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Inspiration - Rhianna - Sell me candy

Furniture - CHEZ MOI - Closet&Vanity Watercolor

Pose - Sit Here F*cker - What

Hair - #CHAIN - Flore Hair - Medium Head

Jumpsuit - ​_CandyDoll_ Chloe Babyblue Jumpsuit - Maitreya Lara

I'm weak by your touch and when it's meltin' on my lips

A rush through my body, feel it in my fingertips

You selling me your fantasy that I wanna explore

Sounds so good, spoil me rotten to the core

Talk to me, take care of my dreams

All I need is you beside me

It's destiny, just let it be

Of the words you speak, baby, sell it to me

Sell me candy, sell me love

Sell me heaven, sell me doves

What's the charge? What's the cost?

Come to daddy, you the boss

Oh, the heads that turn

Make my back burn

And those heads that turn

Make my back, make my back burn

The sparkle in your eyes

Keeps me alive

And the sparkle in your eyes

Keeps me alive, keeps me alive

The world

Oh, the world turns around

The world and the world, yeah

The world drags me down

I'm sure in her you'll find the sanctuary

I'm sure in her you'll find sanctuary


This is what I may, in a good day, trust you to be my all time favourite song. The album 'Love', released in 1985, has been following me through life ever since, and I had the pleasure to assist to a few of the concerts The Cult gave in the Netherlands several decades ago.

The image of the girl on the back of her horse, staring out over the sea at dawn, fits the song in a way that satisfies my artistic twitch, for once.

This thing, taking posed photos, isn't something I'd usually do, but the situation just presented itself, naturally, so I just clicked my camera.

the girl, a friend of Maeva, has received the picture ofcourse, and was very pleased with the result or so I heard.

Canon AV-1 - 28mm 1:2,8 Lens

KODAK 400 T MAX Film

Crossing desolate mountain passes of the Apennines.

Ricoh GR1V - 28mm - NP400 - Rodinal

Hoi An, Vietnam. When you place the lantern in the river you make a wish, and hope it comes true!

03.09.2016 Passo Sella (Bz)


Il Gruppo del Sella è un gruppo montuoso delle Dolomiti. È posizionato tra le valli di Gardena e Badia (Provincia autonoma di Bolzano), Fassa (Provincia autonoma di Trento) e Livinallongo (Provincia di Belluno).




© 2016


Parque dos Anjos, Algés, Portugal

Is it too late for me

To sell my soul unto the Devil

Is it too late for me to pray

That God keeps you alive


Ask yourself: when you're on a trip and visit a place you've never been before, do you go to these souvenir shops to buy something that reminds you of that place? I usually do and what I always buy from the place I visit, is a shot glass. Aside from that, i find it interesting to browse through these memorabillia shops. Most people will think that they have cheap stuff or things of mass production with no character at all. However, some times you may find a few gems in them, something that is really local and traditional! for me, those shops feel like places that "sell memories".


PS: for those who will take a closer look at my photo, on the table of the very right postcard (taken at the island of Santorini) is a plate of "gemista" (rice stuffed tomatoes), a "village salad" and a piece of ... (my favorite) moussaka! :-)


Ρωτηστε τον εαυτο σας: οταν επισκεπτεσθε ενα μερος που δεν εχετε ξαναπαει, μπαινετε στα σουβενιραδικα να αγορασετε πραγματα που θα σας θυμιζουν αυτην το ταξιδι; εγω συνηθως το κανω και αυτο που παιρνω απο καθε μερος ειναι ενα σφηνοποτηρο. Περαν αυτου ομως, θεωρω πολυ ενδιαφερον το να τριγυρναω μεσα σε αυτα τα μαγαζακια. Οι περισσοτεροι μπορει να πουν οτι ειναι γεματα με πραγματα φτηνα, πραγματα μαζικης παραγωγης και χωρις χαρακτηρα. Μερικες φορες ομως μπορει να πετυχεις καποια πολυ ομορφα, ντοπια και παραδοσιακα πραγματα. Για μενα, αυτα τα μαγαζακια μοιαζουν με μερη που "πουλανε αναμνησεις"


ΥΓ: ε οχι! δε θα αναλυσω τι υπαρχει στο τραπεζι της δεξιας καρτ ποσταλ! οποιοσδηποτε μπορει να διαβασει το ελληνικο κειμενο ΞΕΡΕΙ!

Yusuf - Selling Watermelon by Irene Becker © All rights reserved


Kaduna City, Nigeria.


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a lady in Kathmandu making a living

Candid street photo taken in Camden Town, London, England

Street art is dead

I’m still trying to sell fruit and veg at the market at Paris Je T’Aime, but it’s not easy and I’ve resorted to shouting! I’m wearing a medley of recent good stuff that I’ve worn – top from Addams, skirt from GizzA, hair from enVOGUE and sandals from – all wonderful stuff that I’m sure you’ll see again. The one totally new thing is the shouty pose from the ever-amazing Serendipity, which you can soon get at the new round of Pose Lover.


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Canon EOS 6D + Canon EF24-70mm f/4L IS USM

Selling Firewood by Irene Becker © All rights reserved


Musa Salihu from Kagarko selling firewood on the road to Jere. Southern Kaduna, Nigeria.


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on the 20th anniversary exhibition of audio-video equipment worked shop of vinyl records.

HiFi&High End Show 2015 in hotel Aquarium in Moscow.

Il gruppo del Sella, da Valle Stella Alpina

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Caja de Ahorros de Ntra. Sra. de Monserrate. Orihuela.

“She sells seashells by the seashore, The shells she sells are seashells, I'm sure. So if she sells seashells on the seashore, Then I'm sure she sells seashore shells.”


Antaya ~ Available @ We♥2 Role Play Riverhunt 4-30th April



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Earning some money with selling bread on the streets of old Kraków

The frame seller ... but possibly not a born salesman.

Delicious boiling corn, Suleymaniye-Istanbul / Mısır satıcısı, Süleymaniye-Istanbul

fucking hell , we should be on the apprentice!!


Antigua Guatemala,(Guatemala)


Sigma 10-20mm + Circular polarizer


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