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For Macro Monday theme - Broken


Back from a few days away and will try to catch up. HMM

Vážka rudá - Sympetrum sanguineum

Tento obrázek končí sérii vážek. Foto arboretum Štramberk.

The Red Dragonfly - Sympetrum sanguineum

This photo is last of dragonflies's serie. It was taken in the aboretum Štramberk.


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Another from my pencil shavings shoot, this is my first one with the digital camera, the other one like this was taken on a film camera!

Pencil Shavings. I decided on this image as I was sharpening some pencils for my children and noticed how all the colours mingled and the different textures of the wood. I shot this using a 10x macro filter to help get really close.

(This is not poetry; I do not do poetry; poetry is beyond me - I ain't no poet; I know it; I'd just blow it. These are thought & feelings crafted - however fitfully - as words along with imagery. I appreciate those of you who indulge me.) Bruno Sanfillippo - Piano Textures 2


Wonderfully, lovingly edited by OldTinPail - My original was good: this sings.


The spirit of summer melts away,

falling to earth in the drops of autumn’s rains.


Pitter-patter, plink and spatter

onto the gracefully changing leaves of fall,

and sliding down the bark

of oaks soon to sleep.


Summer, a fast fading memory fleeing the heart of the boy:

young, spirited and free.

He whispers “Goodbye”to the long summer days,

Long as the looming school year seems to be

In the eyes of a child.


I was that child.


Once, study, work, friends.

Now, school a distant memory.

For now,

I am a man.


The scent of crayons, begging for attention,

New, waxy, tacky, sticky/slick, ready.

The grinding sound of pointed new pencils, sharp,

Wood shavings,falling to the floor,

like tan soon-to-come snowflakes.


I am an artist.


The smoothness of white, fresh lined paper under my fingers,

A bottle of Peliken black, new, home in its inkwell.

Its scent comforts, consoles me and now

I am prompted to feel the paper and to write

To make my mark.


I am a writer.


Sounds of crisp shirts, pants rustling

over the sharp metal tap of new heels, new shoes,

Students walking the aisles to their desks.


It is Marilyn. She sits in front of me.

The grooming oil her mother puts in her hair

will always possess me and hold me.

Now, maybe, someday, I will meet someone wearing it,

And I will be compelled to ask her to marry me.


I have memories.


A brand new teacher to meet – we hope she’s sweet –

and maybe a new classmate or two.


“What's your name?” I am asked.


“My name is Bobby, Bobby Long.”


There’s a new desk and a new seat,

They’re alright, but not quite right,

Not the way they will be in May.


I am nervous.


But before that, long before spring,

there is Halloween, burning leaves, chanting “boo” in the night,

and getting sick on too much candy.


Thanksgiving comes along with the smell of dressing, sage,

And the sweet taste of dark turkey meat, ham, cranberries.


And Christmas Cheer, the sounds of a New Year.

The grownups will be loud all night.

There will be little sleep for us

Until after midnight chimes.


I have memories.


But, today, as I walk to school,

there’s the pitter-patter, plink and spatter

of rain drops falling softly onto changing leaves of autumn,

and sparkling rivulets of water

sliding down the bark of oaks,

soon to sleep.


From decades past

and in my heart

The feelings are everlasting.


I was that boy.


And now,


I am a man.


This high magnification macro is just a few mm across:

26x focus stacked shots to show detail of the tiny (invisible to the naked eye) steel shavings in foreground.


While she seamlessly split bamboo shavings into thinner slices with a big knife, life seemed to be passing her by. That I guess is true for all the Padaung people living in Thailand.


The kid with a V sign is learning the throes and call signs of the modern civilizations rather too well.


They came to Thailand running away from the oppression in Burma but here they have become virtual slaves in encampments which the Thai businessmen with political connections run as tourist hot spots to showcase the long neck people.


This was shot in Thailand in May.


_DSC3231 nef color ver 2


i so much like bright colors on black -- i guess it's because i've worked so many years with autoCAD. they tried having a default white background in version 12 to tag along with other kinds of software but it never worked out. colored lines are so much more concise on black -- plus your eyes don't get tired so easily.


i've come to realize that that's why i prefer my images and my blog on black. i wish flickr would give us a choice of backgrounds to display images. for now, you can use this.

Macro Mondays ........ Theme " Say Cheese "

The sliced shavings of cheese as viewed inside the grater.


- Paroisse catholique Saint Nizier. Place Saint-Nizier, 69002 LYON porte d'entrée, soleil rasant fin de journée.

- Catholic parish holy Nizier. Square Saint-Nizier, 69002 LYON front door, sun shaving the end of day.

- Katholische Pfarrkirche Heiliger Nizier. Platz Saint-Nizier, 69002 LYON Eingangstür, die Ende von Tag rasierende Sonne.


I did a similar shot to this in my 2011 project 365 but tweaked this one slightly.

For MacroMonday theme "Imagination". I applied a texture layer in PSE9 for the first time...yay me! I have been using picnik for layers and decided I have to try to learn PSElements9 since I got it for Christmas. I have so much to learn! Imagine if I had all the time in the world!?

This is an old slide film I found and scanned in taken about 15 years ago, these are pencil shavings and using an extension tubes instead of a proper macro lens, thought I would post this now to show that nothing was digital in them days!


I placed the pencils on a light box & used a Nikon SB900 and shoot through umbrella camera right at 1/32 power


Explored on Friday, December 10, 2010

Highest position: 74


Thanks for all your comments & faves


The shot I had planned today had to be postponed due to the rainy weather here in Cape Town. I also have to take that shot on a weekend so I will have to wait and see what happens next weekend - I hope I will be allowed to take it at all....stay tuned for that one. Back to the trusty coloured pencils!

Flat Lay / Knolling by the Calendar

March 30th - Pencil Day


Old used pencils,

sharpener and shavings,

old postcard written in pencil ...

Sharpened coloured pencils and the waste from the pencil sharpener.

Adventures in Seeing # 6 - Little Things

Noticing the little things that I use frequently and seeing how useful they are in their own humble way.

Garlic and oil sautéed swiss chard and shiitakes over ricotta and garlic ramp ravioli topped with fresh heirloom tomato and Italian parmesan shavings.



Pencil sharpened with a hand held sharpener

Taken for Macro Monday theme - Back to school

One simple twist of the sharpener.


Macro Monday theme - Twist


Apologies for an old photo but I'm away and only have an iPad archive to choose from today! HMM

No problem!

A U.S. dime is just the right thickness to drive a standard slotted screw. I do recommend drilling a hole first, though. :-)


For Macro Mondays: “Smaller Than A Coin” theme


And yes, the head of the screw is smaller than the dime.




Taken for Macro Monday theme - Mostly White



Mon nouveau site.


Bienvenue et bonne visite !




My very new own website.


Be welcome and enjoy your visit !




:copyright: Anne d'Huart




Flamenco. Paco de Lucia




Mon nouveau site.


Bienvenue et bonne visite !




My very new own website.


Be welcome and enjoy your visit !




:copyright: Anne d'Huart

This is it, the last yellow shot (explore #229)

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