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I found this old double edge razor while going through my father's old stuff after his death. I learned how to shave while watching him use it. As a child, I could not wait until I could shave "just like Dad." Now, it is the one thing that I must do that I hate the most.

Happy weekend and to my Catholic friends happy holidays!


Jewelry Circle by Baiastice (New at TLC)

Lingerie Eleonora by BBD (At marketplace)

Skin Kirsten (Lelutka Bento) by Ys&Ys

Head Cate Bento by Lelutka (At main store)

Hairbase Shaved by Beasy (At main store)

Nails Goth (all hands) by Nailed It (At main store)

Pose by Ma Vie

Background by The Weekend Ruiner


My blog

For 366 and FGR - Stupid, stupid, stupid!


The worst thing is - it's actually oven cleaner :(

thank you very much Shirin K. A. Winiger!

Go visit her great website and fabulous blog and offcourse don't miss her flickr stream. :-))


I have been to this location three times. Each time I had to car camping because it is far away from the nearest hotel. Right after I got off the plane I came here only to see none stop rain. After a few raining days, I went back to this location again, but the thick clouds didn't let Mt Stetinden shine. A week later, my third time, it was a charm. Not only I saw a light painted peak but also aurora around the mountain!

(Eugene) Vintage barber shop, Old Town Rhodes island


Shaving Brush Flower (Pseudobombax Ellipticum)

Parmigiano-Reggiano or if you prefer, Parmesan. Commonly grated over pasta dishes, stirred into soups and risottos or eaten on its own. It is often shaved or grated over other dishes like salads. HMM!

Macro Mondays: Say Cheese!

inspired by the old Esquire cover.

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I love shave ice.. soo good.. this was raspberry, coconut cream, and strawberry with a snow cap (sweetened condensed milk)....

excellence! =)

[Haleiwa, Hawaii]






Location: Tongli Town, Jiangsu Province. China

This is my shaving kit


For more please check my photostream

Cat - Freshly shaved


First steps of Fripouille enjoying (or not) his new look. I think he must be cold without his clothes :)


Les premiers pas de Fripouilles après sa tonte. Pas facile en hiver sans son manteau ;)

In a monastery in Bagan, novice monks shave each others heads. According to the rules set in the Vinaya-Pitaya, one the earliest Buddhist texts, monks have to shave their heads every two months.

A beautiful shaving brush turned out of red and yellow DymondWood® by the skilled hands of David Wimmer.


Pictured with a 1959 Gillette Blue Tip Super Speed E1 razor.

A steel blade awaits on Monday.....


Photo by Delaney. candid photodiary

2017 07 17


- Outfit -


☑ Okinawa Summer Festival 2017

Yukata: ***Ambrosia***2017YUKATA[goldfish white]

Nails: ***Ambrosia***Water Yo-Yo Nail Polish


Hair decorations: aa*HairAcce - Shell Ribbon / blue ' ayame ame '


Pose: FLORES: Osuwari (F)


☑ Lootbox.

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Rika hair


‐ Decoration -


☑ KAGAMI 2017 "The Godless Night ~ 神隠レノ夜

Ice machine: [MRS]Kakigori machine ' MARUSIN '

Syrup: [MRS]Kakigori syrup(DECO)

Cup: [MRS]Straw spoon in cup(DECO)

Shaved ice: [MRS]K_shiroikuma/M

Hata: [MRS]Kakigori Hata(FREE)


Food stall: Yatai_2Type ' MARUSIN '


☑ Gacha

Car: --ANHELO-G01A3-168GA :: SUZUKI Fittings

Chair: Soy + Toro. Plastic Chair


Box: [Toiz] rainy blue plastic box


Fan: [tmk] Pedestal Fan (silver)


Blog: ~ le soleil ~


For more information have to blog <33

Thanks so much for your time♡(*•̀ᴗ•́)♡

Many thanks to you !!

Thanks guys for joining me in my morning shave! What do you think Alan? Love ya John! How about it Trenton? Do I give you encouragement Harry?

Via Gloria, Portugal, 2003

Video clip "Shaving girls" here:

Pencil shaving on black background


Strobist : 1 * 1/2 reflecting on white umbrella front right triggered by cactus


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In the front bedroom next to a gramophone, a curious family portrait with a surreal background and a variety of vintage shaving items

As I get older...I am finding a lot more hair.


The way it is going...I figure in the next 30 years...THIS is what I will have to do to get ready in the morning. Ugh.




P.S. This burned the SHIT out of my you BETTER enjoy it! Hehe

Little trailer making shaved ice. Would be good to have on a hot day!

It's one of those happy accidents that I managed to get four pictures of her shaving in the shower that are actually and technically "Safe" by Flickr standards. And it was totally by accident!

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