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Rainbow cookies from Viniero's. They are sooo good, but they are not really rainbows! Who thinks that a rainbow is pink-yellow-green? I am determined to make some REAL rainbow cookies. I hope they will taste nearly as good as these.


Title: Thesaurus Graecae linguae : in epitomen, sive Compendium redactus; et alphabetice, secundum Constantini methodum, et Schrevelii, referatus: concinnatus, & adornatus, studio & industria

Identifier: thesaurusgraecae00robe

Year: 1676 (1670s)

Authors: Robertson, William, d. 1686? Adams, John, 1735-1826, former owner. MB (BRL) John Adams Library (Boston Public Library) MB (BRL)

Subjects: Greek language Latin language

Publisher: Cantabrigiae : Excudebat Johannes Hayes ; Londini : Impensis Georgii Sawbridge


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Text Appearing Before Image:

&abeod. Th, CYMt; V. ^HKO!;^»,?, ftabuluifl, propri^o»ium& ca, rarum templum. Eft ctiam pon-dus, vel ftatcra : unde SnfMw, m, pondero : a pr»ced. Them,Qlinuij^, £tT(^,TO, (squipondium, i:emfaiium, a. erv\iUu ihem. cmidt S-iiKjosyigL, •n , pr«ed. facoma , diciuirpropne, quod in libra af ponkur, ad s-quiiibrium faciendum; fed expor). &dekibrum : ut & Thema m{y.k,&c.Vide. Sniwwp , lorum jugi; i. C. o -r» ^uyJdvaqiofiCt; Hefych. eft itidcm verbalea cyiiUod ; V. 2«/./,o,nomen viri ct^A/rof.Hcb. ovo/tyts-sf,celebris. Ii^y, pro cYijj/L, q, v. - 2H~MA, ctTig^,77, fignurm, nota, vexil- lum , i.ifigne mibilicatis monun^encum, tfpulchrum: cb)A<«ov,», 7;. iem Hinc «rM,c<«ocD, noto, fig o: crtiiJ.dvv, ttv<i,^a F f f f f nifico : XH xn XH «ifico; <r»et#>»|M©^j», 0,«, infignis, il-nftris : ^V/i/^®^, s, Oj ii, idew.2«/«<?a,«{, «j vexillum, infigne famili» : S.y\f^,m<ri*y Dor. pro m/^sfnt., fignin-can£,pr«C parr, f.<. a ojiM*/!».


Text Appearing After Image:

cri^?){g. rrasftnc. pafliv. oitf^cuToMsq, perf, paflr. mnf^fufnu, & Atc. f^j-»- t^ff}jiM buiCfeif-parc. rt(7»|t/j«<7A«v©s », cv, obfignatus, a, um. Thenn. {^^mhj», fignum.^>f,u^o9h&} fignif<r, antcfigHanus, ve- xiJlarius ; Poiyb. dicitur, & proeod. #7j|M«o^cf@, ex myaiu., » ; pr«ced. vel «wAtHov,TOj fequ^n:. & tpo^lyh &<^ Vide.Snfy^Xf©, 0 ; q.d. iignificativus j ut ^w/M? n/^\U A/«; ira Jovis qui figna demonflratj eft a Them. ernp^, W;V.2>if<^v«ti, a. I. inf. afl. vetbi ciiy.tumi quwdvide.2}i/(jwlai,tndicabo, lon. pro ovjLf^m, f, i. tnd. a&. verbi cytf*cuya>, fignifico. Them. S^^XSwVtof, fignificandum , vcrbalea a»- iMttivw ; 9. V.^i^Tlip, ?/!©, 0, qui fignuTO dat, claf- ficumcaneado, au: receptui canendo i Item paftor, eft itidem verbale i m- (^cur-i V.SmstyTwtos, s, fignificativus: a m/^cuvoi- Th. (^»if(5s.^.^^«WTis^f >«, terra figillaris, cujus ufus cit in oblig.tndis litcrisi Htrodor. in Euryp, kcm Cv^%*i fignum , f


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