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Cropped version of "A quiet place for two"...

“Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.” Drew Barrymore


"Always have something beautiful in sight, even if it's just a DAISY in a jelly glass."

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


pâquerette des prés (Bellis perennis)

The Ara Pacis in Rome.

Richard Meier & Partners put the white in it; the black is courtesy of yours truly.

More to come.

Rome, October 2006

. . . and a few tiny green leaves :)

More shades of white.

Mint imperials, cup, saucer, white card - not much else :)

In flight. Made it to explore.

Schubert - auf dem Wasser zu singen ( by Evgeny Kissin )




I don't usually post a lot of flowers !!!

It is rather exceptional , and I usually prefer Low Key to High Key !!!!!


Je n'ai pas beaucoup l'habitude de poster des fleurs !!!

C'est plutôt exceptionnel

Et je préfère le Low Key à l'High Key !!!!


Merci de votre soutien

Thanks for your support


Fresh fallen snow in the woods - quiet, peaceful solitude

Shot for this weeks [♂]::MΔSTЭЯMIИĐS::[♀] contest:

Shades of White

detail for "Smile on Saturday"'s theme #white.on.white



Little White Pansy - Dont know if it's from the Waterfall or Ice Castle collections!!!!

Explored! Thank you, friends!


As a kid living in the city, we had chickens...many people did. This gal brought back memories of that time and the time after that when we used the chicken coop as a clubhouse. Innocent, childhood times.

For the weekly challenge "Shades of White". Lovely large snowdrops at Highdown Gardens, set off with some lace.

The white rose is a symbol of purity and innocence, and the as bridal flower it represents unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love.

(view in large format)

Sony A55V

Minolta 50mm 1.8

F 5.6

ISO 200

Exposure 0.02 sec (1/50)

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The bedroom is the place where one finds...

bokeh studies

white studies

†~~Vôo 3054~~Minnesota People~~Victmis~~†


Anderson Sutherland

This image was entered into GCC's 'Shades of White' 2013 competition.


Judged by Lana Gallina and Stephen Barrington


Copyright of this image belongs to a member of Greystones Camera Club.

This image was entered into GCC's 'Shades of White' 2013 competition.


Judged by Lana Gallina and Stephen Barrington


Copyright of this image belongs to a member of Greystones Camera Club.

I've recently added a white doona cover to the bed...

Love the white on white look when I stay at hotels, but not sure that it truly translates to the home.


Regardless. Here is "shades of white".

purple studies

white studies

for a much better view open in the large size photo.........

Challenge 2015 : week 5 : shades of white

Canon A1400 . IMG_2008

exposure made: 01/30/2015 11:37 MST

No post production has been performed on this photograph - it's straight out of the camera.

:copyright: 2015 • • All rights reserved

Thanks for viewing my photograph.

Please respect my copyright and do not use this image on any business or personal website, blog site, facebook page, pinterest, or other media without my written permission.

Thank you.





macro studies album


white studies album

and my first attempt of the Orton technique ... I like the extra shine it seems to give the pearls...

...Down by the riverside...


Foggy Morning at Carlton House, Kildare

orange studies album

white studies

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