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Textures - by NYC Diesel & rubyblossom - Thank you x

The Dunker Church ranks as perhaps one of the most famous churches in American military history. This historic structure began as a humble country house of worship constructed by local Dunker farmers in 1852.

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People see different things in clouds all the time -- and frosted trees are the same. I see a preacher giving a sermon to his flock, with a nun standing behind him. Heavenly light anyway! Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park.

One Sunday, our pastor was so overcome in his description of eternal hellfire that the air conditioning kicked in.


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The high priest of Tulu on a recruitment drive preaching to the newly converted. Note the chuch's 'front office' is quite a pleasant looking place, only once the neophytes are fully indoctrinated do they get introduced to the church proper....mwahaha...(oops wait till AFTER before gloating)

A misty Loch Ard at sunrise

“Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.

Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it”

What’s it all about?

another sermon template for a message I preached in "big people's church"

My travels around the UK with my son. June/July 2019 England.


We arrived to 35c in London..after a rest we took a walk around London in the evening when it cooled a little. We got the Tube to Blackfriars and took a walk the area.

Brother Robert Solomon from Montego Bay was a guest speaker at the gospel meeting at the Church of Christ in Lucea, Jamaica.


In this case, I didn't do much in the way of processing besides straightening the picture slightly and increasing the color saturation, and then a bit of sharpening and some dodge/burn. But I'm including the original version below anyway.


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Project: Stand-alone Sunday message graphic

Audience: Adults primarily 30-45yrs

Other: I wanted to avoid the gears replacing the "o" seeing as this is an overdone concept, however, the gears tie into the message so I wanted to attempt to execute as well as possible

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Martin Luther King jr. delivered a sermon in this church, 13 September, 1964. He was the first preacher and civil rights activist who came to the GDR.


In his sermon he said: " No man-made barrier can erase the fact that God's children live on both sides of the Wall."

A misty Loch Ard at sunrise - help support my campaign


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nikon EM, nikon E-series 50mm, ilford hp5 400

Use what you have. I was walking home from work and all I had was my Samsung S9. I took a deep breath and remembered what my daughter told me "Keep your finger away from the lens Dad". Edited in Lightroom CC.


Audio Truth about Yosemite:


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- Keefer Lake, Ontario, Canada -


I had promised a closer look ... thank you to Karoline for the title suggestion.

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Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.


I wasn't going to take any photos inside the Cathedral as I knew I would have to ramp up the ISO, and the aperture and shutter speed would not give me much to play with either. But my friend said no, go ahead. Despite the noise you can convert to black and white, add a more pleasant grainy film texture, and there you go. Better than not capturing anything at all. Thanks Jeff for the encouragement! PS cat has been added!


gulf shores, alabama the beauty of nature is God's Greatest Gift to us....

Some keep the sabbath going to church

I keep it, staying at home

With a bobolink for a chorister

And an orchard for a dome


Some keep the sabbath in surplice

I just wear my wings

And instead of tolling the bell, for church,

Our little sexton – sings.


God preaches, a noted clergyman

And the sermon is never long,

So instead of getting to heaven, at last

I’m going, all along.


Emily Dickinson

Slipping on wet river rocks then, boom. The light !

A few more images from the London Piccadilly walk

Lone duck on a misty Loch Ard at sunrise

As a young boy my Grandparents would pick me up for church and Sunday school. Afterwards my Grandfather would teach me to shoot a pellet rifle, make a worm bed for fishing worms, take a hike in the woods, identify the surroundings and look for mushrooms. He taught me compassion for all living things.


•The truth about Yosemite:


Shot with Fuji XE-1, Asahi Super-Takumar f2; made for Pentax in the 60s. 5 images in one stop incriments, ISO 800 at f8. Editing: Photomatix Pro 5, Lightroom CC, Gimp 2.8.


Gang Staking, Community Stalking and Workplace Mobbing are thriving in Yosemite National Park. These immoral and illegal acts are carried out by employees, residents and contractors. They are allowed by Yosemite’s Law Enforcement and Superintendent.


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