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Turning into a rat's nest fast.

Eric mentioned that he thought the black and white squid was "emo." Well this shot certainly would make it look that way, what with all the safety pins.

This tentacle has a potentiometer connected to a knob with a ~270 degree range of motion. It is also, apparently, quite blurry.

These two tentacles are tipped with conductive velcro. Bringing them together closes a circuit.

The bend sensor provides an analog signal based on how far the tip (marked with embroidery) is bent.

Archie's forehead has an RFID reader. We have RFID-enabled bracelets. The rest is history.

This is a slightly better view of the photoresistor tentacle.

Eric poses nicely next to Archie, the Sensor Squid.

We here at AME would like to be clear about one thing: We have no sense of humor. None, whatsoever. No, I have no idea what you're talking about. Nothing to see here. Move along.