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There's just something charming about old wooden spools and a vintage pincushion...

I found this sewing basket at a local Goodwill store ( They will get it donated back :) ). When I see something handmade like this I can’t help but appreciate the skill in making it. The top to the basket is in the foreground and fits beautifully. The basket inspired me to do this still life. As you can see, we don’t have a sewing machine. :)

Of course I started adding swatch portraits to the wall above my sewing machine after seeing these at purl bee.

Got this from the thrift yesterday! It's pink and sew cute! ;)

This sewing machine bobbin is smaller than a Twoonie (as we Canadians fondly call our $2 coin). .

How manuals have changed through the years. Now cast aside and probably not even read at all. Then elaborately worded and designed , peppered with the sentiments , just not seen today.

i have this photo in mind for a babys room or a sewing room. :)

A vintage treadle-powered sewing machine designed for minifigs.


Inspired by ...

Though things may look sewn together

they could actually be falling apart.


Credits . . .

My heart is bleeding and I need to sewing and fix it...that's why I'm in this place right now Y_Y


Here a song for all of you Bleeding Heart - Leona Lewis


Thanks for the views, comments & faves...cheers ^_^


Suddenly I delete my Google + Page, and now I recreate again...Please kindly re-added me again...Sorry for the trouble...yemaria


500px yemaria


Location : Grandma's House, Singkawang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia


Explore # March 2, 2012

New dresses for my Pullip and Blythe girls:)

Mama sewing some of her Christmas pot holders. For MSH #3 Celebrate Me Home.


Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets.

~Author Unknown

no I didn't take this lovely photo (ha) but I did make the felt embroidered lanterns! Patterns for them are featured in the next Holiday issue of Sew News!


Sewing workshop Trinity-Sergius Lavra. For almost seven centuries, since the foundation the monastery, the monks of Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra sewed vestments themselves. The founder of the monastery St. Sergius of Radonezh himself sewed clothes for the brethren.

The three spacious and bright workshops are working 20 talented masters. In collective treasure reputation. All are doing with a prayer.

The vestments manufactured in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, wearing Orthodox priests of America, Italy, Israel, Greece, Japan, China and other countries.


They all are for Danny :D

(but her head isn't home right now so I can't make proper photos of her lol xD)

I have sewn new dress jumperskirt with poor dress I have bought on Etsy... I have place button hole stitch loops on the back of the dress and beads.

She's look like Circus Princess with the bow's outfit Groove Alice. So I'll hope to make her shirt with gathered sleeves for complete set.

Take your SEW on the road ...


Made using verykerryberry's great tutorial:

I'm just a wee bit obsessed with still life at the moment. My new table top light arrived, after behing backordered for EIGHT months - totally worth the wait.

sewing curtains today........wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :)

embroidered sewing machine cover from Ikea pillowcase


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Spent this grey and rainy Sunday doing laundry and sewing some Valentine dresses for my Middie Blythe girls. I still have closures to sew in and a few more to finish up.


Adapted from Sewing for Small dolls pattern book.

Finished Sewing Machine Cover for the Modernista Homemade Swap.


I blogged about it here.

Photography is probably the only thing I do this summer...never imagined it would be this boring. At least I have some time to think of ideas, nevertheless I still feel that I have a block at the moment.


For this one I took a picture close to the needle of our old sewing machine...

Macro views of everyday things... a sewing machine ...



This is the sewing machine I use. It belonged to my step grandma Millie and as far as I know, it is from the 1930's. It works pretty good and I love looking at it!

this sewing machine has been in my husbands family for about 3 generations ( that we know of..) and well over 100 years old. I placed it in my antique hutch for this picture. ( hence the water stains beneath the machine) I converted it to sepia , added grain and a touch of vignetting

Where I sit and wind down - the small old sewing table in front of my machine

Your hair is your crowning glory, which makes it easy to understand why there are a lot of people who invest in making their hair as beautiful as possible.Visit:

Grace's dress has a knitted bodice with star button; attached rayon print skirt with rickrack at the hem and pink tulle underneath...

By me; she's still working on a straight stitch. :))


with what was in the big box!

Birthday present from my dear wonderful husband


Take your SEW on the road ...


Made using verykerryberry's great tutorial:

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