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One dead leaf hanging on during a good frost session.

the purple color of our heath turned into white this morning...:=)))

Pictures from Chandler's One-Year Photo Session with Nicole Caldwell

from my family portrait session yesterday with the whitaker's. one of the sweetest families i have had the pleasure of knowing....

(the sunset was showing off, so happy i got him in there too)


sunset + brother + sister



for a session ;)


One of my faves from one of my recent sessions...


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see: Session One & Session Three!


Four full hours of love with James Kern at No Hope No Fear.


A few fun facts -


1.) Recent studies indicate that cuttlefish are among the most intelligent invertebrate species


2.) Cuttlefish eyes are among the most developed in the animal kingdom.


3.) Cuttlefish have three hearts.


His photostream

one session on location(plein air) sketching with oil paint, pochade on canvas board 6F.





I do love this one too :)


Ben was scared I'd lose the ring *rolling eyes* lol


I may be clumsy, but not that clumsy :P

Lightpainting session , one shoot

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Thanks ;)

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Another one from yesterday's Globby session, this one with some bokehlicious specular highlights from the wet leaf in the background. You don't get very good bokeh (the Japanese word used to describe the aesthetic qualities of the out of focus areas of an image) from the MP-E; but maybe this is because it is mainly used at high apertures. It only has six aperture blades. and hence the hexagonal shapes you can see. You can get more circular highlights with lenses that have more blades, or shooting at wider apertures.


Single image @ 7X Magnification

First session in my new studio.. Book your appointment now.. Call: +973 36666525 or PIN:2808E920

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Winter has finally arrived! With it the first storms, lots of rain thunderstorms and of course ... lots and lots of wind!


Today we had a good kitesurfing session on Carcavelos, the first of the year on this particular beach. Surprisingly dough it didn't rain while we where there, and by the end of the session the sun even managed to appear behind the dense clouds

Strobist : one 580ex into silver umbrella above the model. pocket wizards

Cake smash session ~ eagle mountain park ~ Kelsey Ray Photography

Austin, TX - July 2012


From the first print session in the new darkroom in Houston. Loving the new enlarger. Still have some kinks on where to place all the paraphernalia; filters, paper, negative binder, etc. Workspace has a different layout from Austin darkroom.

One more from the test session with Twiga

I brought out the 80D for its first session. I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far. Noise is very low.

One light to camea right. Sun behind Ms Kittie.

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First shooting session with my new Sony Alpha 550... :)

Lake Thun today 11 september/ F 22, long exposure 131 sec., ISO 200, 40 mm

Please no invitations and banners. Thank you!


First session with Anna, at the old wool mill.


Wonderful light streaming in on gorgeous old timber floors. The perfect backdrop for Anna - thanks so much.


Watch out for shots on Smelkie's stream too...

hasselblad 500 c

holga 400 iso

Portrait/Fashion session.


This is one of the pictures from our session in Praia de Tabatinga in JP (Brazil). The day was extremely hot and very sunny so it was really difficult to be standing under that sun. The model was playing with the hat and with some of the looks until we got something nice. This one gives a nice mood and a good way to hold the hat as the most difficult part of the session is to know what to do with it and she nailed it. Picture taken with my 85mm handheld.


Thank you all for your appreciation.


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my first session with smoke.

And it was really cool shooting.

Did I do well? :)

This is my first photo from my new Canon 40D, taken yesterday in my first flickr photo meeting in my first photo session in Sintra. This explains the title.

Inside the Palácio da Pena. The map say Cintra, but is is actually Sintra!!

Our first tandem session. She's patting his butt so sweetly. #breastfeeding


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Session with Worse... with a lot of "DARE"-Orange, in memory of a good friend:

Sigi "DARE" von Koeding 15.09.1968 - 06.03.2010... R.I.P.

had my first round of fall sessions yesterday...4 families in 1 day! whew!

Okay so i'm making a book of my senior pictures &&& i need to know what one to put on the front!!

its a hard choice!! soo which one do each of you think?!!? (:

I took this the other night, I was trying a bit too hard and didn't get it just the way I wanted, I wanted to get more of my bum but I lost my patience and I was too nervous /excited. The next day (which was Tuesday) I went and did something that I'd wanted to do for oh a dozen years. I went to do something just because I wanted to and I went trusting the artist to do something that I couldn't explain properly because I didn't have the words. I did it because of course I wanted to, I did it to symbolize the fact that I was no longer going to be quiet about who I am, and if someone thinks I'm silly, or brilliant I guess that is their problem, I'll take it as I go moment by moment. oh there are a ton of other reasons why I did it, it was the best decision I've made that affected only me. It may be the only decision I have ever made with only myself in mind and it felt quite lovely.


I don't know if it'll be done in one or two or three more sessions so I can't say when I'll photograph it.. but I wanted to share that this image here is the last one of it's kind

Now I have to do the other side.


I hate it when you're doing a semetrical carving and you can never get the sides to match up.

Maternity Session.


The second picture of the series. We tried something more creative this time and we did a session with one of the horses in the farm. This is the first time I tried something like this and I must say it was one of the most difficult and challenging experiences as a photographer to say the least. (the second one I would say is children as they are unpredictable too but at least you can negotiate with them).

The horse as you can imagine is not someone you can bargain so it will move up and down and eat anything it can. We had prepared some carrots for a positive feedback but still it was really difficult. We need more training on this aspect. But hopefully some of the pictures were decent.


You can see here one of the making off pictures of the session.

Thank you all for your appreciation.


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Ever had one of those days where almost the moment you wake-up that things just take a nose dive? Well, that is what most of my day has been like today. Seems I can do nothing right!

This is a drop of milk one millisecond before it splashes down on a pool of milk below it. Taken during my other High Speed Flash sessions (see example below).


Olympus C-5050Z at 1/22,000th of a second. The Speed comes from the flash duration, not the cameras' shutter speed.


First photo session with the new backdrop stand & blanket, and I love them! Didn't realize how low the light I was shooting in was til I got into lightroom with these, but c'est la vie. Pepper looks so cute that I'm posting 'em anyways!

First session in my 'studio' since going on a Studio Photography and Portraits course. No treats required this time, he just played.

I was lucky to manage to get one session when the conditions have been good around the Northumberland Coast recently. Several of my contacts seemed to be getting 3 or 4 great sessions. About half an hour before this it was totally dull so wasn't even going to head out.


This was sunset and the clouds here were almost 180 opposite from the sunset so much of the sky was catching some great colour.


The conditions lasted about half an hour in various stages. Sadly I got a lot of spray on the Lees and realised half way through the shot and then tried to wipe it off making matters worse, so many of my shots look out of focus when they weren't . This was one of the first shots so wasn't too bad. I have darkened the shot quite a bit to make it look later in the proceedings though and added a bit more movement to the skies as it was blurred but was that point where it just looks out of focus rather than moving.


As this was the best conditions I have seen in a long time I wasn't a happy bunny when I processed them, but managed to salvage a few.

My first newborn session. So much fun!!

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