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Lee guides us through some chocolate variations

Featuring the "Black Rabbit of Inlay Cards"

Dave Green photographing one of Tatsuo Miyajima's artworks. I think the idea was to try and figure out which seven segment LEDs he was using. As you can tell, my photos are useless for that purpose, but hopefully they look kind of nice.

I'm a modern Caravaggio.


Behold the unexpectedly popular Pacman boardgame, on loan from the museum of Simon Thornton.

On location for a "segment" for SRS It's the curved road that touches Bunn's Lane and 'joins' the M1 at both ends, here:


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I think it's important that listeners realise Roo and I always try to wear the same outfit.

Between two hives of numbers at the Lisson Gallery.

As the interface of our world and all other possible ones

Leila and Roo connect by Skype to Dominik Diamond in Nova Scotia, on stage at Playful 2010.

Thanks Sandy! (update: it's already broken)

Screenshots I'm afraid - camera died

Leila interviewing guests past at the 50th episode Shift Run Stop spectacular in the Southwark Rooms. Here she is talking to game designer James Wallis.


Michael sent this from his iPhone.

Paul B Davis explains his hacked NES games on Shift Run Stop episode 9 (out Thursday 14th Jan)

Playing in the Blue Peter garden. 7 month old setter/dachshund cross. Barney is a rescue puppy and his handler was telling us he has needed a lot of TLC to get him brave enough for telly. He lives with one of the presenters now. He chased a squirrel across the garden then came and said hello to me and Roo. Lovely dog. Seems to be settling in well!

This is getting a bit silly now. Shift Run Stop has just had a lovely write-up in Time Out. As a video podcast, even though the video trailers I make are only 3 minutes long... but I'm sure people will work out what it really is from following the URL. And she is very nice about my videos.


[Pic from aarons]

Duncan was the architect of the first "Passively Multiplayer Online Game", The Nethernet, and is now developing an intriguing idea for blending educational stories with gameplay, that he has dubbed "Fictive Worlds".



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