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Beechwood at Rugia in spring. Taken 2009 at "Jasmund National Park".

Namib desert, Namibia

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Kyle Lighthouse in the shadow of Skye Bridge in Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland.

From this mornings trip

The ruins of Corfe castle casting long shadows in the early morning light, with the last of the mist slowly burning off. Decided to keep the sun out of frame to reduce any flare. Taken the same morning as my previous Corfe shot.

The shadow shows more tree than the tree itself...

Someone left their tennies on the sand. They made some very creative shadows!

Spotted this on a walk through the park with the dog. Strong enough sun to make shadows! No data apparent on the iPhone 6+ photos - a mystery to solve. HFF!

He who contemplates

Happy (invisible) Fence Friday!


Is this even a valid 'fence' shot, I don't know, but who's checking? :)


thanks for all your visits, will be catching up soon... have a lovely weekend.

Perth Railway Station @ Australia.


The hunt for shadows continues - this time London Southbank.

Chelles Battle Pro 2012

Ces ( USA )



Wow, saw this back in the Shadow's, so, I had to try.

Kåfjord, Alta, Finnmark, North of Norway

Monte Carlo, Monaco

June 2014


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Shadow owes its birth to light.

John Gay

Say goodbye to the one you always wanted to be

Did you want to say something, do it quickly

There is not much time because the clouds are dark

And the storm approaches

Hear the distant dogs howl

See the last starlings flee before the end

Because everything is about to change

And it was high time

Because the rust creeps into your eyes

And the shadow is gaining ground


- spinvis

shopping centre in Hong Kong

Wooden box with shadows

Luftbild von den Lindenbaumreihen am Südfriedhof in München-Perlach

Another Holga image called Shadows taken in Dun Laoghaire in some strong contrasty light, Film was Ilford HP5 developed in Id11, I have already made a dark moody print of this one on Ilford Multigrade warmtone fibre, a little darker than this neg scan.

Texture from the Hipstamatic cam

Melodie Lens and C-Type Plate Film

La mayor sabiduría que existe es conocerse a uno mismo - Galileo


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