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A skirt made using the Sew What! Skirts book. Blogged here.

Made out of a vintage souvenir tablecloth.

Closer view of the A-Line skirt(with elastic waist) I made using Sew What Skirts and a 50 cent thrifted sheet. .

Blogged here.

Finished! I'm super happy with the outcome. It fits, it's comfy and it's sooo bright! It was really liberating just sewing things haphazardly together and not following a precise pattern.

I used the Sew What Skirts pattern - Meandering Vines style with size zipper and facing.

Scrap pack from Prints Charming used for the front of the skirt. Plain dark blue denim for the back. Aqua bias binding used to hem the skirt.

got dressed in the garden today...


explored sept 23, 2009

I can't believe how hard it's to take a picture of myself!! anyway, I think you get the idea of how it fits

Self-drafted drawstring skirt based on "Sew What: Skirts!" method. Cotton fabrics from the stash. Too cold to wear it today, alas.


Blogged here.

Constructed using the principles learnt from Sew What! Skirts. Blogged here:


(Excuse my belly button!)

This is the second skirt I made using the Sew What! Skirt book. It is the Breezy Beach Wrap, but I used buttons to close the skirt instead of the ties. I also added a contrasting fabric bottom. This one came out better than the first. I love this book!

From the Sew What! Skirts book. I did a facing waistband, and have darts in both the front and back. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

It took me almost a whole month to finish this skirt, I recycled three shirts, and I used two skeins of embroidery floss. Moreover I found the time to work on it without loosing my momentum, very important...

I made this skirt using the Sew What Skirts Book. It's made using Good Folks fabric by Anna Maria Horner. It is the first skirt in the book, the drawstring skirt. Blogged here.

I used the A line directions from Sew What! Skirts and Tina Givens Zazu fabric. Side zip got a bit wonky, but all good when it is on.

Half-circle wrap skirt. Grey Suiting fabric with grey cotton facing/belt.

This is a wrap skirt (a la Sew What Skirts beach wrap). It's made from, of all things, a thrifted shower curtain. It's my third wrap ever, and the first one this year - I'm really pleased with it. It came together very quickly, in part because I was able to take advantage of some of the existing hems of the shower curtain. Blogged here.

Started with Asian Dream in Sew What! Skirts, and just went from there...

Based on the "Asian Dream" skirt from "Sew What! Skirts."


I am really pleased with how the turned out. The pleats are very cute. I didn't put the ribbon embellishment that was shown in the book, I really didn't think it needed it.


Jo Anna picked out the fabric.


Abby pointed out that the skirt features: "frogs, butterflies, and carrots."

Abenese translation: carrots = cattails

A new skirt using my trusty Sew What! Skirts pattern and Alexander Henry's Bowling fabric. It came out a little bit wider than usual - I will probably take it in. Fun print, though! Makes me wish I bowl... Blogged here.

Amy Butler fabric meets "Sew What? Skirts": combo of "Breezy Beach Wrap" and "East Meets West" (i.e., Aline wrap with border). A weekend project almost done, but can't find buttonhole attachment for my machine (argh) to make that nice slit in the waistbad for the tie to pass through... and it's not hemmed yet. So hot and steamy this afternoon, I'm too sticky to try it on or spend any more time at the ironing board. Hem is gonna have to wait until I cool down...

Started with Asian Dream in Sew What! Skirts, and just went from there...

Sew What! Skirts A-Line with elastic waistband.


I'm so pleased with this latest skirt.


I'm going back to my first attempt at this A-line (a polka dot number that is far too baggie for my taste) and reworking it using this skirt as a pattern.



My first attempt at an a line skirt with a zipper, as the drawstring was just not me!

Took size from existing skirt and only needed a tiny bit of adjusting for fit. Sew What Skirts book helped with facing and zip insertion

Lightweight cotton from Ikea, I love the print but was worried it would be see through without a lining, but its actually not as flimsy as I first thought. Very pleased overall - which is just as well cos in a moment of madness I had cut up another 2 skirts the same in other fabrics before even making one!


The pocket to my Sew What! skirt. Blogged here.

My first sewn skirt! Mixture of the smocked sundress from Weekend Sewing with some help from Sew What!:Skirts


Calico Cat- Alexander Henry fabric

I used two matching pieces of vintage linen from the flea market! Dated late 1960s per the dealer. SO cute.


Half-Circle skirt pattern using the Sew What Skirts book (and a straight waistband, side zip). GREAT spring skirt even though its the dead of winter! HA!



Elastic-waist A-line skirt from Sew What! Skirts. I love this fabric [Bleeker Street by Michele D'Amore] - it goes perfectly with my favorite clay color scheme (as you can see by the necklace I'm wearing). Blogged here.

in brown & white seersucker. Followed basic guidelines for a-line in Sew What Skirts, but added a lining and used a side zipper. I redid the waistline 4 or 5 times because for some reason my self-made patterns always end up too big by several inches.

I wasn't completely sold on this sheet at the thrift shop, but I bought it anyway. Now I'm glad I did - I love the way it looks as a wrap skirt! The subtle pattern in perfect for those occasions where I'd prefer not to be too loud ;-) Blogged here.

My first skirt! I made this last week from a thrifted bedsheet. I didn't like it at first, but I wore it all day today and it's grown on me. It's the drawstring skirt from "Sew What! Skirts" (except that I used elastic) and it was the perfect weight for today's 90-degree day. I barely felt like I had anything on my legs at all!

My first sewn skirt! Mixture of the smocked sundress from Weekend Sewing with some help from Sew What!:Skirts


Calico Cat- Alexander Henry fabric

Farmdale Blossom fabric by Alexander Henry

Skirt based on a favorite skirt and using the book, Sew What Skirts

Made another skirt with a sheet from the swap tonight. It's an elastic-waist skirt, made using my usual Sew What Skirts pattern. Blogged here.

Made from thrifted sheet - yay, I found one eventually!

Made slightly longer length a-line, from Sew What Skirts, and kept hem from sheet so super fast to do, zipper no problem at all! This one sits a bit farther down on the hips than the others, but I like that

Hurrah for me 3 new skirts to go on holiday with


Okay, I only went into Remnant Kings for some sewing machine needles and a couple of invisible zippers, but this practically begged me to buy it!

Simple a-line shape from Sew What Skirts, I managed the invisible zipper with no puckering, and finished hem in SOFT BABY PINK bias binding(which isn't flourescent as it shows on the screen, something went horribly and iretreivably wrong during photo editing, my jumpers not that colour either!)

Can you be addicted to making skirts?

Part denim, part Ikea fabric, I love this skirt! Based on the a-line make-your-own-pattern tutorial in Sew What! Skirts.

Part denim, part Alexander Henry fabric, I love this skirt! Based on the a-line make-your-own-pattern tutorial in Sew What! Skirts.

Blogged at


The skirt was inspired by the Country Charm skirt pattern in the Sew What Skirts pattern book.


Fabric from Phatfabric.

I can't believe how hard it's to take a picture of myself!! anyway, I think you get the idea of how it fits

Fast and easy skirt to make ... usually with me though there is some kinda catch to it ... read all about it here:

The wraparound skirt from the book Sew What Skirts. I LOVE this one!


This is my first skirt from Sew What! Skirts. I used the basic A-line drawstring waist pattern, with a linen-y fabric from JoAnn's that has embroidered rose buds in a couple of different pinks. As you can see, I really need to go shopping for a top to go with it! I left WAY too much ease in my first attempt and had to take it WAY in to make it fit. Blogged here


Amy Butler fabric with green velvet ribbon trim

Wraparound skirt from Sew What! Skirts in Amy Butler's Sand Star Paisley fabric from the Lotus collection. Blogged here.

Elastic-waist A-line skirt from Sew What! Skirts in Alexander Henry's Birdseed fabric. Blogged here.

Amy Butler Fabric, "Sew What! Skirts" wrap skirt project.

From Sew What! Skirts - A-line, drawstring skirt, made from cheap-o red polka dot cotton fabric from Joann's. Per usual, I'm not thrilled with it, but it'll do. I think I'll replace the drawstring with elastic.


I made this skirt to wear with a navy tee to have something fun to wear for the 4th. But I wasn't excited about how the skirt fit, so I didn't end up wearing it for the festivities.


Happy Bench Monday!

My first skirt made from the Sew What! Skirts book. It's the first "pattern" in the book: a simple A-line skirt with a draw string. I used 3" of ease, which was too much. Check out the next shot to see it all gathered at the back. For now I'm pretending it's intentional because the skirt is really, really comfortable.

A line skirt with zipper from Sew What Skirts

Made from linen cotton mix (I think) from Ikea, down to £1.50 a metre, yay!

A lot quicker than the first, only took half an hour, and my zip isn't even wonky! (neither is my hem by the way, I think I'm standing squint, coupled with a five year olds photo skills... :-) )

Just noticed my legs look like they have dodgy fake tan on them (or rather, one),its just the photo


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