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I can't resist taking pictures of balloons


A different perspective to see the bay bridge with the curve / or looks like a hill from Treasure Island to the city. Not the usual view of this view with such close up view. I hope you like my point of view in here as I did enjoy to explore the beauty in the bay area :) My lucky snapshot with such long lens shot in a calm nigh / not much wind.


#bridge #baybridge #sanfrancisco #luckysnaphsot

The magic happened after rain with water reflection of this main bridge between Oakland to San Francisco. Something new for me to try in very low angle point of view. 8 inches from the ground in wide angle view. There many possibilities and opportunities for snapshots. It is up to you when and how to capture it. always happy shooting. practice and practice will hell :P. Thanks of your visit of my website. Have a good time :) Thank you :)))

It is the morning blue view of the Ferry building with 1915 light at Pier 1. The long exposure does smooth the water to create the class look and reflection colors. It it still not easy to take this more than 5 minutes exposure. I will need to practice shooting more when I have time. The lucky one :)


Have a very nice day!


#blue #colors #morning #longexposure #sanfrancisco #alwayssf #luckysnapshot

It is physically impossible for me to pass this building without taking a photo

Sadly, probably the closest i will ever get to a hummingbird shot!

SFist red door "trinity episcopal church" knockers face

One of my favorite blue and red fireworks luckysnapshot with long exposure technique :) You may see how busy was in the air during the fireworks that has couple helicopters. I like to see the video captured top of these fireworks. Had to share for what see of this beautiful fireworks!

Happy Friday!


It was with the dramatic clouds over the bay bridge shot by the Tilt–shift lens to see it in different effect. Blur and sharp of the tower.


Have a very nice weekend everyone!


#blue #clouds #colors #sanfrancisco #alwayssf #tittleshiftlens #luckysnaphsot

One of the my favorite moment shot I seen this bridge in low fog morning dawn moment. The sky slowly become red/pink but not much burn yet. As you may see the bridge tower did grow in red. It is the red bridge not golden :) j/k . Thanks of your time to stop my personal website.


#colors #sanfrancisco #lowfog #luckysnapshot

While the Blue Angels were here last weekend, for some reason, they had this boardwalk gated off so no one could use it, so i was able to shoot this through the chain link fence with no one in the way

Morning moonstar over the San Francisco bay with interesting clouds formation. The view was at the vista point in the Marin side. I see there couple stars with the moon. Not every morning to see such condition . Something that I like to try and see to take the moon photo in the bay area. Not easy.


#morning #moonstar #sanfrancisco #alwayssf #luckysnapshot

on a wall in the Sunset, San Francisco

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