flight over Bushy Park duckpond.


I added a texture - one of mine added to Bruised Ego by SkeletalMess - to counter the white sky.

Taken on the plane before sunrise on the way to Hong Kong with my point & shoot camera. I had all the time in the sky to wait for this beauty!


Besides, I can't sleep on the plane, so was awake for 13hours flat trying to entertain myself watching movies and playing Sudoku!!! :)


This image is dedicated to Dani Romanesi - thanking her for the testimonial.

If you haven't already done so, I seriously advise you to check out her stream - I think her work is quite similar to mine, but she does the DOF much better! Ha ha! :)



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Tag Gacha has opened and I finally got around to checking out how to "play." When I saw a HUD was involved I got a little nervous with flashbacks of falling into lava pits Mad Pea style. But as luck would have it, it is not a game based on skill. If you are trying to figure out how to start and shop this event look no further than.......


Read the rest and get the details on Threads & Tuneage

The term "peacock" is commonly used to refer to birds of both sexes. Technically, only males are peacocks. Females are peahens, and together, they are called peafowl.


Hope you are having a great day. Thank you for stopping by.


Among the most elegant of the herons, the slender Snowy Egret sets off immaculate white plumage with black legs and brilliant yellow feet. Those feet seem to play a role in stirring up or herding small aquatic animals as the egret forages. Breeding Snowy Egrets grow filmy, curving plumes that once fetched astronomical prices in the fashion industry, endangering the species.


Early conservationists rallied to protect egrets by the early twentieth century, and this species is once again a common sight in shallow coastal wetlands.


Size & Shape

These are medium-sized herons with long, thin legs and long, slender, bills. Their long, thin neck sets the small head well away from the body.


Adult Snowy Egrets are all white with a black bill, black legs, and yellow feet. They have a patch of yellow skin at the base of the bill. Immature Snowy Egrets have duller, greenish legs.


Snowy Egrets wade in shallow water to spear fish and other small aquatic animals. While they may employ a sit-and-wait technique to capture their food, sometimes they are much more animated, running back and forth through the water with their wings spread, chasing their prey.


They are most common along the coast, though they do breed patchily in inland wetlands. Snowy Egrets nest colonially, usually on protected islands, and often with other small herons. They concentrate on mudflats, beaches, and wetlands, but also forage in wet agricultural fields and along the edges of rivers and lakes.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Nikon - 300/2.8 - 1/3200 @ f3.5 - ISO 200

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This is an exclusive photo that will be sold in a silent auction at Bay City's Christmas tree lighting to benefit Child's Play. Learn more here:


This print will never be displayed or sold anywhere else. The ceremony and auction is Dec. 8 in Bay City. Ping me inworld for more info, or look for Marianne McCann as well.

this kiddo waz trying hard to gain attentions...Oh well, he succeeded, I did shoot him!!! I guess I made his day!



Taken at Hartland beach last year

Explore Jan 29/08 American Wigeon. Best seen large About to land. Dark day out on the water. IMG_0109

These lights are going to be one of the most photographed thing during the Olympics.


It is memsermizing to watch. They can be seen 50km away from English Bay in Vancouver.

I am off for a very long day of work, so I might be too tired when I get home to catch up.

We will see.

Have a great day everyone.

I don't have time to do any post work on them right now.

Between shows at some of the pavillions, they continue to play music and the kids just get up and dance on the stage. This boy really got into it, and had some fancy moves too. A natural performer.

Fullmoon rising over empty saltlake. Makgadikgadi Pans - Botswana

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It's been a popular day at the feeder with birds coming and going in a steady stream :-)


Thank you for all your comments and faves!

Happy Totally Texture Tuesday!


Somewhere in central Ohio


Texture: "Dream" by Kim Klassen


Best viewed large in black.



#LANA-Double Desire// Dynamic Top UNDRESS 3

#LANA-Double Desire// Dynamic Skirt UNDRESS 3


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Every type of cloud.....

Eilean a' Cheò, which means island of the mist, is a poetic Gaelic name for the island.

The island was also referred to by the Norse as Skuy (misty isle), Skýey or Skuyö (isle of cloud)

There are many mute swans around the area, but no little ones. The City of Toronto sprays the eggs with oil so they will not hatch, and sadly, they do a very good job of it. Unfortunately there are times when a mated pair will sit/tend the nest for weeks longer than normal gestation before they will abandon it. This big one was having a bath in the inner harbour. Lots of posturing for the other swans nearby - or maybe he was trying to get his picture taken - such a clown!

at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Explored January 17 - #86. Thanks everyone :-)


The grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere...eternal sunrise, eternal dawn and gloaming, on sea and continents and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls.


- John Muir

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