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Cheer for the athletes in the dragon boat race, hurray...hurray


Happy Dragon Boat Festival!


Merle is a female mix of mostly Labrador and a bit of german shepherd.

Canon FD 50mm 1.4 @f1.8

Not the sharpest of shots but I liked the sense of movement as this Dipper shook its feathers dry. Image taken in Lathkill Dale, Derbyshire.

Somormujo lavanco (Podiceps cristatus)

Great-crested Grebe

After an Osprey dives into the water to grab a fish it shakes itself quickly a few times to get rid of the water on it.

Ring billed gull


This gull had enjoyed a nice long bath and general clean-up in the river. Then it stepped out and began to shake its wings vigorously to dry them off.

A little black bird shakes his feathers in the early morning light, just as the sun comes up over the horizon, and reflects off the wall behind.

We had an earthquake here half an hour or so ago! I thought I was imagining things to start with but when I saw the light swaying I knew I wasn't, it went for what seemed like ages. No damage here but it's apparently been widely felt across southern NZ.

And I'm still shaking here :-)


Thanks as always to

Paul two of his wonderful textures.

This shows how flexible tern wings are. After diving, terns shake water off as it is extra weight. Tern will rotate body 180 degrees, while wings remain in normal topside position. Caspian terns are the largest of the group and by far the most aggressive. I've had them dive bomb me for no apparent reason.

After diving for fish, they surge out of the water and shake the water off. Usually happens in the first 4 or 5 seconds, which is a lifetime at 12 frames a sec. You can end up with 1000s of images, which of course you will have to delete to get the ones with the shake.

Common Merganser, (male front, female hidden behind,) giving a shake as he steps out of the water after a successful feeding session

I thought this shake was cute, my backyard birds love to eat in the rain! I'm seeing many new birds at my feeders lately. The temperatures have been cool here and I'm starting to see a few leaves fall.

Basement is slowly drying out from tropical depression Lee!

As always I wish you all the best!


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Thank you!

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Sometimes you just have to shake things up. I caught this Red Fox mid shake and I really like how the ears are flopping over. This was taken a bit after the sun dipped below the horizon. Normally I would stop shooting at that point but on this particular evening the quality of light was too incredible to walk away from. It was a perfectly clear evening, so even without any direct sun the western sky was still very bright and provided direction to the light. Not to mention the eastern horizon out over the Atlantic Ocean took on some soft and colorful hues. Taken at Island Beach State Park in southern NJ. ~ 1/28/15 ~ 500 mm - ¹⁄₅₀₀ sec at f/5.6 - ISO1400

Cinnamon Black Bear shakes of his first plunge into Rainy Lake on a warm May afternoon.

Western Grebe gives me a look as he finishes quick bath by shaking off the excess water. Taken at a near by lake here in Colorado.

shake your booty.... Fluffy ruffles.

Kael shaking off the water at the cabin.


For those of you with a patient eye, Ollie's also somewhere in this shot too.


It truly does look better large in lightbox (press L).


this would have been better against a contrasty background, but it wasn't my call. osprey shaking off the water

You gotta view Large on black, trust me...


Shaken into Explore -Highest position: 88 on Sunday, May 24, 2009

When you forget your towel and have to shake it off. ;)

Cygnet shaking off water dropplets. Harveys Point Hotel, Donegal, Ireland.


Neal McCoy

Song: The Shake


Shake it to the left

Shake it to the right

Come on baby you know what I like

Shake it real funky shake it real low

Shake it 'til you can't shake it no more

It's a natural attraction

Mother nature wouldn't make a mistake

What really turns me on is the shake


Like line dancing? Dance along with these guys!! ..


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Shake from top to bottom to get this effect on long verical objects


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