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A slight variation of my "Smeary Sunset" shot of late. Only this time, two photographers provide an almost mystic silhouette that adds to the surreal feel.


Technically, I processed it the same way I did with "Smeary Sunset": Motion Blur, Layer Mask, Liquify, Analog Efex Pro and some finishing touches in Aperture.


I like this shot a lot. What about you?


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... time for three macro shots - this is the second one

Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona, USA


Kuwait 2009


شكر خاص لإبن الخال سيدهاشم

Special thanks to my cousin Said hashim


حقوق الطبع والنسخ والنشر والحفظ في هذا الالبوم جميعها محفوظة وحصرية لـ صادق الموسوي

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Silhouette of a photographer at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.


Just a fun shot for a rainy Sunday in Sydney.

Have a fun day!

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A cameraman and his lady capture the coast lit by the first light of dawn

Week 4 52 in 2015, theme is shooting through an opening. This was shot this AM Jan 19th through a window.


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Self portrait.




I swear my camera is making everything I shoot darker. I dunno maybe it's just my imagination.

Although, because the mirror in it is jammed, whenever I look through the viewfinder I have a faint mirror image of everything I look at. It's a bit trippy and confusing XD

Ha I really need a new camera :D


But on the upside, I really have got the hang of taking self portraits using manual focus ;)


Anyway, how is everyone? :)

Poznan, Poland



A little afternoon snow had me pressed up to the window this afternoon with a big grin...finally a bit of snow! Meanwhile unsuspecting people are moving


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When you arrive late at a waterfall and the sun is hitting it move around and shoot the rainbow.

Please see large hit "L"

Trina came for a visit last weekend, I had a great time shooting with her.

Here we are on Amboy Rd on our way to Amboy .

While I was shooting this photo I could have been shot!

Photography is very interesting! As of today all my friends classify photography in extreme sports or hobbies! Why? The answer is simple...You're always trying to push the boundaries! There's no mountain high enough :). You're always trying to find some hidden passage, to climb higher, going off road, getting yourself in tricky situations...just to shoot something beautiful, something different what nobody else did...

Or someone just wants to kill you because he thinks you're from Environmentally Friendly Organizations, as was the case with me! It was almost dark, some man with his headlights off stopped by the road, he pulled a gun out of the vehicle, pointed towards me, and start yelling that he going to shoot me if I don't run. He told me that all the people of Environmentally Friendly Organizations are pests (but I'm just an amature photographer). I didn't run, I raised my camera, fired flash at him, then I start recording and yelling back to him but after the flash fired he drove away... Just to say this is wasn't private property.

.....shooting against the sun is so appealing......but not what "doctors " recommend ......sensor will get sick.....and die...........

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Crossing the River Trent at Newark weir is EWS liveried Shed 66116 heading the 07.15 Lindsey Refinery - Kingsbury loaded oils (6M57) on 12th March 2015.

I discovered that peppermint schnapps is the most important ingredient for good night shots when it's 15 degrees. This shot is entirely lit by the moon at midnight.

Shot at The Great Smoky Mountains National Park


View on Black


view at original size

a song by Six Inch Killaz. collage includes Killaz images from a duplicate copy of their fanzine booklet I received from Luis.

Good morning everyone. Heres an upload for today. Its a vertical panorama made on my Zero pinhole camera using Ilford PanF50 film.


If you fancy having a play with film photogrpahy to see if its for you, why not join one of my film shoot and process days where you get free film, can borrow a camera if you need one and spend the day learning how to shoot with it and then how to process mono film at home without a dark room.


You will find details on all of my photography workshops across the UK HERE


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Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky are like shooting stars?

I could really use a wish right now.....



I don't know who this photographer is but I won't be surprised if one day I post a shot and someone from flickr says "Hey! That's me!".

Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada

lead guitarist "Majestic Counsel" my good friend -- first day

photo shoot --

Here's an image from my 2010 Great Ocean Road workshop showing a participant shooting the coast.

I've just announced one for 7-9 December 2012 on my blog.


“My Current-work”

A friend of mine told me this a while ago, “Most photographers I know hike with their camera while you hike because of your camera,” it took me awhile to understand his point. Although I am an avid outdoorsman that loves to hike and paddle socially, who also loves h...

Shooting among the blackberry brambles...

OK, everyone does this, so I am joining the crowd. This was shot with a 300mm 2.8 Manual Lens, a TC301 converter and a sturdy tripod. I locked the mirror up prior to shooting. Processed with CS4 and OnOne to sharpen. Adjusted the curves slightly.


I hope the weather is good tomorrow for the Foothills meet and greet.



Probably my favorite of the Neon series I shot last night.


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Shooting Star, Dodecatheon meadia, is a native plant in Texas

Another of my shooting partners David

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Huge exploding Persied meteor caught during a star trail shoot! This is a re-edit of the original I previously posted, I was able to extract more of the natural star colours and brightness in the foreground.

Located : Senjojiki, Shirahama town, Wakayama pref.

和歌山県白浜町 / 千畳敷

Shoot the gun,

Shoot the gun,

Shoot the gun to the bang bang bang.


Just a purist fig to tell you guys i'm alive.

Also, hell yeah chargers beat the seahawks!

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